Sunday, January 31, 2010

Family Fun and Running

Today we had a family day. Rich took the day off to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary (Feb 1st). Since he hasn't had anytime of since Christmas, and I know the girls really missed and needed the time with their dad, I didn't want to celebrate our anniversary alone with just the two of us. The girls had a blast in the snow, playing, sledding, and building a sort of snow man. We even shoveled the bed of the truck full of snow to bring home. It was a good, active day.

Also since Rich was home tonight I took the opportunity to go for a run. I've been wanting to run outside just to see if I could do it and if it was any easier than the treadmill. The results are:
A - I can run
B- I am slow
C - It was easier than the treadmill
D - I can only improve from here.

I ran (and walked) 1.11 miles flat, down hill and back up hill). I used mapquest to figure out my mileage. I ran as far as I could then, I looked at the address of the house when I could run no further. Came home map quested it my first sprint was .36 miles. Not too bad, much better than I've been able to do on the treadmill. Also, the hill I ran up was pretty steep, I was hoping to make it to the top running but gave in 3/4 of the way. My total time today was 15 minutes. Not too good but like I said, I can only improve from here. I've decided that I am going to run outside more often. My biggest hurdle is having someone to watch my girls because Richard works so much. I've decided that I am going to try to run the track at the high school. I know I can take my girls out there and they can play in the middle while I run. It's not as interesting as the street but I am hoping it will be better than the results I am getting then the treadmill. Now I just need to fit it in my schedule and make it part of my routine.

Oh and I can't find my food journal - 2 days now. It's probably under this mess I call my desk. Ughh. I haven't followed my diet as stringent. I'm afraid it's going to affect weigh in. I've still been making healthy choices but I know we ate out 3 times this week. Tuesday night we had Chinese food. I ate small portions and didn't get anything deep fried. Tried to focus on veggies. Friday night we went to Quiznos because I didn't cook dinner. I ordered a torpedo sandwhich - to keep my calories down. Today we had lunch at La Morenita in Cold Springs. I ordered fresco tacos with pork. They came with 2 soft corn tortillas on each taco, rice and beans. I ate both Tacos but only 2 of the 4 tortillas and half the rice and beans. I needed to eat and didn't prepare any food to bring with us to the snow. I feel like I have Crisco stuck to the top of my mouth. YUCK! I'm enjoying my diet of fresh fruits, veggies and homemade cooking. I never thought I would get to the point where my food taste better than eating out but most of the time it does.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today was January Fitness Jam - 6 mini classes (Step Aerobics, Cardio Kick boxing, Zumba, Body Pump, Pilate, and Yoga) 15 minutes each for 1 1/2 hour work out. Friends and family were free to come to this event. So I brought my mom along. I've already done enough this week, but there aren't too many times we are allowed to have a free guest and I know she would enjoy it. It really was a lot of fun. The step and yoga classes are really the only ones I hadn't tried at Gold's. I'm still not a fan of step (mostly because I'm afraid of injuring myself) but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Yoga. The girls were happy to see their Nanny.

One thing I love to do on a Saturday morning is to make breakfast for my family, if possible. During the week, we are so rushed to get off and ready for school (or work) that it's hard to get a nice sit down breakfast. Plus I've been wanting to try some of the recipes in my hungry girl cook book. Today,I made the banana pancake mini's with morning star sausage. Don't worry, it's vegetarian (lower calories) the girls loved it and couldn't tell the difference. I did however, over cook my pancakes just a tad but still edible. I'm bad about that ;-)

The recipe says it will make 5 mini pancakes for a single serving of 185 calories. I doubled up the ingredients to make for the girls and myself. It only poured 8 not 10 mini pancakes. The original recipe as follows:

1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup mashes ripe banana
3 tablespoons fat=free liquid egg substitute
1 tablespoon light vanilla soy milk
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 no-calorie sweetener packet
Dash salt
Dash cinnamon

In a small bowl, combine all dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, sweetener, salt and cinnamon) until mixed well.

In a separate bowl combine mashed banana with all wet ingredients (egg substitute, soymilk, and vanilla extract) until mixed thoroughly.

Combine dry and wet ingredients and stir thoroughly.

Spray large pan with nonstick spray and bring to medium heat. Pour batter into the pan (form 5 mini pancakes) Once pancakes begin to look solid, flip gently. Cook time approx 1 min per side or until both sides are lightly browned and insides are cooked through.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I feel so defeated, I can't help but cry. I've been crying for a while now, my head is full of negative self talk. I'm trying to combat ti with words of faith. I'm just so dissappointed in myself and in my body.

I got up to go to Zumba today. I knew we were going to have a substitute instructor but it's my Friday work out and I really enjoy it so much. Apparently, they couldn't find a Zumba instructor for today so it was going to be hip-hop instead. I really love to dance so it doesn't matter much to me, except I know I'm going to burn more calories at Zumba. He didn't do any type of warm up and went straight to the routine. In hip hop, they teach you one rountine and really break it down for you into 8 counts. The guy was fun, the routine looked fun but it had A LOT of boucing or one leg movements. After about 20 mins my knees started to really feel it. After 30 minutes, I decided to give up. I don't want to injure myself. My knees are popping with just about every 8 count. I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the class - the other regulars looked at me but I just couldn't take the pain any longer.

After leaving I felt so defeated. I knew I was going to start crying. I hurried myself into the locker room and locked myself in a bathroom stall, sat and cried a good cry for about 10 minutes. I know I've already put over 9 hours in at the gym this week. I am showing great progress both physically as well as in endurance, balance and abilities. But that doesn't mean anything to me when I'm upset and listening to the negative self talk in my head. I swear I looked in the mirror and I just seen this disgusting obese person. Then I'm asking myself why am I even trying - it's not going to make a difference. I have mascara down my face and I just want to go home. I don't want anyone to know I was crying - but it's obvious. I decided to use the hand soap to wash the mascara off my face. I get Amelia and get in the car. I am so upset at this point and completely emotional. I feel this intense hunger pain. I mean intense, and I know it's because I'm upset. I can recognize it, I just want to eat anything and everything. I call my mom for support - I really need encouragement at this point. She doesn't answer, so I hung up.

I just start praying in my head for God to help me. I know I have nothing to be ashamed of or feel defeated by. I've done so good thus far. I'm not giving up. I remember about the bible verse I learned at Bible study a few weeks ago:

No temptation has taken you except what is common to man. God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able,but will with the temptation also make the way of escape, that you maybe able to endure it. - Corinthians 10:13

I just plead with God. I came home, begin to blog. My mom calls me back. I'm crying so hard she can barely understand why I'm upset. I know she doesn't really get it but she tried to comfort me as best as she could. My mom has always been a skinny person. A very skinny and vain person. Exact opposite from Kelly and myself. She is 50 now, and gained some weight after her hysterectomy a few years ago so she relates better now than ever before. She has been encouraging me and been supportive of my progress. I've calmed down now. I wanted to share this hurdle with you. I know this is a mental demon that many over weight people face. I am not alone - I'm not the only one who has faced it. I can with God's help conquer my goals and succeed. It's almost noon now. I'm suppose to meet Claire for weights. Hopefully, I can get some of those good feeling endorphins.

Thanks for your support.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thursdays are fun days. Zumba with Adrianna is my favorite class. High Energy, Great moves, and good music. I got to the gym today at about 4:30, decided to hit the weights and I really challenged myself to add more weight on several machines. I set the intimidator to 100lbs. The intimidator is the assisted chin up machine, and whatever weight you have it set at basically off-sets your weight. So because I weigh 220+ lbs and I set the weight at 100lbs really means I can now do a chin up with the weight of 120lbs (a healthy weight for a person of 5'4" but not a weight I think I will personally ever see). When I started doing the intimidator, I started with it offsetting 140lbs and it was a challenge. Just in this short amount of time, I'm seeing huge progress. I strained my shoulder on one of the machines today, I'm not really sure what but it hurts.

Before I went to the gym, I was really sluggish and nearly out of energy. I could even hear the negative self talk in my head telling me I should take the day off, that I've earned it. I'm not sure if I didn't eat enough today or if I waited to long to eat. I had a busy afternoon, but I knew I was tired. Yesterday, I got an XS energy drink from my friend. Normally, I don't do energy drinks, soda, or even coffee. Right now, I'm on a water and 1 glass of milk per day (with my protein) diet. But it was given to me to sample and I was sluggish heading to the gym so I drank it on the way. It's a no sugar, no caffeine all vitamin energy drink, it tasted just like green tea. Bonus, it had only 12 calories! I didn't feel jittery or really even notice the effects until after I did my weights. I had a ton of energy in Zumba, much more than normal. Granit, I know I love Zumba and the endorphins were kicking in but I really did feel great. I think even other people, including the instructor noticed. Considering I spent 2 hours working out hard, I should have been tired when I was done. Nope, came home made dinner, gave the girls a bath and went to Petco.

Oh and I got compliments again today on how good I look from people at the gym. Feels great to see results and have other people notice. I'm trying to get Rich to take an updated picture of me so I can share. Hopefully, soon!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Despite working out really hard, I haven't been sore in months. My body gets tired, I might feel week but I haven't had the my muscles are sore and achy at all lately. Today was an Ibuprofen day. Yeah, I was that sore! As much as I hate being sore, I loved it. I know I got a great work out yesterday.

Today I decided to take it a little bit easier at the gym. Claire, from the daycare, has been doing weights with me. She is good company and we've set another weight date for Friday. Since it's my lower body that is sore, I worked my abs and upper body (chest, arms and back)today. There is a new machine that works the middle/lower portion - AMAZING it felt so good on my back. literally took any tension or stress that has been building up away. I want to take Rich to the gym just so he can try it.

After weights, I walk/jogged the treadmill for 30 mins with an incline varying between 2-5%. I always struggle so much with the treadmill and want to give up. It's really the only piece of equipment in the gym that intimidates me so. Claire was able to jog the treadmill for nearly the whole 30 mins. I probably would have given up had she not been my pacing buddy today. I really appreciate having someone there to pace myself with.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inspiration vs. Perspiration

"Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." - Mark 11:24

I want so badly to change my body - to change my life. But I know inspiration will only take me so far. You can't expect changes if you don't change. I know this and as you can tell am making changes. I've always known I can loose the weight - if I really wanted to. I just never was dedicated enough to do so. This time, it's different. I've changed, I've asked God to help me and I am putting in the work to make the changes I want to see not only in my body but in my life. I'm seeing progress for all the perspiration and the results are awesome!

For the third week in a row, I was determined to make it to body pump at 8:30. Knowing the hurdles I've faced the last couple of weeks, I wanted to get there early to make sure I got a ticket. I decided last night that I would lay out all of our clothes for the day and Amelia and I would get dressed before we take Mariyn to school. It seemed to work, Amelia was excited to be going somewhere and put up little resistance (except for brushing her teeth). We got to the gym at 8:05, early enough to get a ticket for body pump. The class was packed, it was amazing. So many women motivated to make changes. I know that a lot of them are probably resolutioners but they've hung in this far and it was 8:30 am - you know they are trying! Ticka taught Body Pump this morning. Looking at her, it's intimidating just to think of what type of class she teaches. I swear this woman is pure muscle she has an amazing body. After taking her cardio kickboxing I realized she is not intimidating at all and she is actually there to help empower and encourage woman - she thrives off of it. She has been such a blessing to me. I just want to tell her Thank you so much. Someday, when I'm not pouring down in sweat I will.

My body was tired this morning - I think I stopped being sore a long time ago and now my body just feels tired. I pushed through body pump though and I am so proud of myself for it. Immediately after body pump, I took Spin with Ticka. It's a great combo back to back. I want to make it part of my weekly routine. I'm not going to lie, it was tough. I'm tired but I feel great --so accomplished!

It's weigh in Tuesday, right? On the trainers' scale -- 225.2 lbs! Another 3lbs gone forever. 33lbs lost (and not to be found, lol) total! I am really satisfied and proud of this weeks weight loss. I really believe that I am going to reach my goal weight and be healthy. Glory to God for all his support!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Exciting News

We've started week 3 in the Gold's Gym Know Your Own Strength competition! Tomorrow, I plan to ask how many people actually signed up. Originally, they said they were going to take sign ups until today. I really feel like I've been making great progress, physically getting in better shape. My body feels so healthy -it's just covered with extra weight (FAT). I'm still food journaling - Day 15 - WOO WOO! I really didn't think that I could food journal but I did it. It's less challenging than it was and it's helpful because I can look back and see what I did right - or wrong food wise. Just as I am using this blog as a tool - it helps me keep track.

It wasn't hard to get up and go to the gym today. I had a "date" at the gym with Claire, she works in the gym daycare. She's been wanting to workout with the weight machines for a while now but was too shy to go out and do it alone. Yep - and she works there! So ladies, don't feel bad about being self conscious. I told Claire last week that we could do it together and we made a date. It was nice to have someone to work out with and I enjoyed helping her out. She is so great with Amelia and she has a killer British accent. We hit the weights for about an hour during the day and we both do cardio kickboxing on Monday nights. I had a great workout - endorphins are high but my right knee is a little sore.

Monday nights we have salad for dinner. I want to get the best weigh in possible on Tuesday. I swear my whole family is dieting because I am. I don't feel too bad though, I'm preparing dinner for all of us and teaching my girls healthy eating habits. It really won't hurt anyone to eat healthier. I swear, both Rich and Mariyn are looking a bit thinner. Tonight though, Rich asked what's for dinner. He already knew what I planned on making though - it was one of those type of questions that was more like a plead for anything but a salad. I decided to be nice and told him we could go out to eat. We went to Cafe Bravo, my favorite Mexican restaurant. I got a delicious, Mexican Shrimp and Chicken Cesar Salad. I made a good choice, I love the shrimp and grilled chicken - so yumm!

Oh and the exciting news! Mariyn brought home a Registration form for a walk/run benefiting the educational foundation. You can do a mile or a 5k and the cost is only $25 and is on March 20th, just before the end of my competition @ Gold's. I think it will be a good activity that I can easily accomplish. A 5K is just over 3 miles, I'm sure I can do it! Bonus is I already have a friend who said she is going to do it too :) I'm super excited!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another week down!

I got so much accomplished today - a GREAT day at the gym. 45 mins of resistance weights, 45 mins of Zumba, 20 mins of the elliptical, and 20 mins of treadmill. Yeah you got that right, I was at the gym for over 2 hours. My plan was to get up early hit the weights before Zumba starts at 9:30. Amelia and I arrived at the gym at 8:45.
I hit the weights hard. Then for some reason decided to weigh myself. While, I've lost weight, I was a bit disappointed. I know I shouldn't be and that it's not really as accurate as waiting until my weigh in day. I just wanted to know my progress before I head into the weekend (AKA the danger zone LOL). Zumba started 15 mins late because they couldn't find the key to the room. I hate standing around at the gym... such a waste of energy and time. During Zumba I couldn't help but think of what I did differently between this week and last - sort of a mental comparison. I realized I hadn't ran the treadmill or elliptical since last week. So I decided I would after zumba. Zumba is a fun work out, it doesn't even feel like a workout, except for the sweet of course.

On a sad note, my favorite Zumba instructor Adrianna announced that she would be leaving soon and brought a "replacement" with her. I'm not so crazy about the replacement :/ Adrianna's style and energy is part of the reason for my success. When I first started her class she said to squeeze our abs. I couldn't even feel mine! Now, I can not only feel them, but they are so much stronger.

The gym has 2 new weight machines. One that works the abs, it's sort of a weighted crunch and another that works the lower back. I did 100 crunches on the ab machine today. Considering I couldn't even feel my abs in October, I'm so proud of the progress that I've had!

When I came home from the gym, I made lunch. I had a side salad with the left over chicken. Amelia had a chicken Quesadilla. When I put Amelia down for a nap, I fell asleep with her. Guess it was needed - the rest felt good.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adrenaline and Compliments

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush right after a good work out! No more slugs here today, I made salsa the other night and so I'm using it for everything. At lunch I made a delicious Salsa Salad. For dinner, I made Salsa Chicken that I found on this blog. It made my taste buds sing! Absolutely incredible.
I hate wasting food, which is one reason I'm overweight. I always feel the need to clear my plate. In order to change this habit I'm trying to serve (and cook) in smaller portions and actually USE the leftovers. I've been extra creative with my leftovers lately. Plus, I figure it's saving us money. Which is a really, really good thing!

I love my Zumba classes but 3 of the 4 classes are only offered at 5:30 pm. This puts a real strain on the family because of dinner, homework, baths, bedtimes, etc. Often, I stay after class to do the weight resistance machines. Rich sometimes meets me there but lately he has been too busy with work. Sometimes, I'll do the weight training stuff in the morning and just come back for zumba. I've heard that it is best to do your weights before cardio though. I've also been thinking I need to get a schedule down, and a bit of variety in my group classes. Let's face it, I could do Zumba every day but at some point you need to change it up to keep getting results. Which is why, I started the spin, weights and kickboxing. I know my body needs to be pushed hard in order for change. Thursdays are one of my favorite Zumba classes, I just love the way Adrianna teaches and I FEEL it afterwards. Often I am too tired after Adrianna's class to do the weights. So tonight, I decided I was going to do my weights before Zumba. This will allow us to be home earlier for family time but I was also afraid I wouldn't be able to hang in Zumba. It seemed like the perfect combination though!

The highlight of my day - several regular gym goers commented on how much weight I've lost. One even called me skinny - Can you believe it? I told I wasn't skinny but I appreciate the compliment. I've been working so hard and I love seeing results.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If I were to use one word to describe my mood today it would be sluggish. It's been rainy and cold outside. I'm feeling worn out, tired and hav every little enthusiasm or energy today. I did Zumba tonight and I felt totally off and had a hard time working out. I was going to stay for body pump but I talked myself out of it. Is it possible I could be doing too much? Or is it all the wet weather getting to me?

This morning Amelia and I went to Gymstars, she always has so much fun when we go. I feel like I'm running a marathon just to keep up with her. Afterward, we went to target. By the time I was done, it was after 112:30 and I was starving. I felt like I went to farmer boys and I got a California BLT (basically a BLT + Avocado. It was delicious, but I swear I could taste the fat on my lips. It's so hard to make good choices when eating out. Just before Zumba, I made some homemade tortilla chips (Thanks to Sherri for sharing the recipe) they were so good. I burshed corn tortillas with olive oil and salt, cut them in strips and bakes for about 3 mins on each side. You know you're dieting when you lick the oil off your fingers and it taste divine.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Battle of the scales...

I got up extra early, I'm trying to get a body pump class into my schedule at the gym. Class starts at 8:30, which is fairly early for me. My goal today was to get Mariyn off and ready for school then hit the gym for two classes Body pump and Spin. I got to the gym just before 8:20 and they were already out of tickets! So frustrating. I decided to do an hour of resistance weight training, I stayed for spin. Man my legs are tired. I'm getting in better shape - Cardio is a lot easier for me now. I don't run out of breath like I used to and even when I think I won't make it, I always do. It's an amazing feeling. Perhaps even better than watching the pounds melt away.

Today is weigh in day, normally I weigh in during the evening when I go to Zumba but because I went to the gym this morning, I did a morning weigh in. I weighed myself on the locker room scale, the same one I've been using, and according to it I weigh 222. Only 1 pound less than last week. Very disappointing, especially considering how hard I worked last week. Plus, as you might remember I weighed myself last week on the personal trainer's scale (233.5 last Monday). Last week, the scales were EXACTLY 10 lbs different from eachother. According to that same scale on Friday, I weighed in at 228.5 a 5 pound loss. After using the locker room scale, I weighed in on the personal trainers scale and now I'm 228.2 lbs. So for competition purposes, I lost 5 lbs last week. Not really sure what to think. I know the personal trainers scale is most accurate but - I haven't been tracking my progress all along on it. I wonder if someone adjusted the scale in the locker room and if that is why it's reading the way it is? I mean how can they have such different weight losses? It's enough to drive a girl crazy. To be honest, I like the 5 lbs weight loss (which would take me to 29lbs lost total) and I really feel like I lost 5 lbs this week. Does that count for anything?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Start of another week

It poored all day long. Being a holiday, the girls and I were stuck home pretty much all day. We didn't even get out of our pajamas until it was time to get dressed for the gym. It was a struggle to go. Mondays are always a struggle for me. It's a challenge to convince myself to get back in the saddle again after the weekend. Today was especially hard because I only took one day of rest from the gym, Sunday. My negative self talk today was telling me I should stay home because I've earned it. In reality, I didn't earn it - I needed to push myself hard these next twelve weeks for the competition. I over ate on Friday night and that is why I went to the gym on Sat.

My legs were extra heavy in Cardio Kick Boxing and I know I didn't work out as hard as I normally do though because of this. It's still a very challenging class and I was sweating when I was done. After Kickboxing I did a few resistance training machines, hips and the intimidator. Then, came home and made a yummy salad for dinner. I'm excited to weigh in tomorrow. I hope the results are great - I have a good feeling they are going to be good.

The rain stopped for a while and we saw a rainbow. Mariyn noticed it first; she was rainbow hunting so to speak. When she found it she said, "Look Mom, theres a rainbow. It's God's promise!" She was so excited and sure of it. I'm so glad my daughter has a relationship with God. Her enthusiasm helps me be a better mom and a better Christian. She is so right - the rainbow is God's promise and a reminder that he is always there... Always.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blowing it ...

I told myself I was going to make good choices. At diner last night. I've worked to hard this week to blow it. I had dinner with a group of friends at one of my favorite restaurants,Torri's. It's a Japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you. The menu is pretty simple and over all healthier than a lot of other restaurants. My problem - I over ate.

I ordered Chicken and Prawns, grilled with butter, sauces, rice and veggies galore it was delicious and had a piece of a dragoon roll that I shared with my friend. Oh that was heavenly. I drank water so that didn't add any extra calories. I was so full but then there was cake. Chocolate and Carmel cake, several layers of pure bliss and completely decadent. I couldn't say no. I didn't eat it all but I felt like I needed to be rolled out when it was time to leave. I have no clue how many calories I actually consumed.

Then last night, I woke up with a terribly upset stomach. I felt like I was going to vomit, completely bloated. I ended up curling into a fetal position and I finally fell back asleep. When I woke up this morning my stomach is still sore from being so bloated. I've already gone to the bathroom 3 times. Rich laughed at me because he says I look pregnant...honestly I don't think I can push my stomach out more even if I wanted to.

Since I know I blew it last night, I hit the gym today. Yep - Saturday makes 6 days this week. I did 30 mins of the treadmill at a 3% incline. Then I cycled for another 20 mins. I feel a little better but still very bloated. I think I 'm going to have to get some gas medicine.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Healthy and Delicious

It's Friday! YAY! I made it another week! This week has been a challenge, as you can see, I've calorie counted and I've been working out even harder at the gym. I am doing good with calorie counting and I think I even see a difference. But man how all those veggies can make a girl gassy! :X I'm hoping this is something I adjust to. I've been looking through the Hungry Girl cook book I bought yesterday and I'm impressed. A lot of times, I will get a cook book and a lot of the meals aren't really something I would eat. I can't wait to try out some new recipes. Also, I've noticed hungry girl gives a lot of helpful food advice for those who are like me and LOVE food. I want my food to be both healthy and delicious!

I got to do Zumba this morning, with Adrianna my favorite Zumba instructor. I'm so glad she is back, she's been gone for 6-8 weeks. Class moved slower but it was still a good workout. Then I hit up the resistance weights for about 45 mins to an hour. I'm definitely feeling the burn. Today I was able to do 3 sets of 10 on the intimidator.

While the calorie counting isn't hard, I do feel like all I think about is food right now. I'm not really feeling deprived but it is always on my mind. My next meal, is it time for a snack, how many calories does this have, I wonder what I can make? Sometimes, I doubt I can keep this "diet" up, let's face it. Eating healthy isn't always the easiest thing but being fat is never "easy" but it's sure easy to get there. I am a little worried that if I don't see big results with calorie counting then, I will be disappointed.

Today, I cheated. Yep! I did :X My weigh in days are always on Tuesday. Every time I weigh in on a different day, I am disappointed by my progress. While I was doing the intimidator today I seen the scale by the personal trainers. The same one that I weighed myself on Monday for the contest. So I decided to step on it. Just to see what it said. To see if this is all worth it. I'm not going to share what is said just yet - but I will say I liked what I seen! The personal trainer told me today not to get too focused on the scale and to only weigh in once a week. Which is what I'm pretty much doing already. He was very encouraging about the contest once I told him what the scale said though ;-)

Rich looked into the mirror today and said, "I think your cooking is making me skinner too". I agree, I notice his and Mariyn's tummy looks just a little flatter. I'm logging all my calories in my journal, I'll post them later. Tonight, I am celebrating a friends birthday and going out to dinner with her. I'm determined to make good choices tonight. We're having Japanese food - Torri's one of my favorites!

I will leave you with this a picture of the delicious salad I made for lunch.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Four

I got up early, took Mariyn to school and got to the gym around 8:15 am. I was planning on taking the Body Pump class at 8:30 but when I got there, the class was already full. I figured I would work out for a little bit since I was already there. Then hit up Zumba tonight. My little bit turned into 1.5 hours of weights and 20 mins of walk/jog on the treadmill (over 1.25 miles). Rich was off work tonight so I decided to skip Zumba - 2 hours at the gym is enough right?

Since I am so focused on food, I've been searching the web for good low cal ideas. I stumbled across this website it has some really good ideas and I went out and bought her book 200 under 200. Hopefully this will help me in my meal planning. I also bought a little journal to keep in my purse as a food diary.

Doing pretty well now - I'm on day four of this calorie counting business. I *thought* it would be a lot harder than it is. Writing down everything is making me think harder about whether I am really hungry or just bored and just make better choices in general. I still don't like calorie counting but I am excited to see how it effects my weight loss. Hopefully, the results are good :)

Day Four Calories - 1817

Protein w/ milk 270
Banana (x2) 210 (Thanks Adrienne)
Tuna 90
Salad 390
-Spinach 12
-Sprouts 8
-Mushroom 5
-Red Onion 4
-Cucumber 8
-Blueberry 83
-Avocado 60
-Cheese 110
-Dressing 100

Cashew 340
Peanut Butter Pretzel 70
Yogurt 100
Apple 65
Cajun Pork Loin 138
Sauteed Mushroom 110
Mixed Veggies 34

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Calories Day Three

I survived day 3! It was amazing, today I went to Costco and didn't give into all the samples! Amelia tried them all, but not me. Today was busy, Amelia and I went to gymstars for play time. Then off to Costco. I ended up spending well over $250 on food. I was so proud of myself though, because the only "junk" food I bought was skinny cow ice cream. Most of it was fruits and veggies (fresh, canned and frozen), along with our meats. I've got lots of meal ideas and am excited to have food in the house. One of my biggest hindrances is eating out or trying to grab something quick. Tonight, I made stir fry after the gym. It was a hit with the kids and I, Rich not so much.

Oh and the biggest news of my day! My gym clothes have been getting big on me, I've noticed myself having to pull them up or roll them over so they stay on my waist. Well, I decided I was going to get a smaller size. Guess what? Ok, ok, I 'll tell you. I bought a medium and they fit! I'm so happy and proud of myself.

I had a great time at Zumba tonight in my new size medium gym pants! Woo Wooo! As you can probably imagine the class was packed - everyone is working on their resolutions. I also hit the weights and of course, the intimidator.

Day Three
Protein Shake w/ Milk 270
Banana 200


Mandarin Orange 60
Yogurt 100
Cashews 340

Apple 65

Sprouts 24
Couscous 200
Chicken Stir Fry 420
Chicken 220
Veggies 80
Sauces 120

Daily Calories1679 + the skinny cow ice cream sandwich I am going to have before I go to bed (approx 140 cals) = 1819 cals

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I know, it's Tuesday the time all my hard work pays off weigh in Tuesday. However today was also the second Tuesday of the month - my mom's in Christ (Mom's Inc) bible study. I love my bible study time. I carry a lot of weight on my shoulders and am struggling with forgiveness. Well, let's face it, I've always struggled with forgiveness but it's been put in my heart that I need to let go. More specifically, I need to forgive Jessica so I am no longer angry, so I no longer hurt, so I can move on and take the weight of my shoulders and become weightless. We've been studying the book of James specifically this week James 1:12-27 and it really just spoke to my heart about the situation I am currently in. It's so easy to be angry at her for the things that she has done to me and my family. I'm tired of being angry and hurt though. I'm tired of her having that control over me. I've been praying that God help me forgive her, and each time I'm almost there something else comes up. I know my pride is getting in the way and that I am not hurting her, my anger is only hurting myself. In our society, when we think of sin - we think of sexual, drugs, alcohol, etc but anger is to a sin. God is love right? Aren't we supposed to love one another? Tonight, I am going to pray for Jessica. I'm going to pray that I forgive her and that this hurt is gone. I know it is God's will that I forgive her and for this I am also waiting...

At Mom's inc the following verse spoke to me

1 Corinthians 10:13
No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

I really feel like this speaks to me emotionally with forgiveness and with my weight. I know God will help me reach all my goals.

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for... my weekly weigh in results - 223lbs. 1 pound less than last week. I feel bloated today. I had company this weekend and didn't make as good of choices as I should have. I'm cracking down now though, the contest is on and I want to get under 200lbs before March 31st.

Day Two of Calorie Counting

Today's food challenges were a lot harder. I've thought about food literally ALL day. This morning at my meeting, they had donuts - my favorite with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. I didn't give in to temptation but let's face it, I was hungry or at least my eyes and brain said I was. Tuesdays always are challenging because they are my weigh in days, I ate light on Monday and continue to eat light until I weigh in Tuesday evening. Because of this, I usually eat heavy Tuesday night, right after working out. Probably not the best habit but since I know I'm counting my calories and trying to loose as much weight as possible to win the challenge at the gym, we did eat a lot better than other Tuesdays.

Adrienne has also challenged me to meal plan at least the night before. Today's meals were planned in advance but I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Day Two
Protein Shake w/ Milk 270
Banana 200


Salad w/ Tuna 386
Tuna 100
dressing 80
spinich 7
cucumber 8
Romaine Lettuce 2
Onion 4
Tomatoe 15
Avacado 60
Cheese 110
Pretzel Peanut Butter Nuggets 100
Peanut Butter 95

Chicken Burritos 742
Beans 120
Tortilla 210
Cheese 110
Guacamole 110
Salsa 72
Chicken 120
Daily Calories 1793

Monday, January 11, 2010

Calorie Counting

Adrienne, my cousins wife and one of my followers here, has challenged me to count calories. I've been doing good losing weight but I haven't really counted calories. I've just been cautious about what I've been eating. So, today I took her challenge and wrote down everything I ate and tried to figure out my calories. Here is what I came up with:
Day One
Protein Shake w/ Water 130
Banana 200

Cashews (1/3 cup approx) 340
Cheese Stick 110

Grilled Cheese 300

Pretzel Peanut Butter Nuggets 90
Yogurt 80
Sample @ Store 54

Chicken Salad 371
chicken 120
dressing 45
spinich 7
cucumber 8
Romaine Lettuce 2
Onion 4
Tomatoe 15
Avacado 60
Cheese 110

Daily Calories 1675

I've been eating light on Mondays for a while, because I know I'm weighing myself on Tuesday and I kinda detox from the weekend. I had a good work out at the gym tonight in cardio kick boxing. I didn't get to do any weights afterward though - the gym was too crowded, probably because school started back today and people trying to work on the resolutions. I look forward to revisiting calories tomorrow, hopefully, I will get on this meal planning ideas that I keep tossing around.

Relativity of Weight

Well, I officially began the Gold's Gym Challenge today! My appointment was at 10 am for weigh in, measurements and picture in a two piece. I ended up taking my picture in a sports bra because the top just didn't cover enough for my liking. I was nervous, boy was I nervous but I did it.

Which leaves me to the topic of this blog. I weigh myself weekly at the gym, every Tuesday in the locker room. I know my home scale isn't at all accurate. So today, I step on a portable scale at the gym with a trainers beside me marking all my measurements. This scale says I weigh 233.4 lbs! I know I didn't gain 10 pounds this week, so one of the scales must be off. :/ Talking to a few of the members, they tell me they believe it's the scale in the locker room. Yikes! That means I weigh even MORE than I think I weigh... But it doesn't mean I haven't lost 23.5 lbs. I am going to continue to use that scale to weigh myself, because it's been the basis of all my measurements thus far. Kinda sucks that it's off but I guess it's all relative anyways. I'm on my way to a total body transformation!

Here is my stats sheet! Sorry - no bikini pic! Trust me you don't want to see it anyways it isn't a pretty sight.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling good Friday!

Wow,it's Friday - we made it through the first week of the new year! I not only made it to the gym all week but I trained hard! I'm so proud of myself. Today, I did two hours! Now, I work out for 2 hours several times a week but it's not usually like today. It's usually because I want to do a group exercise class (like Zumba, Kickboxing, or Cycle)that runs an hour long and also use the weight training / gym facilities often meeting up with Rich for a gym date. Today though, I did it all on my own. I missed Zumba this morning and there aren't any Friday night group exercise classes. So I decided to work out on my own. I started my routine with 30 mins of elliptical. Then I moved on to do this ab-coaster machine. I do 3 sets of 20 on each side of my abs and in the middle. My core is really week from years of neglect. It's my biggest problem area right now but I can tell it's changing and strengthening - slowly. I did a ton of different resistance and weight training today. For a cool down, I did a jog/fast walk on the treadmill. I'm already feeling the burn but it feels great!

Today I faced two "fears" at the gym.

Fear # 1

It might sound kinda funny but I'm afraid of the treadmill. I have bad knees and I've pretty much always disliked running - big boobs and running do not go together. It's not a pretty site. Plus I've struggled with my endurance and didn't want to fail. My endurance has increased since working out so I decided that I'm going to concur this fear of the treadmill and use it for my advantage. I jog/walked today as a cool down for close to 15 mins. Next time, I'm going to do more. It's sort of a personal challenge for me.

Fear # 2
There is this machine at the gym. It intimidates me so much. It looks so challenging and I've really only seen really fit people and personal trainers use it. While I was working out on all the normal machines I decided that I was going to try something new - a challenge today. I didn't even know how to use the machine, I walked up read the instructions but didn't really "get it". The machine is next to the personal training section so I asked one of the trainers if she would help me. Even that took courage - she is this cute tiny blond girl with 0 fat but so strong, and man, even though she is tiny her muscles are huge. I've seen her work out! lol She was super helpful and friendly though and the machine wasn't so difficult. I am going to add it to my weight training machine. I'm naming the machine - the intimidator. ha ha Here is a picture of a similar intimidator..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dunn... Dunn...Dunn

Sound effets (Dunn Dunn Dunn) it's arrived. The dreaded two piece I purchased for the contest at the gym. Part of me can't believe I'm going through with this. I mean who wants to see a fat chick in a two piece. Who ever created this rule has to have some sort of issues, lol. Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyways. The swim suit is cute - it looked great on the model and the color is beautiful. Seeing it on myself, umm not so pretty but that's what I'm entering the contest to change. Honestly, I have to say that although it's bad - it's not AS BAD as I thought it was going to be. Of course, my boobs are too big for the top, but that's nothing new. It's just ONE picture right? I decided to show you a picture of the dreaded two piece just so you can get a visual. I'm not sure if I will be brave enough to post the before picture.

Thursday nights I always do Zumba. Adrianna instructs on Thursdays and I always get a great work out. I can feel it in every muscle of my body. Unfortunately, she's been on vacation and we've had subs for a while now. Tonight Julia subbed. She has subbed once before, when I first started going. I remember her class was so challenging. I couldn't keep up. When I seen her tonight, I knew I was in for it! The energy was great though - and the best part - tonight I was able to keep up and got a GREAT workout. Seemed like everyone enjoyed the class, it was probably the most energetic I've seen the class (as a whole) get. Great work out @ zumba plus cardio with Rich. I really love that he comes to the gym to workout with me. I know it's his way of being supportive - and it makes me work out even harder. I call this time a date. It's the closest thing we've gotten to a real date in a long time. Now only if I can convince him we do not need to go have Cafe Bravo (the best Mexican restaurant I've eaten) after working out... at least I had a salad. :-/

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waiting Wednesday

Zumba was on the menu for my nightly work out. I'm feeling a bit under the weather, my voice is scruffy and my body feels tired. But with determination, I went to the gym anyways and enjoyed Zumba.

A lot of people have asked me what my motivation is for going to the gym, and how they can tap into it. It might sound silly but for me this is a great compliment. For over 7 years, I had no motivation to go to they gym. I've been medically obese and just kept pushing through life. Besides just not feeling good about myself, I've had so many medical issues and warning signs that I need to do something about my weight. I've had gallstones,gestational diabetes, knee issues, high blood pressure, and other body pains. Once I needed a TB test done for work and seen a new doctor, before giving me the TB test he suggested gastric bypass... umm I'll pass. I've always known I could lose the weight with a nutritious diet and exercise but always put it off because something else in my life came first: work, school, husband, kids, family, etc.

Since finishing grad school and being laid off I realized I need to re-prioritize my life. Notice, I left out God in the above list. I've always been a believer I've rarely taken time for God in my life. This too is changing. God and me time are now not only in the list of priorities but at the top. In June, when I found out I was being laid off I knew God had a plan for me, a purpose. I just didn't know what it was. I've asked, and asked but the only word that keeps coming to my heart is wait.

I've taken this time and waited. I've enjoyed more time with my babies. They are only little for so long. I've taken this time and focused on things that make me happy, the Mom's inc bible study, spending time with other believers, and found a new appreciation for exercise. While, I'm still not really sure what God's plan for me is, I know it's God's will that I have found a peace with myself and with waiting. I've always considered myself an optimistic person but lately people have noticed that not only am I more fit but I'm happier.

My daughter has a cartoon by Max Lucedo in which he says, "Sometimes, God's answer is yes, sometimes God's answer is no and sometimes God's answer is wait." I know with God I can achieve my goal weight but for now, I must wait.

In his heart a man plans his course,but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weigh In Tuesday

Tuesday have got to be my favorite day of the week. I look forward to zumba and weighing in. I feel good because I pushed myself to go on Monday and am back craving more on. I felt good going to the gym today. I'm wearing an outfit my mom bought me for Christmas and the shirt is already bigger on me than it was last week! I knew it was going to be a good weigh in day and it was a great day, lost another 3 lbs. :) Total lost so far 23 lbs!

Today's routine was a challenge. 45 mins of Zumba, 30 mins of elliptical, 30 mins of weights. Endorphins were high and Ibuprophen will be needed!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Monday of the New Year

I was back at it at the gym today. Mondays are always my hardest days to go but I think I've discovered a new enjoyment to Mondays - cardio kick boxing. Tonight was the third time I've gone to this class. Ticka, the instructor, is so positive encouraging and passionate about fitness it makes the time fly by and I know I got a killer work out, because I can feel it. After our kick boxing we always work out our core. I think this is just another reason I love this class. I struggle in my core and need a lot of work. Today, we laid out flat on our elbows and toes with our tummy towards the ground but not touching. We sort of rotated or lifted our tipy toes and kept our bodies lifted and balanced. I really felt the burn in every muscle in my body. It was awesome.

I've also been considering doing more meal planning. I go to the gym hard 5 days a week but I know sometimes my eating habits and lack of planning defeat the work out I just did. Anyone done any meal planning? Monday nights we usually have a salad. I weigh in on Tuesday and I always want to get the most bang for my buck. Tonight, I bought a delicious rotisserie chicken and made a chicken salad with it. Absolutely DELISH!

Oh and 3 people at the gym said I looked good and thinner today! So I decided to take a pic, excuse the hair it was after cardio kickboxing. Wish me luck for weigh in Tuesday.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year... time for something new

2010 is going to be a great year. I hit the gym as soon as it opened today, I wasn't going to have no closing early business stop me today. I was determined to start the new year off right. While I don't really believe in New Years resolutions, I do believe in goal setting. I am going to hit my fitness goals this year.

Since it's a new year, I decided it was time to try something new at the gym. There are a few things that still intimidate me: example cycling class and the treadmill. Today, I took on the cycling class and you know what, it really wasn't that bad. What a great workout, it was challenging and my rump is on fiiyyahh. Most importantly though, I did it!

Is there something new you want to try but are a bit intimidated by?