Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Day

Ahh... so happy!
Amelia is better and I just got back from body pump at the gym. :D

I'm feeling so good! I debated on doing back to back classes with body pump and cycle like I normally do but decided against it. I'm going to go running tonight and when I didn't want to over do it this morning. A lot of people missed me at the gym. It's good to be back.

I'm really proud of myself and how far I've come on my fitness journey. There was a time when any little slip up in life would have knocked me off my routine and I wouldn't have felt successful. At the beginning of my journey, so much of my success was built on being routine and being able to go to the gym. I remember feeling defeated when incidents that happened at the gym (poor customer service, issues with the instructors, or I wasn't strong enough to do an exercise) or something came up and I didn't get to the gym. Now, I've gotten to a point where the gym does not determine my success. Yeah, it's a great tool to have and I still enjoy going BUT I realize there are so many ways to be active and healthy outside of the gym now. Most importantly, now I have the confidence, discipline and ability to actually do them. :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good news or bad news?

Let's start with the bad news - I didn't make it to the gym today, big surprise with my kids being sick. Ok now that the bad news is out of the way, let's move on to the good news! Good news, Amelia is feeling much better and I think will be ready to resume regular activities tomorrow! Woo hooo! Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. It's been a rought week. I haven't been to the gym all week and I miss it. It's part of my routine and both Amelia and I enjoy it. Today, she was actually asking to go. I just didn't want to chance getting interrupted if she got ill or had a coughing episode. Plus, the possibility of being contagious.

We did get out of the house today and went to the eye doctor. Amelia had her first eye exam and everything went well. Mariyn's been wearing glasses since she was 3, so I figured it was best to have Amelia checked out too. Mariyn was eligible for a new pair of glasses too. It was so nice to get out of the house, even if it was just for appointments.

My friend from the gym, text messaged me today. She noticed I haven't been there and wanted to check on me. It made me feel special and noticed. Sometimes you get into the daily routine of life and you don't feel like anyone would notice if you just "disappeared" outside of your immediate family. Everyone knows everyone in the small town that I live, but being that I didn't grow up here, I don't know everyone so I often feel sort of invisible around town. The text was sweet and very thoughtful.

Ok, now on to the great news. Even though I haven't been at the gym I've been running each night. Monday and Tuesday nights I ran by myself, 2.25 miles each night after I put my girls to bed. I was proud of myself just for sticking to it. Tonight, Zumara my running buddy came over and we ran 5.5 miles! We stopped not because we were too tired but because it was getting late and we were both thirsty. It's been a few weeks since we've gotten a long run in and it's nice to know we haven't lost our abilities. We're so ready for our 10K next weekend! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awards, Game and Recognition

I guess it's time for some fun stuff. A few weeks ago, I was given an award from two fellow bloggers and supporters,

First, Kimberlynn at Minding my Weigh gave me my first blog award on 9/1. Yeah, I was slow to getting around to it, but I did appreciate the award very much. It's nice to be noticed:

1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State 10 things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment on their blog.

-10 things I like-
1. The beach 2. Travel 3. Softball 4. Swimming Running 6. Sweets 7. Family 8. Hanging out with friends 9. Shopping (when I have $) 10. Socializing

Today, I was given an award from Jennifer at Living a Changed Life I got to pick my award. I was hoping for the tastiest award with the fewest amount of calories, it was a tough call but I went with this:

Plus I was asked these questions in a game (again a while back) by Erica at Journey of a Fat Girl:

1. What song would be the theme song, to the soundtrack of your life? Amazing Grace

2. What is something you do, that most people would find odd?
I can pick things up with my toes? I can pinch?

3. What's your favorite genre of movies?
Comedy - everyone loves a funny movie.

4. If you had to move to another country, which country would you move to?
I'm not really sure. I really love this country and I've really only been to Canada and Mexico, very briefly. It would have to be a tropical paradise without too much humidity. I'd really like to travel all over.

5. Favorite food for breakfast?
Fruit filled crapes, they are heavenly.

6. Favorite season & why?
Summer - I love to swim, I love the weather and to be outdoors.

7. One thing you got for Christmas as a kid that was important to you?
Christmas was always a big deal in my house growing up. I always got what I wanted, no matter how ridiculous it was (i.e. Metal detector). I really think the most important thing I got for Christmas was the spirit of the season and great memories. Really, what better gift is there?

8. What would your dream vacation consist of?
Oh can I answer that the same way I answered # 4. I'd love to have the opportunity to travel all over the world. But if that wasn't possible, I'd love to take a cross country road trip with my family. When I was in junior high my parents did that with us. Really it was some of the best memories I have as a child.

My questions for you:
1. What is the thing you feel most accomplished about?
2. Where do you live and what do you like about it?
3. What is your favorite song?
4. If money wasn't an issue what would you do with your free time?
5. What is one thing you haven't done but wish you had?
6. Describe a perfect day?
7. What is your favorite meal?
8. What is your favorite holiday?

Now it's time to pay it forward, you get to pick your choice of an award PLUS questions and answers:

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Kimberlynn ( you have to pick a different award, ha ha)

Have fun :D


Amelia still had a slight fever this morning, but I can tell this cold is on it's way out. She has more energy and after taking her medication has been off running around the house. As long as she is sick, I won't be able to make it to the gym during the day. I might try to go at night, once Richard is home or I will run again.

Since it's Tuesday, it's my weigh in day. I said that I was going to make sure I was accountable each week with my weigh ins. It's been since September 7th since I had an "official weigh in" at the gym. I have weighed myself a few times at home but not reported them as official. My scale at home is fairly close to the trainers scale but I fluctuate a lot in weight throughout the week. So I've always tried to only use the gym scale as official.

That's not going to stop me today though. Even though I'm not going to the gym this morning because Amelia is sick, I weighed in at home. 189.4 lbs! It's 3lbs less than my last official weigh in but a half a pound heavier than my last unofficial weigh in. Officially it means a loss of 69 lbs since last October. I'm happy with that. I'm hoping for a big loss next Tuesday, October 5th. It marks ONE YEAR since I've started my journey. I'm not where I thought I would be but I'm so much better off than where I was. Praise God for giving me the strength, determination and courage to stick with it for one year!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Running = LOVE

I had a long day. But, this evening, I put on my running shoes, laced them up and took off. I ran alone tonight, my running partner has class on Monday and Tuesday nights and we've been having a difficult time meeting up lately. Running alone is a bit harder than having a partner to pace with and keep you going. It was hot today, over 100 degrees which is rare in late September and very humid tonight. Yet, I still wanted to run.

Tonight, I had a 2.25 mile talk with God. Yeah, I probably looked like a crazy person talking to myself. He was my running partner. I talked to him about everything that has been on my heart and in my mind. I've been worried about the future and our finances. Even though, I know God has a plan and it's better than my plan. I am willing to accept God's plan for us and do as he wants.

I feel so much better now. So much happier and less stressed. Just plain stronger too. Sure the endorphins are kicking in and helping out but God gave me the strength to run and the desire to want to talk to him.

Oh and I did better with my food today and I'm willing to accept whatever the scale reads tomorrow for weigh in. The good, the bad and quite possibly the ugly.


My kid's have been sick. After a long weekend of sleepless nights, I took Amelia to the doctor this morning, the diagnosis, Croupe. The doctor gave us a steriod and she should be better soon. Good news, the prescription she gave us was an office sample, so I don't have to buy anything else! One less thing to worry about! I really feel like life in general is spirling out of control quickly. God's in control I tell myself, and I know he is, yet it's hard to see.

I didn't get to the gym this morning because I took Amelia to the doctor. Really, her health is more important than gym time. With her being sick, I might miss the gym more than I would like. But that's ok. I am going to accomodate where/when I can. Diet will be key this week.

Mini goal this week: Run. It's been a few weeks since I've gotten in any significant running time. I love running, you can do it nearly any time, any place and little money or equipment is needed. It's a huge stress reliever for me and is often when I talk to God the most. I'm planning on running tonight. It just might give me the peace I need.

This weekend is the Princess Promenade ride I promised Mariyn. I still need to pay and register for that. Money is tight, but it's important to Mariyn and I know God will provide.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I can't remember the last time I binged. I mean really binged. I've been knocked off track or splurged but really it's been a long time since I've binged. I must admit, I binged today. My girls are sick, we've laid around all weekend, nursing them and watching movies. I'm stressed, probably a bit due to the girls being sick, weather change and financial stress. I'm in a funk.

I decided to go to the store today to rent something from Redbox. My husband asked me to pick him up a candy bar. They were on sale 2 for $1.00. Plus I had two coupons buy one get one free. Yeah, I ended up leaving with 8 candy bars. One for each of my girls. The rest were for my husband and I. I ended up telling myself that if I ate one on the way home, it wouldn't be a big deal, no one would have to know. Yeah, I told myself that. No one would find out. So, I did. I felt so sneaky and I ate it quickly. So quickly that I hardly tasted the flavor. I came home with 7 candy bars. My girls ate 2, my husband ate 2, and I had 2 more! Yep, you read that right I ate 3 candy bars today. 750 (ish) calories wasted, I'm sure. Why did I do this? I'm feeling so incredibly emotional today. Probably due to lack of sleep and lots of financial stress. I can feel that I'm in a funk, this behavior isn't normal for me, any more. Old habits can sneak up on you quickly and are really hard to change.

I'm holding myself accountable and owning my behavior. I could have kept it to myself and no one, other than myself and God, would have known. But I'm blogging about it, letting you all know that while my intentions are good, I too still get off track.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Non Physical Goals

I've been thinking more and more about my goals. All of the goals I mentioned for the Hot 100 are physical /weight loss goals. I know that is my usual talk around here but I also have other goals too, that are not directly related to my personal fitness and weight loss.

Along with my Hot 100 goals and weekly weigh in, I am going to make a new small goal or challenge. It could be related to my physical or non physical goals. Just one more way to hold me accountable to the things I want to attain.

I really want to grow my relationship with Christ. Yeah I do a mom's bible study once a month but I don't feel it's enough. I need to learn more and nurish this relationship. I'd also like God to use me to encourage and empower others. I pray that whenever I tell my story people see that God is part of my journey and all the credit and glory should go to him.

In 2008, I finished my master's program. I earned my credential in school counseling but never officially earned my M.A. Why you might ask? I never finished my thesis. I have a lot of reasons I didn't finish - busy life, not a priority, lack of self confidence with my writting skills, and money. There must have been a lot of people out there like me who never really finished so this year, the university is offering a comprehensive exam as a final MA requirement. I have two chances to pass this exam (which is an essay). It's due in November and I haven't started yet. If I can dedicate as much time and effort to my exam as I do my health goals, then I'm sure I can get this done. Officially having my MA would really spruce up my resume and could open more opportunities.

With that said, I also have finanacial goals. I'd like more financial stability in our lives. I'm not working and my husband's job is unpredictable at best. I know God has a plan for us and it's a trial. We are hoping to become more financially independant and hope that opportunities fall into place. Prayers with this area are deeply appreciated.

Exercise today: Body Pump this morning, Zumba this evening.

I haven't done Zumba in a really long time but I went to be supportive of my friend. She an instructor and got to teach a few songs tonight. It was a fun time and I got to see people I haven't seen in a while. When the instructor said to squeeze your abs tonight, I heard a girl in the back say, "Abs, what Abs?, laughing I can't feel my abs!" Immediately it reminded me of myself and how far I've come. After class I made a point to go and talk to her and encourage her. She looked at me as if I was crazy until I told her how much weight I've lost. It's funny because I still see myself as a fat girl. I still weigh a lot. But I'm noticing other people aren't seeing me this way any longer, weird.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot 100

Hot 100
Here is the deal. Almost a year ago, I set out to lose 100lbs. I've lost 70 of those 100. Here we are, down to only 100 days left of 2010. Crazy, I know the year has just flown by. So, for the last 100 days of 2010, I am going to work on reaching my goal. It's a lot of weight to lose in 100 days, but I've lost 30lbs in 90 days before, so why not try it again. If I fail short, who cares, as long as if I'm losing, right?.

My goals for the Hot 100 are going to be 3 part:

  • Lose the 30 lbs
  • Fit into a size 8
  • Increase my running mileage.
So how am I going to do this you ask? Mostly by continuing to do what I'm doing now but focus more on my diet and eating the right things all the time. I've noticed I start cheating little bit here and there and the weight just doesn't come off. I haven't done my official weigh in for 2 weeks. :X Which I think is the longest amount of time since I started this journey.

I can fit into a size 10 now. I'd really like to see a single digit size by the end of the year. Of course anything smaller than a size 8 would be awesome, but unimaginable to me at this point.

Each week, I am going to hold myself accountable with my weekly weigh ins. I'm going to continue to exercise and get in more running time. I'm signing up for several local events including these:
Not only do I want to start 2010 off at goal weight, in a smaller size, but I want to be able to run a half marathon in the beginning of 2011. It might sound like a big goal, but I'm pretty sure I can do it with some more training. Plus, I'll have the entire year to build on what I can do athletically and increase my time and abilities.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I got to thinking about goals. I've lost a lot of weight and met a lot of my goals. But there are some I haven't met. I do so much better when I'm working towards something. During the weight loss challenge at the gym, I lost 30 lbs in 90 days. I've worked towards running a mile, a 5K, and completing a triathlon. I've lost about 70lbs of the 100 I set out to lose last October.

At the beginning of the year, I said I was going to try new things at the gym and step out of my comfort zone and I did! I started running, I used machines I thought only "fit" people could use, and I tried new classes, like spin.

I came across the 100 day challenge, on one of my readers blogs -- Thanks Sharon. I think I'm going to take the challenge. It starts tomorrow and goes to the end of the year. Just might be what I need right now. I have to look into it more! :D

So, now comes the time when I pick my next goal. My next task to work towards to keep me on track for my bigger goal, lossing this weight. I wondered over to and found so many things I want to do. If only money wasn't an issue . . .

These are the things I would like to do in the coming months.

10/2 Princess Promenade Ride w/ Mariyn
10/9 Riverbank Wine and Cheese Run 5K & 10K
10/31 Mud Run

11/7 Duathon 5K Run, 30K bike, 2.5 K run in Knights Ferry
11/28 10K Holiday Run Copperopolis

In the Spring, I promised my daughter Mariyn that if she got good at riding her bike we could do an event. Princess promenade is an all women's cycling event in the Sacramento area. It's geared towards mothers and daughters of all ages and benefits domestic violence and women's issues. Well, the kid can ride so it's time for me to hold up my end of the bargin. Plus, I love that she likes to do activities. She just might turn out to be an athlete ;-)

I'd like to do a few more triathlons and a half marathon but I know the weather won't be cooperating much longer this year. It's not even officially fall and I'm looking forward to Spring already and all the racing that comes along with it.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today was a day of rest, or it should have been. I didn't go to the gym this morning and it felt a little odd staying at home. I'm so used to training but I felt I earned the day off. My upper thighs/hip flexers are a little sore. I'm still having breathing issues and I feel tired. I really hope I'm not getting sick. I should have slept in later. But I did the things mom's are supposed to do on a Monday morning, I got up with the kids and got them off to school.

I had a lunch date planned with my girl friends today. I had shrimp tacos, yummy! Plus I had to go to the university after picking up my girls from school. I know this all means nothing to you, but it was a lot of driving. When I'd rather be home sleeping.

I'm already thinking of my next activity or event to train for and create a goal. Before, I was thinking a half marathon. But I'd really like to do another triathlon. Heck, I'm a true athlete and I know I'd like to do both. I see a lot of **wishing** in my future and surfing on A girl could get herself in some serious trouble with all the activities I want to do. =)


Leaving the triathlon, we stopped at Jamba Juice to use the restroom and I got my girls' smoothies. A customer in line noticed the medal and asked me what I did to earn it. Proudly, I told her I just finished a triathlon. She seemed amazed. With training, anyone could do a triathlon. if they desired. I began to tell her my story. She was a heavy woman, 238 lbs she said and in her 40's.

I talked to her for a long time I told her how 11 months ago, I was overweight weighing in at 258lbs. I gained the weight going through college and graduate school with 2 kids and working full time. As mom, I put myself last. I forgot I had interests and hobbies I was so busy I didn't make time to be active. I knew I gained weight but didn't have any idea of how much until I couldn't play catch with my kids and do normal activities without breathing heavy. What changed she asked, simply I said I was tired of being fat. I was tired of not being able to enjoy life and I didn't want to live that way anymore. I told her how I started small, pushing myself on October 5th to go to the gym and how hard it was to do the elliptical for 20 minutes. I told her of my adventures with Zumba and how much I enjoyed dancing. I told her that in January I couldn't run 30 seconds and now I can run 6-8 miles. I told her how my family is living a healthier life. How I'm happier and can handle stress better. I told her of the beautiful rainbow I had seen over the lake that morning just as I wanted to give up. Really though, I told her it wasn't just me that changed --God changed me. He has been a part of my journey since day one even at times when I didn't know he was there. She was amazed with my story and even said she could tell I was an athlete because I looked like one. I think that was one of the best compliments I could receive. She said she was inspired to start working out. I really felt God talking through me when I talked to her today. Most of the time, when I tell people my story, I feel it's focused too much on me and not enough about him. This time, God talked through me, I could feel it. Amazing!

At the triathlon so may women had inspirational stories. I'm sure each and every athlete there had a story. The youngest triathlete was 11 years old and came in 19th place overall. Amazing young lady. She's a tri-kids ambassador and has not only formed her own tri-training team but raised over 250,000 for cancer research. At age 8, she participated in her first triathlon; about a year later she lost her father to cancer. Did I mention she was only 8 years old? Amazing!

The oldest athlete was 68 years old! I don't know her story but I tell you, I really hope that at 68 I am fit enough to participate and complete a triathlon. Did I mention she finished before me? Yeah her official time, 2 hours 9 minutes 45 seconds. Amazing!

When I think of a triathlete, I always thought of someone in top shape physically. Someone young, thin, strong and athletic. At the triathlon there were truly women of all ages, shapes and sizes. They announced some of the athletes accomplishments. One woman, lost 130 lbs, over 4 years. Another lost 50. The thing, I that stood out was the number of older athletes. Only 71 of the athletes were in their 20's which was the age bracket most competitors would be. The age bracket with the largest number of athletes was the 40-44 year old division with 72 athletes! In fact there were 176 athletes over the age of 40. Amazing!

TRI - a learning experience

What I did right:

Event: The venue was great. My hotel was affordable. The event was well organized. I was registered in advanced and I'm glad I went to the Expo and turned in my stuff the day before. I got all the first time jitters out of the way the day before. I was able to understand the transition area better and route a little.

Training: Athletically I was well prepared for the distances. If my health was better that day, I could have gone further, even in that cold water and steep terrain of the Sierra Nevada. My body was rested from taking a few days off of training just before the event but also strong enough to complete everything.

Clothing: I'm so glad I chose to wear purple. I stood out just enough but wasn't glowing. My pseudo tri suit worked well in the water and on land. Great for the price.

Pacing: I listened to my body so that I finished with no injuries. Even at times when I wanted to go faster.

Nutrition: I used nutrilite supplements: Rhodolia, edurance cubs, and XS energy drinks. Plus Luna protein bars. I had high quality energy the entire race without ever feeling let down and sluggish.

Gear: I had all the essentials. I didn't forget anything. More experienced athletes even commented on what a great idea bringing a bucket was. I seen a few other buckets as well. Not only did it make for a quick spot to sit and put on my shoes but it made for an easy clean up and nothing got left behind, stolen, or lost. I bought a new hat and I love it. Holds my hair back and out of my face so much better than a pony tail. I'm sure I'm going to get lots of use out of it everyday. I also bought sunglasses, but broke them on the drive home -- bummer.

Fans: My family came and cheered me on. I remembered those who supported me even though the weren't there, they cheered me on. God was there, supporting me every stroke, pedal and stride, I could feel him cheering me on.

What I need to improve on:

Event: I loved the event and would do another in Tahoe. I could have become more familiar with the route. It was a bit confusing at times. Also the porta potties were difficult to get to.

Training: If I do another at high elevation, I need to get acclimated with the elevation. It really effected my breathing.

Clothing: My clothes were good except after being bloated and wet they were stretched. Causing them to ride up in areas they normally wouldn't. Also, the number belt was a good idea but it sort of sausaged my stomach. I didn't realize it at the time but you can clearly see it in my photos. My stomach does not look that bad normally. It could have also been bloating.

Pacing: For the swim, I need to figure something else out. My swim time was great, a PR but I'm still coughing up phlegm today. Given the circumstances, I think I did exactly what I should have.

Nutrition: I let myself eat heavier a few weeks prior to the event. I don't think my body was ready for all the extra carbs and didn't have enough veggies (fiber) to push them through. Thus resulting in constipation on race day (weekend). My race nutrition was good. A nutrition belt would have been helpful.

Gear: My biggest flaw was not bringing an inhaler, I will not forget it next time. I'm still having a hard time breathing and coughing up phlegm. Other than that it was in my bike. The mountain bike's tires are far too knobby to advance in speed. Short term solution is to get road bike tires on the bike. Long term solution, get a road bike. I wish I would have been better prepared for the walk between the beach and the transition area. I had ideal shoes at home for that, instead I was in flip flops -- probably not the most effective. Cycle shoes, I hear would be helpful too. Hopefully soon I will be able to get some. My wetsuit worked but not ideal for triathlons. It was what I could afford at this time. If I continue to do tri's , I'll want a better suit once I reach goal weight of course. A nutrition belt w/ water bottle would be nice too. It's something I could use at other athletic events too.

Fans: At the end of the event, we lost my little girl, Amelia my 3 year old. I broke down into tears. I went to go get my stuff out of transition, she was with my family. When I returned my mom said she was lost. It was one of the scariest moments of my life! By the grace of God, she was fine and we quickly found her. It wasn't anyone's fault she got lost but it's hard to keep track of 4 children at an event like this. My mom was there to help me and watch my kids. My sister and her two kids tagged along. All 7 of us shared one hotel room, with only 2 beds. I can't say I got a good night sleep while I was gone. Although, I'm glad they came it made the weekend a bit harder. Finding triathlete friends to compete with/against, like a tri team would be phenomenal.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iron Girl - Triathlon in Tahoe

** Warning this is going to be a long blog**

If I had one word to describe this weekend it would be awesome. To sum it up things didn't go exactly how I had planned it was a learning experiene but I came, I saw and I "Tri"ed.

I spent the day with my husband. He was planning on going hunting this weekend for opening day. He took the day off of work to spend time with me. I was spoiled, he took me out to breakfast and bought me a new pair of running shoes. I was planning on leaving town around 3 pm, as soon as my girls got out of school. But we left town much later than expected. My mom, my girls and I. We wanted to take my mom's Denali. My older sister, and her two children decided to come along, at the last minute. In order to fit everything in the car, I had to take the front wheel off of my bike. It was easy to remove, no big deal, right? We saw a ton of wild life including deer and a mountain lion on the drive up. Some of which could have easily become road kill but I didn't want to bring a deer home before my husband. We ended up arriving in Tahoe, after 10:30 pm and very, very tired. Originally, I planned on running a bit Friday to get acclimated with the elevation and thinner air. Yeah that didn't happen.

morning, it's official, I'm 29! I was so excited to be in Tahoe. My only plans were to complete the mandatory athlete check in ( Expo and turn in my bike) and relax on the beach surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. I got up bright and early. I figured it would be best to check in and get my bike turned in as soon as possible. It took me a while to get my bike together. I could get the wheel back on, but the brakes were messing up. At first, I couldn't get the brake line back in the bracet then when I did they would rub the tire. I couldn't ride my bike 15 miles with brakes rubbing the tires. Also the brake line kept falling out the bracet. I have no bike tools and I'm so not mechanically incline. I was really wishing my husband was there. I finally rigged it so it would work - ok. Not perfect but ok. I took my bike to check in around 9:30 am, only to find out that check in starts at 11 am. So we went and got breakfast and drove around a bit.

At 11, I checked my bike in. There was line of athletes. All of them looked so experienced. A lot of them did different triathlon team trainings and wore their team shirts. They all looked young, fit and had top not bikes. I was intimidated! Here I was, with my mountain bike (with mountain bike tires), inexperienced and still overweight. After checking I, my family met me down at the expo. It was really neat and I got a ton of free-bees! The kids had a good time and made posters to cheer me on. As more athletes arrived and I got to talking to them, I knew I wasn't the only inexperienced triathlete. And while my gear wasn't triathlon specific, I started to feel much more comfortable.

We stayed at the expo a lot longer than I expected. It's hard to get in and out of anywhere quick with 4 kids, ages 8,4,3, and 2. I got to listen to the course talk and found out that the transition area is 1/4 mile from the beach and we would have to travel streets to get there. We decided to check out the beach, on our way down I noticed lots of debris including glass. I knew I couldn't do it barefoot, I didn't want to risk injury. Tahoe was truly beautiful, such an amazing landscape carved by God. I bought myself a few things at the expo, including and iron girl hat (as worn in the pictures), a key chain and the belt to put your bib number on. That night we went out for Italian food. Endurance athletes tradition of eating pasta the night before the race! My food really wasn't that good but I forced myself to eat it anyways. I knew the nutrition would be vital come morning.

That night, I got all my gear together in my bucket. Set out my clothes, the girl's clothes and prepared myself to get up early, I knew I would be walking to the event. I wanted to get my transition area ready and I didn't want to forget a thing! Our hotel was just a few short blockes from the venue. It was an older hotel but clean and comfy. Plus it was less than half the price of the venue's hotel and really just as close. Score!

Sunday Race day
I got up bright and early 6am. Got myself ready, ate a banana and a protein bar. I put on coffee for my mom who I knew would be getting up and ready with the kids as soon as I left. I didn't have any pre-race anxiety or jitters. Except, I hadn't been able to pass a bowel movement all weekend. I was bloated. I always get constipated on race weekends! Ugh!! I was uncomfortable to say the least.

It was a cold morning, I think they said 37 degrees. I set up my transition gear, and got myself ready for the swim. I made the 1/4 mile walk down to the beach. So many of the athletes had really nice iron girl wetsuits. I anticipated the swim being the most difficult portion of the race for me, and seeing these girls in really nice professional looking wetsuits was a bit intimidating. The swim was divided into 4 waves, mine being the last. It was a cold morning, and the sand felt like icey rocks. My feet were sore and numb at the same time. At 61 degrees the water was warmer than the air. I knew I was in for a challenge. I decided to start to the outside and lined up in the middle of the crowd. There was a 20 minute cut off time and I was worried. I hit the water with about 100 other women. Immediately I was kicked or hit in the face, arm and legs. My body was taking a beating. I tried to remember my training and focus on swimming efficiently. Not only was I being beaten physically, every time I came up for break a wave would crash in my face and I was literally breathing in water and or drinking it. I felt like I could easily drowned. All the training I had was useless! Nothing could have possibly prepared me for this barbaric swim! I decided to go into survival mode: Do not stop, Do not drowned! Survive, get through it, even if it means doggy paddle! Gasping for air, I decided to do back stroke. Yeah I couldn't see but at least I could protect myself and get some air. I'm so glad I practiced the back stroke in my pool -- A lot! Soon, I was nearing the shore. I got out of the water and hussled the 1/4 mile back to transition.

In transition. I grabbed my nutrition, got my shoes and bike. I was almost out of the transition area when I was reminded to put on my helmet. Opps! Almost forgot! I was still gasping for air. My chest was tight but I was excited to be off on the bike course. It was 15 miles of climbing but the scenery was breath taking. I figured I'd be able to catch my breath on the ride, boy was I wrong. Women were zooming past me on their nice road and triathlon bikes. My bike was nice, or so I thought but at the end of the day it's a mountain bike. The tires are not made for speed. I set a good pace for the ride. Climbing the hills was tough, the elevation in Tahoe is roughly 6300 feet. The air is thin but the views were specular. The climbs were killer. There were many points of the ride that my legs ached and I didn't want to keep going but the trill of competition kicked in. Almost every climb, I was passing women proving my athleticism. I could hear my spin instructor Dana telling me, "this is where the change happens, keep going, keep going." I would mimic my movements to those that I knew were effective in spin, bracing my abs, pushing through with my whole body. But on the downside of the hill, I was being passed. Not because the women's were working harder than I was or were stronger athletes than me but because their bikes were more aerodynamic and made for speed. My breathing was horrible, I was wheezing and out of breath the whole ride -- elevation I assume. My stomach was killing me and it had gone beyond cramping, my colon felt like it could erupt. I was still constipated, full of gas and in pain. Out of breath and falling further behind I was discouraged.

I was nearing half way, cave rock, where we turn aroud come back. At the turn, I had the most beautiful view of Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in the US, surrounded by beautiful pines and blue skies. Taking in the view, I notice off in the distance a small but bright rainbow. Immediately, recharged I said, "Thank you, God." At that moment, I remembered my daughter Mariyn and as she says, "God's promise". I was moved,spiritually by how awesome our God is. How he not only encourages me even in my weakest moments but is there with me. The ride back was hard but I knew God promised me that I could do it. I gained momentum and was again, gaining position. Up and down the hills, my legs pedaled fast, the pedaled hard. I couldn't wait to get back and tell my Mariyn what I had seen. Physically I was prepared well to do all the climbs. Exhausted and still short of breath, I started to climb the steepest hill on the return route. Women in front of me were faltering. I was too out of breath to pick up the pace and go around them. They looked as if they were losing control over their bikes and struggling to make it up the hill. I pedaled in front of as many as I could but at 3/4 of the way up the hill decided to dismount and walk, get a drink and attempt to catch my breath. It just seemed safer. At the top of the hill, I got back on my bike and made the last leg of the ride. Athletes were already finishing up the last leg of their run!

Back in transition, I racked my bike, took a bite of the protein bar and took off on the run. Near the run out gate, my family was standing there cheering me on. I gave them a high 5 and I took off.

I needed to go to the porta potty (consitpated no longer) but couldn't easily access it. I knew the run was going by the beach and there were toilets there too. Out of breath and in severe pain with stomach cramps, I stopped and used the porta potty. I knew running was my strongest point but I still was out of breath. In fact, I never caught my breath the entire race. My chest was very very wheezey. Most of the 5K run was up hill. Any day, I could have ran this 3.1 miles effectively but not today. My lungs were hurting and I decided it was time to walk/jog. Mind over matter I told myself and thought of Dave and Adrienne. I knew I would get through, I knew I could finish. Wheezing and winded I wished I had remembered to bring my inhaler. It was at home, as my asthma rarely acts up, I'm not used to bringing it. The last leg of the run was a steep down hill grade. Yeah I could run quickly but you have to be careful. I didn't want a knee or joint injury. My quads were burning. I thought of Zamara, my running partner and how we would pace ourselves. I was happy, I knew I was near the end. Once th road was flat I picked someone in front of me and decided to ignore my breathing (mind of matter) and catch up. With in the last hundered feet or so, I passed 2 women and crossed the finish line!

That was it, I not only survivied. I "TRI"ed. I'm now an iron girl triathlete! 2 hours 20 minutes and 12 seconds after getting in the cold waters of Lake Tahoe, I swam 400 meters, bikes 24 K, ran 5K and crossed the finish line.

Words can not describe how accomplished I feel. My biggest fans, my girls, my reasons for "Tri"ing greeted me at the finish line. Yeah, I know in the world of triathlons I could have done a lot better but I stated with a goal, and I finished. Athletically I'm a tough competitor but it was a learning experience and I know exactly where I have room for improvement. Nearly 500 women registered for the event, 374 women officially finished. I came in at 336 overall with plenty of room for improvement. I'm ready to "Tri" again and to encourage others to do so.

Over an hour after finishing my race, I caught my breath. I coughed a lot on the way home, lots of wheezing and phlegm. I used the inhaler as soon as I got back home and am now ready for a good night sleep.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reflecting on 28 years

It's Friday morning - sometime this afternoon I will be headed to Tahoe for the triathlon. I'm excited for many reasons. And I can't wait to update all of you about it, I really truly appreciate all your support and comments.

Today is important to me. It's the last day I will be 28 years old. I'm closing a chapter of my life and opening a new one. I've come so far in the last year. A year ago, I was in a bad place emotionally, physically and spiritually. After my first year, I just lost my "dream" job as a school counselor due to budget cuts, I had a lot of family drama and my health and weight was at it's worst. Depressed I didn't know which direction to go or what I was supposed to do in life. I was miserable to be around because I was miserable. I was lost -- no purpose.

A friend of mine invited me to bible study. It was there, I really learned to appreciate the many blessings I have. It was there I learned to forgive, myself and others. It was there I learned I was not truly lost, there was hope. It was there I realized that I am not going without purpose, the destination may be unclear but these trials and tribulations were there to teach me somethings.

For 28 years, I relied on myself. I knew that if I worked hard I could achieve anything I really set my mind to. I was determined and I knew that no one else but me was going to help me. I put myself out there on the line time and time again, holding up everything do it all -- I felt -- by myself. So much stress, hurt, anger and frustration resulted.

Today, I am no longer this way. Even when I feel like I have no one to turn to, I do. I talk to God about my worries, my concerns and my blessings.

Last year, I weighed 258 lbs. I had symptoms of type 2 diabetes and other major health problems. I was no longer able to enjoy the things I loved to do, like playing catch with my daughter. I was an emotional mess and a ticking time bomb ready to explode. I felt there was nothing I could do about my weight, so I never even tried.

Today, I handle stress much better am usually happy and have people tell me how optimistic I am. I've lost nearly 70 lbs (more than 1/4 of my body weight, and still lossing. I am healthy, fit and try live life to the fullest. I am truly content in my life, even though nothing in life is stable right now (financially speaking). Even though I still haven't found a job. Even though... I could go on and on but I don't dwell on it.

What's changed you ask? Me, I've changed by the grace of God. I can't explain everything or why I just know that I'm different now. I'm much happier with the little things in life and can see my blessings for what they are, gift from God.

I'm so excited to turn 29 tomorrow. Yeah there is a whole list of goals I wanted to complete before I turned 29 that I didn't make (like my goal weight) but I've learned not everything happens on my watch. It's on God's. I'm excited to open a new chapter of my life and you know being 29 sounds wonderful.

I can't wait to see what goal's I met this year and what new blessings God brings. I am so excited to be able to enjoy my birthday in a healthy way celebrating 29 years of life.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 days until Tri :)

Last night I took the girls on a bike ride, just a short family ride around the neighborhood. I think it was the first one we've gone on since the girls started school. It just felt so good. The girls had fun, and we had lots of family time yesterday. I'm so thankful that I can ride bikes with my girls. It's a blessing.

Mariyn wanted to ride her bike to school today, so we did, and Irode (pulling Amelia in the trailer of course) to the gym across town and back home. I squeezed in the last bit of training before I leave to Tahoe, I did body pump and cycle. After school, Amelia and I went to pick up Mariyn. So on top of body pump and cycle at the gym, I rode more than 5 miles on my bike today. :)

My mom called me this morning and told me she is planning on being home tonight, praise the lord the emergency situation didn't get more serious and is going to be ok. I am so thankful that God cares about my wants and handled that situation so my mom will be able to join me on Sunday and I will be able to compete.

I was a talking to Richard last night about the situation and I could tell he really felt bad because he knows how hard I've been training and that the only reason he isn't going is because he plans on hunting. He knows I would be disappointed if I didn't get to participate come Sunday. I think he was going to tell me that he wouldn't go on his trip, but before he could I told him that wasn't what I wanted. If my mom wasn't able to go, and I wasn't able to find anyone else, I didn't want or expect him to give up his thing for me. He gives up so much for me already and is always supportive of my needs/wants. I don't like hunting season (and he knows it) but I realize that it is the only thing he really does for himself with his friends and it's important to him. I wouldn't want him to miss out because I might have to miss out. Thankfully, my mom is able to come. My sweet husband took the day off of work tomorrow to spend with me.

I have a lot of laundry and packing to do tonight. In addition, I would like to get a few laps in the pool tonight, wearing my wetsuit. Tomorrow I just want to enjoy my husband as much as possible. If money allows, I would like to pick up a cheap pair of sunglasses and a new sports bra. I haven't bought new sports bras last October when I started working out, they are really great, adidas ones form Costco. However, since I lost weight, I think I might get a better fit from a smaller size. Nice sports bra's are so expensive though, it's crazy and Costco no longer has the adidas ones in stock.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tri training - 4 days away

I did my tri training this morning. First off swimming. I swam in the wetsuit for the first time. It's really a different feeling much more buoyant but also much more constricting. I ended up getting a light headed after the first 10 laps. I needed to take a break. I caught my breath re focused and continued swimming after a few minutes. I really felt close to passing out, in the pool after very little movement. I wondered what is going on with my body? I know I didn't eat right yesterday. I skipped lunch and had a few small snacks before going to the gym at night, like yogurt, just to get me through. Immediately after the gym, I had a board meeting for Softball and that had me out past 10 pm. I missed dinner too, so again, a few snacks (almonds and banana) before I went to bed. I made sure I got a good breakfast this morning before I started exercising though. Normally I don't skip meals at all, I know it's not good for your metabolism and I really need the calories because I train so hard. I ended up getting through my swim, but like I said it was very different swimming in the wetsuit. I'm glad I tried it out here at home and I may home to do some more training in it before Sunday.

Under the wetsuit today, I decided to wear just my bra, sports bra and compression shorts -- no tank top. I wanted to put the tank on after I had gotten out of the water, hoping it would be more supportive of "the girls". The swim worked great BUT as soon as that tank hit my wet body it was not going to budge and get on. It rolled up and my skin chaffed just getting it on properly. So yeah, the "tweak" I was hoping to make isn't going to work. I'd rather know that today than race day though. After I was dressed "transitioned", I went to cycle at the gym and ran a mile on the treadmill. I wore my tri clothes to the gym too. Let me tell you, I felt so naked in those booty shorts at the gym. Haha, but I can wear them just fine on the streets. The girls in cycle were so sweet, the not only liked my outfit but said, you can really tell how much weight you've lost in that outfit you look amazing. It made me feel so good. :D

I didn't weigh in at the gym this morning either. I'm going to wait until next week for the official Tuesday weigh day to roll around. I did peak on my scale at home this morning and it was a smaller number than before! :D If it's accurate I'm not at -70lbs :D We shall see on Tuesday before I make it official!

Tri training today:

Swim 520 meters: Bike 60 Mins advanced cycle: Run: 1 Mile

Now, I'm completely worn out and enjoying a bowl of clam chowder for lunch. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/14 - Supportive

Bible study was great this morning. I'm so glad I went - lots of new faces and just a great message about patience and being a supportive mother/wife. Sometimes messages just speak to you -and this one confirmed a lot of feelings I've been having lately with Rich. It's no secret that I've been frustrated with his work. I've bickered with him so much about it the last year. At times, I wish I was working so he didn't have to. Richard has always been so supportive of me, my education, career and wants. I'm not sure he feels the same about me.
I know the God gave me this time off of work to re-focus on my life, my priorities: my family, faith and myself. One of the things God is teaching me is my role. My role is to be supportive of my husband and my family. He has needed me so much this last year with everything he has been through with family issues and even his employment. My girls have needed me now more than ever too. I stay busy every day, even though I don't have a "job". It's amazing to think of how I used to juggle everything I do know plus my work. God's grace must have been the only way I made it through. Great message at bible study, great reconnecting and fellowship.

I was reading someone's blog the other day. She was so eloquent in speaking from her heart and sharing her testimony and God's word through her blog and her weight loss journey. Really it's a gift. I pray that when I speak about my journey and my weigh loss that people really see the glory in it to God. I know that sometimes, I'm quick to talk about myself, what I'm doing, what I'm going through but really I know I'm only successful because God has given me the strength. I really only want to glorify him, not me. More like Christ, slow to slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to listen. Something I know I need to work on. Giving him even more of me.

I'm so glad I went to bible study, even though I re-arranged my training schedule. I missed my morning weigh in too. I'm pretty sure I maintained but I noticed my shoulders are looking a lot smaller. I ate heavier in preparation for the triathlon this Sunday. A family emergency has come up and my mom had to go out of town (that's all I'm allowed to say online). Meaning, she might not make it back in time to go to Tahoe with me and watch my girls and I may not be able to participate. I'm not angry with her. I would have gone too but I can't say I'm not disappointed, even if that means I am a little selfish. I pray the situation is taken care of quickly and everything works out. I've worked really hard training for the triathlon and have already put out a lot of money. But like I said, if I was in her shoes, I would have made the same choice. At this point, I'm trying to stay positive that everything will work out and I will get to compete on Sunday. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mon 9/13 6 day count down

I'm deviating from my Tri- training schedule. My Mom's In Christ bible study starts back up again tomorrow, it's the first meeting of this school year. I don't want to miss it and well, I don't want to miss body pump either. I really had to get a bit creative and figure something out that will fit in my schedule, keep me on track and prepared for the triathlon this weekend. According to my schedule, today was supposed to be a cycle only day, tomorrow body pump and cycle. Body pump isn't offered in the morning at my gym on Monday so I decided to look else where. I got online and found that another local (but in a different bigger town) Gold's Gym has back to back body pump and cycle on Monday morning! Sweet! Now, I can just switch it up and do cycle only tomorrow night and still make it to my bible study. God always provides a way, he knows how important the gym is to me right now and I want to go to bible study too.

I packed the girls' lunches last night dropped them off to school then headed out of town. I got to the gym at just the right time. Got my weights and everything set up. My favorite instructor normally teaches the class but she had a sub today, the regular Thursday instructor. She noticed I wasn't at my home gym, ha ha. Dedication she called it. Maybe, possibly with w side of insanity. ;-) I had a great workout the equipment is a little different there, and I lifted heavier than normal because of this on some tracks. Then I did cycle. The bikes are VERY different from the ones in my home gym. Much older and well just different. The class was good but there didn't seem to be as many intense cyclists there as are in my home gym. In general the people were different too. There are a lot of regulars at my gym, stay at home moms and other very active people. They have a certain look to them that you know they are regulars - lean muscle mass maybe? ha ha Really they did look different though - there weren't as many of those people there. Plus, my home gym being in a small community it has a little bit of that feel, the interaction of a small town. Not so much at this other gym. I felt really proud of myself though, stepping out of my comfort zone trying a new gym and still getting a great workout in so I can devote tomorrow morning to my bible study.

When I got home there was a package at my door. My wetsuit has arrived! I was a little bit nervous it wouldn't fit right or that I would look terribly obese. It's so much cuter in person. I was even intimidated to try it on but I did. It took me a minute to figure out how to put it on -- it looks tiny and the zipper only goes half way down the back or so. How was going to fit my rear into something that has that small of a waist? I closed my eyes and squeezed in preparing to shimmy and pull up. I was VERY surprised I didn't have to! It fit great, took me a while to figure out how I was going to get the back zipped up when it was on me, or even worse, getting it off alone and wet. Can you imagine, in transition asking having to ask for help? But you know, they have a string attachment for that. I can't wait to try it out in the pool.

I've been going over and over in my head all the things I think I will need for my triathlon. Making a check list for everything putting things by each other that I know I will need etc. Today I took that huge step. I registered and paid for the triathlon! I even found a $25 coupon code online! Woo Woo I'm beyond excited :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 days til Tri - My TRI

A few days ago I created the "countdown to triathlon" workout schedule. With only a few days left, I need to make sure I'm ready but not over training. On today's agenda: swim, bike, run. No problem right? While I got up early enough to do my swim, I didn't get up early enough to do the swim, get the kids and I ready AND make it to the gym for cycle by 9 am. So what did I do? Improvise people!

I decided to try out "my" tri-suit -- AKA training clothes I bought last night in the pool. It's tight, skin tight but comfortable. When I put it on, I asked Rich if I looked too big to be wearing something like this in public. He said, "Not at all, a year ago yes but not today. You look great!" He makes me feel so good, and I hope he was being honest, I think he was. I decided to do my own version of swim, bike, run, practicing the transitions is really going to be important as well as adjusting to the different types of movements consecutively.

I got ready for my swim, set my transition stuff on the front porch and opened the garage so I could easily access my bike and transition. I swam 50 laps in my pool, grabbed a towel then transitioned to my bike, letting hubby know I was taking off of course. I rode 3 laps around our normal running course, hitting the hills up and down for a total of 7 miles. After the third lap, I put my bike away (transitioned) and took of on my run and ran about 2.2 miles. This is where "my tri-suit" was really put to the test. I was perfectly comfortable during the ride, my shorts dried completely. My shirt was still short of damp, mostly in the bust area due to the layers of support, I'm sure. To keep myself motivated, I kept thinking of how good it's going to feel to finish, and making up headlines in my head as if MY finishing a triathlon was a historic event. Small town women, losses 66 lbs and finishes triathlon! LOL - yeah I'm corny at times, I know. But I'm used to talking to someone during my run and I've already been around this loop 3 other times today!

My outfit held up great, no chaffing and much more supportive than a swimsuit. However, I think I'm going to do some tweaking. The shirt is much more supportive when dry then wet. Probably because it losses a bit of shape when wet. So, weds when I do my last swim, bike, run, I'm going to swim in a sports bra with the shorts, instead of the tank under the wet suit. Then transition to the tank after the swim. Hopefully that works better. If not, I am confident I can get through the real triathlon in this outfit.

Todays mission complete:

Swim (50 laps x 40 feet) = 2000 feet = 610 meters

Bike 7 Miles = 11.2 K

Run 2.2 Miles
= 3.5 K

Triathlon requirements:

400 Meter Swim - 24K Bike - 5K Run

I'm SOOO ready for this!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What to wear?

I'm preparing my mental list of needs for my triathlon. Reading up on "what do I need" type articles to make sure I've got everything. My wetsuit is in route and should be delivered on Monday. I really hope it fits. I ordered it from Costco, in a size 12, I hear wetsuits in general run small. Costco is great about returning things if I have any problems like it not fitting properly. Thinking positive ::: it will work::: if not, I can always rent one at there.

My next issue, the swimsuit. Yes, I own a pool. Yes, I own swimsuits but not an athletic swimsuit. I went to two sporting goods stores today, Big 5 and Sports Authority to find a swimsuit. While, I was able to find ones that fit me none of them were supportive enough of "the girls" to think about wearing the entire race. So I swim in it, under my wetsuit and then what? Change in front of 1000 people? How could I get a bra under it, to provide support? In theory, I was hoping I would find a suit supportive enough to wear under a shirt throughout the race. I want my transitions to be quick. I'm not stripping down in front of that many people and I don't think there is a changing area.... that's just not practicle either. What to do? It's too late to get a triathlon suit and honestly, they're too expensive. Plus, I have no real way of knowing how much support they are going to provide. What to do? What to do?

Once I left big 5 dissappointed, I figured I'd come home and look on the internet. I know it's really too late to order anything now. But, it never hurts to look. The triathlon suits really don't look much different than some running clothes. I went to Sports Authority to check out their selection of swimsuits, in hopes of finding something more supportive. I did find a more supportive swimsuit at the Sports Authority. It was $66 and I really don't think it was going to be THAT supportive. Full of hope, I ran in place in the changing room trying each one on, putting them to a quick test. If I was bouncing all over the place running in the dressing room I knew it wasn't going to cut it for 15 miles of cycle + 3 miles of running.

Disappointed I walked around the store. Trying to figure out what to do. I checked the clearance racks and looked at all the apparel. Wishing, I had planned better and found a way to get a good trisuit I decided not to get a swimsuit. I really don't see myself getting much use out of an athletic swimsuit. I'm still trying to lose weight and won't be wearing it much more this year. I highly doubt it will fit me next summer. So really is it worth $66 just to wear a few times at most? No, it's not to me. I've been wanting a cute pair of shorts for the gym. I know I'll get plenty of use out of them in cycle. I had an idea! Why not wear form fitting training clothes under my wetsuit, instead of a swimsuit, like I would have worn a trisuit? I could always make my own tri-suit or psuedo tri-suit out of something I would WEAR again. Why not? As long as if it's form fitting and thin enough it should fit under the wetsuit just like a swimsuit, right? Then I won't have to worry about awkward changing moments or support issues. Plus, I will be able to get use out of it again and again, until it no longer fits me. Most of the athletic tank tops have a built in bra, which isn't ideal support on it's own but way more supportive than the swimsuits I found. I just might be able to make this work. Luckily, I have a few days to try the outfit out in the pool or find something else.

I ended up getting these items: My unofficial tri-suit.

Nike Women's Pro Core Sport Top - Mine is a pretty purple color and I got it off the clearance rack for less than $18.00

Nike Women's Pro Core Compression Shorts

I have a feeling this could be a learning experience but I am going to try it out in the pool without the wetsuit tomorrow. I think it just *might* work and if it does, my transition times will be quick! ;-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

9 days and counting down!

I'm so proud of myself. I went to bed at a simi-normal hour last night but I didn't actually fall asleep until around 2 am. I planned on being at the 5:30 AM spin class. I've never been a morning person. It takes everything I have to wake up and get out of the house before 8 am. I knew the early morning class was the best way to get my exercise in today because I planned on subbing. So with only 3 hours of sleep, I got up and went to the gym and rocked that spin bike! Would you believe the 5:30 am class was completely full and two women were turned away. Who knew so many people liked to workout THAT early! Crazy, I know.

After the gym, I came home got the girls and I ready for a very full day. I even made oatmeal for breakfast. Except for the lack of sleep, I really felt great today -- All day. Yeah my legs are tired and now I have a headache due to lack of sleep but I have a feeling that will all be better in the morning.

My husband informed me tonight that if I continue to get up at 5 am to go to the gym, I better get my own alarm clock! ha ha ha - poor guy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 10 countdown to TRI

I was so hungry yesterday, all day just uncontrollably hungry. Maybe my metabolism was really high because of all the early morning activity. I felt like I could eat anything and everything and still wasn't satisfied, I was starving. Weird.

I can normally control myself better but yesterday I just ate whatever. Tortilla chips, dip, I was so hungry and I need to go grocery shopping. Most of the food left in the house is stuff the hubby bought and not good and healthy. Even though I ate poorly most of the day, I ate healthy for dinner, baked chicken, seasoned with a bit of garlic salt, Couscous, and mixed veggies. My body felt happy after that, and very satisfied.

This morning, I had a protein shake and a bowl of cereal (honey bunches of oats) before going to the gym. Then a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich from subway for lunch.

10 days until Triathlon, so I've been thinking about my training schedule:

Fri: 5:30 am cycle, yeah I know it's early and I'm not a morning person but I am substitute teaching tomorrow so it will be good for me to get in my workout early. I have a friend from the gym calling me, to make sure I go.

Sat: off

Swim, Bike, Run (cycle at the gym is 9am)

: cycle

Tues: body pump and cycle

Weds: Swim, Bike, Run (cycle is at 9:30 am)

Thurs: Body pump, Cycle. Thursday will be my last day to really work out before the TRI on Sunday. I want my body to get some rest and rejuvenate so I can give it my best on Sunday.

: Tahoe ( I plan on doing a very short run, to get acclimated with the elevation).

: Off Happy 29th Birthday to me

: Tahoe Tri :) I'm so ready for this!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swim Bike Run

I am on a mission, my triathlon is in exactly 11 days. I've been working out and focusing on this goal for months now. I am SO ready to meet this challenge. I've been thinking about how I want to train for the next 11 days. What do I think I need to work on, what am I comfortable with? What are my time restraints or other obstacles? What is my solution?

Goal - Complete Irongirl Tahoe Triathlon

400 meters
Swimming is the most challenging part of the 3 sports for me. I have a pool and have been practicing but don't have much open water swim experience. It's hard for me to get in the pool and swim laps on top of my other gym activities and family obligations. The weather is cooling, I've had a lot of problems with my pool in general. This summer, I've swam up to 70 laps, nearly twice the distance I will need to swim for the tri. I'm glad swimming is the first "event" I know it's going to take the most out of me physically.

I decided last night that I was going to get up and swim this morning after dropping off the girls to school before going to the gym. Yeah it's early and it's overcast but Tahoe isn't going to be any better. I swam 40 laps x 40 feet = 0.30 miles = 487.68 meters and I lost count a few times and always restarted on the smaller number of laps, so it's very likely that I swam 500 meters or more. It took me about 18 minutes.

Bike 24 K (almost 15 miles)
I'm very comfortable with the bike portion. I've got a lot of training in at spin. I'm comfortable on my bike and confident I can do the ride. I'm a little nervous about the route rolling hills and short climbs is what is described. It's in the Sierra Nevada's though and those are some killer mountains, and elevation is going to take some time getting used too. I know this bike ride can be tougher than I expect/imagine or it might not be.

I've been doing spin 2-3 times a week now for months creating mock hills by adding resistance. Plus, I have two smaller hills I frequently ride by my house. I'm going to continue what I've been doing and hope it's enough. After swimming this morning, I completed a 55 minute advanced spin class.

Run 5K 3.1 miles
I've been running several nights a week. I've gotten my mileage up so that a 3 mile run isn't a huge challenge anymore, I have doubled that amount. I'm very confident that I can run 3.1 miles any given day. Running is probably going to be my best "event" and is the easiest to practice.

This morning, I completed my own triathlon, yep I ran too. After spin, I decided I would hop on the treadmill to see what it was like on my body to have swam, biked and ran. I set my goal to do 1 mile or running. Now, my pace was a lot slower than normal and I was already winded but I did it, I ran the mile. Obviously less than what is required for the triathlon but like I said, running is my advantage.

Triathlon & Training comparison:
Tahoe Tri 9/19 Swim 400 meters, Bike 24K, Run 5K 3.1 miles
Training 9/8 Swim 486 3eters, Bike 55 minutes, Run 1 mile

I think I'm ready and I'm excited. I hope to get another 2 days of Tri training in before Thursday of next week. Then Tahoe here I come :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend + Weigh In

Oye Vey the weekend! I didn't work out at all, which is normal for me. I like to take the weekend off and just be with the family. We're usually do something active but it's a fun activity. This weekend, we ended up going camping. It's hunting season (archery) so Rich has been going hunting every chance he gets and he really wanted us to go along. Reluctantly, I decided to go last minute this weekend. I had a really good time with our family, plus my mom and Tom. Before I headed out of town, I had to get some food. We stopped at Raley's, I bought two packs of cookies, one mixed pack with chocolate chips and sprinkles (they were huge), and the other sugar cookie with frosting - YUM! It probably wasn't the best buy because I was hungry when I went into the store and I thought I could just have a few and eat them while camping and share with the fam. Umm... no I ate half the frosted cookies on the drive up! Pretty much set the pace for the whole weekend - bad eating choices. We took the girls on one long hike while we were there and the rest of the time I hung around camp with the kids. Mariyn got a lot of practice in with her bow and I enjoyed shooting it too. I think we really needed the family time because Rich has been working so much. We got home late Sunday night and ate dinner out.

Monday, the girls and I went shopping, swam and they their pictures taken. I'm really excited to get them back. They had 3 outfit changes and I just know they're going to turn out great. Oh and we had Pizza for dinner last night.

I didn't go to the gym Fri-Monday so yeah it was a really long weekend. I didn't want to go today either (especially after last Tuesday's incident with the instructor). But I did. I knew I would regret it if I didn't. So body pump, cycle and weigh in this morning. I got a great workout my triathlon is only 12 days away! I'm still in need of stuff (wetsuit, shoes and of course money) and trying not to worry. I'm sure it will all workout.

I weighed in today at 192. No loss to report, I wasn't expecting any after I ate as badly as I did this weekend and so carb heavy. Refocusing and I'll do better this week. I'm glad I was able to maintain.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday 9/3

Something strange happened today. Something that I haven't experienced in about 18 months. I got up extra early and went to WORK! I substituted in one of my friend's classrooms at the high school in town. The girls and I had to wake up and get out of the house earlier than normal. I had a good day and it felt so good to be back at the high school again. When I checked into the office, the secretary commented on how it's been a long time since I've subbed. I used to sub very frequently at the high school until I was hired to be a counselor. I told her to spread the word if anyone needs a sub keep me in mind, I could really use the work. She said she would be adding me back to her "favorites" list for subs and she would hope to see me again soon. So I'm excited about that. She even mentioned it again, when I returned the keys. :)

My muscles were so sore yesterday. I think I've been over training or something. I workout hard and do get sore from time to time but yesterday was intense. Every muscle in my body ached to move and to touch. I was just plain worn out. I didn't exercise today. I needed the day off. It was so hot here today too. When I got home from picking up the girls, I turned on a movie and took a nap. It was much needed. My legs were tired and sore this afternoon, which was odd because I woke up feeling great.

I noticed a few people at the high school have lost a lot of weight since I seen them last. One lady, I seen several times at the gym this summer. She looks a minimum of 50 lbs lighter than the last time I saw her. I'm wondering if she had some type of weight loss surgery because it's such an extreme difference. Her skin and face look different too. I'm so glad I'm young and have been so successful at losing the weight. It truly is a blessing.

Another thing I noticed today was the number of overweight students. There were so many, more than I remember. Is it possible to have changed that much since I last worked? Or am I just noticing them more now because I'm so weight conscious? One student was complaining about being tired and having to walk **so far** after school, it's probably a mile. I shared about my journey and said, you know the funny thing is before I started working out, I was always tired. Mentally exhausted and didn't want to do anything. The last thing I would want to do was exercise. But exercise has changed my life so much, I have energy to do things, I'm no longer mentally exhausted. Sure my body gets tired from time to time (probably because I over train) but I have energy to do things I never had before. The students could not believe that I lost as much weight as I said I did. It's kinda funny. Some of the kids that I subbed for today were seniors, I remember subbing for them when they were in junior high. They've all grown and changed it is really neat to see.

Oh and I got a rejection letter regarding the interview I went on earlier in the week. It sucks to be rejected for something I am so over qualified to do, but I know it was probably for the best.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look at the Jeans she's wearin'

I live in a 3 bedroom house. My daughters share a room, my husband and I share a room and then we have the guest room. Other than the bed in my room, all of my stuff is in the guest room. Our master bedroom's bathroom and closet are small and just not enough room for my husband's clothes and mine. Graciously I took over the guest bedroom, with the biggest closet. I moved all of my stuff in there but a stack of pants and stuff that didn't fit. I didn't need them or think about them much because they just didn't fit and they've been sitting in my husband's closet ever since the move.

Since I've been losing weight I've gone and dug through the pile a few times. Finding a few "new" things that will fit and knowing most of them do not. A lot of the items are my pre-baby jeans. You know, the jeans you would spend $80 or more on because you were young and didn't have too financial woes. Yesterday, I noticed the pile in the closet while looking for a pair of shoes and though, I wonder how much of this might fit. I was home alone and decided it would be so much more rewarding to try it on with my husband home.

So last night, I tried on all these clothes with Richard watching, even my pre-babies express jeans. Each pair he would ask, what size is that? When was the last time you could fit into those? And to be honest, most of them were either at my skinniest post baby size (when I was sick with gallstones in 2005) or my heaviest weight pre-baby. I could get on nearly EVERY pair of pants, now the styles of changed in the last 10 years and so has my body. Not all of them looked good on me. Some of the jeans actually fit me better but many did not. But being able to get into all my skinny clothes felt so good. Even if skinny was a hip hugging junior size 13. I think the smallest size I had was an 11 and I know junior clothes and women's clothes are sized differently, for different types of curves. I had to explain this to my husband who was too curious as to why I was a "10" but had trouble squeezing into some of my old size 11's or 13's. I do have to admit though, some of the jeans looked good and I'm excited to be able to wear them again :-)

I ran about 2.25 miles last night and swam 20 laps. Doesn't sound like much on it's own but my body was beat from my morning workout. I could barely finish the 19th and 20th lap. My form was getting sloppy and my body said enough. This morning, I got up and did body pump. My body is screaming at me now. I'm so exhausted.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big FAT liar

It's that time again, time to renew my drivers license. I didn't get the form in the mail and so I had to go down to DMV. Luckily, wait time wasn't too bad. But I had to fill out the dreaded form, you know the one that asks all your personal info: name, address, height, weight, etc. While, I know how much I weigh, I didn't really know what to put on my ID. I thought about it for a while. My last ID said I weighed 180lbs and honestly, one of my goals was to actually weigh 180lbs while the license was still valid. I'm so so close but not in the 180's yet. Bummer.
So with my new license, I thought should I put my current weight, should I put 180, or something else? After long though, I decided to put one of my goal weights 165. Yeah, I realize I'm still in the 190's but honestly I know I don't look 190 lbs anymore. 165 is really close to my goal weight and I think might be realistic for me to attain. Plus, it's doesn't sound obese to me for my frame. I think it might be my body's natural weight as it's close to what I weighed before kids. I didn't want to live with my current weight on my ID for the next 5 years. I don't plan on being at this weight next month let alone 5 years from now. So I thought if I'm going to keep this for 5 years, in 5 years from now and today what would be a weight I would be happy looking at and might seem not too unrealistic. 165 is where I settled. So yeah, I might be a big fat liar for now, but soon I hope to be 165.

Today, I did 45 minutes of zumba and 60 mins of cycle at the gym. I hope to get some running and swimming in tonight :)