Monday, March 28, 2011

Conquering the 5K

We came, we saw, we conquered the 5K on Saturday. That's right, I said we conquered it! Mariyn and I got up early to register and run the 5K. My daughter is 8 and loves to do anything mommy is into. She's ran other runs, but this was her first 5K. She was excited, I was excited. It was fun. We got to the run and seen lots of friendly and familiar faces. Mariyn was excited, she really wanted to earn a medal. She was a bit nervous about running a 5K, she would have choosen the mile if I let her. But I knew she could finish the 3 miles and I knew that I would need her and she would need me too. The race started and she started sprinting. I couldn't keep up with her. Luckily, I know she would only be able to keep this pace for a little while. Soon, she slowed and I caught up. About one mile in to the race she started complaining, the run was too hard. She didn't want to run more than 1 mile, etc, etc. Whinning like most kids do when they don't want to do something. We had a few little pep talks. I knew she could do it, she just needed to be pushed. Finally the pep talks ended with me telling her, you better run because your embarrassing me and yourself whinning like a baby in front of all these people and a threat to spank her for her bad behavior. Yeah a little extreme, I know but it worked. She stopped whinning and focused more on running. We walked ran most of the run. Mariyn was tired. I wasn't used to running at all anymore and was extra cautious because of my injury. After all this was my first run out. Mariyn swore she would never run another 5K again but seemed very satisfied and proud of her accomplishment when she finished. Mariyn finished the 5K 38 minutes 57 seconds. I was right behind her at 39 minutes 5 seconds. My slowest 5K time ever. But that doesn't matter much to me. What matters, is I finished it. And I'm running again. Gaining my strength stride by stride. As soon as we were done with running, we had to go to take our pictures for softball. I got a phone call later that day telling me Mariyn won 1st place in her age group! Yeah, I know 38 minutes doesn't sound speedy but remember my kid is 8. She was so proud of her medal and her accomplishment. She even thanked me for pushing her to do the 5K. Mariyn and I both know it's not that she is the fastest runner out there but it's that she ran farther than most 8 years olds can, want to or will. And had she done the 1 mile, she probably wouldn't have one. It's that drive to do more is what got her first place. Now, of course she wants to run a 5K again. Just goes to show, if my 8 year old daughter can run a 5K anyone who wants to, can. Can you say proud mommy? Pics to share of course :) Pre-Race Mommy and Mariyn My proud little girl, in her softball clothes with her medal.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Opening day for softball was cancelled due to the weather. What does this mean, you might ask? Well, it means my morning is open to run. Yes, I said it, run. Tomorrow, is the SOS 5K run. This time, last year I was preparing myself for this very same run yet only it was my first run. I was determined to run the whole thing but most of all, I wanted to finish. I didn't know if I really *could*. I was very emotional, and over joyed that I could participate in an event like this. I felt like I was being a positive role model for my daughter, taking back my health on stride at a time.

This year, I know I will walk a good portion of the 5K. I will run some too. It means something different to me this year, it's more sentimental and I'm focusing on getting back to where I was pre-injury. Tomorrow, I will get up early and register myself, and my 8 year old daughter. We're taking on the 5K, together <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

K-LOVE - Mandisa "Stronger" LIVE

A friend shared this on facebook today. It hit home and I felt the need to pass it on. Who knows who else it will inspire.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


At the age of 8, I was introduced to my first love. Softball. I played competitively until the age of 18. In the spring and summer, I was always on the field. There was really nothing, I loved more than playing ball, being competitive and my team.

It's this love for softball that kept me athletic and in shape. I always wanted to play my best. As an adult, I've continued to play softball in recreational leagues until I had Amelia. I've coached my older daughter's teams and hope to pass down the love of the sport to her. We have a lot of fun together and as a team. It keeps us especially busy this time of year.

Lately though, I've had so much stress and drama being involved with the softball board that I questioned my love for the game. Once we had our first practice of the season, it didn't take long to remember all the reasons I love the game. Coaching is a true joy. Spending the quality time with my daughter is a blessing.

However, I wanted more. I miss playing. I know I can't be as active as I want with my running but I can do somethings. I needed to do something for me. I joined a women's rec team. We will be playing on Friday nights. During the Spring, I will be substituting / on call when regulars can't make it. But come Summer league, I will have a regular spot on the team. I'm excited. I know subbing doesn't sound like much but it's perfect for me right now. Tuesday, I had my first practice with the rec league. It was great and so much fun just hitting the balls. It's been about 5 years since I played but it felt like yesterday. Hitting balls is such a great stress reliever too. Makes me want to go to the batting cages.

Today, Mariyn and I bought matching cleats. ha ha Silly I know. The cleats, I had were so old they litterally were seperating from the sole. Probably not from use, but from time. I've had them since I was 16ish years old. It was time for a new pair and Mariyn's excited to have the same pair as her mom. :0) I love my girl!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maitenance NSV

There is always a silver lining, in any storm. My injury is no different. I don't want to be injured. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But there is something that I learned about my injury, there is a silver lining. It's called maintenance.

Let's face it, it's been over 3 months since I've been in the routine of working out daily. I weighed myself this morning, 187lbs. Before my injury, my weight was fluctuating between 185-188lbs. That my friends, is something I'm considering a success. Yeah, I know I'm on a weight loss journey and I didn't lose weight in the last 3 months. BUT, learning to maintain is a huge part of being successful at weight loss.

Also, I've not lost the desire to live healthy, live differently, and live better by the grace of God. I've never given up hope or given up on myself. That to me is a huge NSV.

How am I feeling after working out yesterday? My foot/ankle feels a little stiff and swollen. My muscles feel a little bit sore. But overall, I feel great and jazzed to be back. Starting over again, from where I'm at. God is so great!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A wound up ball of stress has been walking around my house waiting to explode lately. I've been angry and short tempered with my hubby, with everyone, with life. I've got a lot going on in my personal life and political stuff with an organization that I'm involved in. And throw in starting up our own business, I'm sure you can imagine why I haven't blogged as much lately or stayed true to coarse with my diet/exercise plans.

It's the end of the rope now though. I'm walking the plank and there just are no more excuses. My ankle is on the road to recovery. I know I can't do what I was doing back in November physcially and that I have to start all over again. But that' s ok. I'm not strating over, I'm continuing on. I know that I can make good choices with diet and exercise. I have and I will again.

Last night in bed, Rich asked me when I was going to run again. He did so in a kind gentle way letting me know that he knows I need a release. He knows I'm a ticking time bomb that can explode. He wants to prevent that and be supportive. He knows how much running means to me and more importantly how much I (and the whole family) benefit from it. What is that saying, "A happy wife makes a happy life!"

Tonight, my friend Zumara called and asked if I wanted to go to the gym tonight. I've been so stressed, busy, scared of reinjuring myself, and making excuses I haven't been consistent enouogh with my excercise/going back to the gym. I decided that if I felt up to it, after I put the girls to bed, I would go. At dinner, Rich said he was planning on going tonight but I could go instead. So sweet of him <3 he knew it was in OUR best interest for me to get some "me time" at the gym.

I worked out on the floor doing the various weight machines. And I ran! Yes, I ran! Ok well, actually I ran walked for 20 minutes. I did intervals because I wanted to be aware of my body/injury. I didn't want to over do it on my first "attempt " to run. I ran for the first 5 minutes. The first 2 minutes were so hard but it felt ***SO*** good. Yeah, I know 1.3 miles isn't a lot and it's nothing compared to what I was doing. But from where I am now, it was a really good start. My ankle doesn't hurt, although it doesn't feel exactly normal. I think I'm on the road to rebuilding and recovery.

I came home, happy with a clear head and open heart and well just feeling relief.

I just love the gym <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I went out dancing on Saturday to celbrate my friend's birthday. We all had so much fun. I danced, and danced and danced. You get the idea. I remembered what a good workout dancing is and it's fun. Rarely, do I get to go out with my friends and I had such a great time. Dancing must have been one of those activities that keep young people fit and well... young! When was the last time you went out dancing?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I made it!

I made it! Yes, I made it to the gym today. I woke up and pushed myself to get out of bed and get ready before I dropped Mariyn off to school. Then anxiously, I waited around until 9:15 to head over. I was nervous about not getting a bike, if I didn't get there in time. I wasn't mentally prepared to do something other than cycle today. I didn't know if physically I can do cycle... let alone anything that requires more impact. I didn't want to push myself too hard, my first time back.

Anyways, I got to the gym 30 minutes early and there was already a line of about 10 people. Got my ticket. Talked to many of the regulars. It felt good to be back. I checked in with the instructor, Gosh, I missed her.

I decided that if my ankle started to hurt, I should probably just leave. The last thing I want to do is re-injure myself or jmake my injury worse. Getting on the bike was so uncomfortable! I know you have to get used to the seat but really, you can't help but wonder if therei s any getting used to this amount of discomfort. I used very light resistance, I wanted to be careful. I felt good though. My body responded well in terms of strength and endurance. However, after a few songs, my ankle started to bother me. I had a hard time telling if I was over doing it or if my ankle was sore because it was weak. I almost decided to just leave. Stick to the plan you know. But I was feeling so good - can you say, ENDORPHINS! I decided to turn down my resistance and try to push through a few more songs. At least to 30 minutes, I told myself. I ended up making it through the whole class. My ankle was tired but my body felt good.

I've decided my break is over. I'm back. I might not be able to go as hard core as I was but I'm back none the less. I have to start somewhere. So here I am, starting again today from where I am. I'm going to start with the less strenous instructors and classes then build on what I CAN do. Honestly, I'm still in great shape. I might not have been to the gym in months but after working out for over a year 5 days a week several hours a day. I know I've got an advantage. Muscle memory, I'm not at square one. I felt good, cardiovascularly, strength and endurance. I'm starting from where I am. An injured athlete who is determined to be fit.

My next date at the gym, will be Thursday. I'm going to rest my ankle and attempt 2-3 days a week until I'm completly healed.