Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mud Run

Mud run is on Sunday. I'm excited. I know I will finish, but I'm a little intimidated because I haven't gotten in a lot of running since my last 10K. We forced ourselves to run twice this week, Weds and Thurs night and we got in about 5 miles each night. Not bad but it took everything we had to get through those 5 miles. Thurs night we walked a .5 mile of it or so. I had already done body pump and cycle at the gym Thursday morning. The hill was just too much Thursday night. I had to take a break and walk once I got up the hill. We were talking and ended up walking further than originally planned.

Friday was crazy around here. The kids had their Halloween parties at school. I was busy with that and the usual Friday afternoon stuff. I never made it to the gym. I'm alright with that though -- considering I need down time to rest before my run. Plus, the muscles around my rib cage were sore from the workout the day before.

Since the mud run is on Halloween day, there is a costume contest. I'm not about running in the mud in a huge costume and ruining it. But Zumara and I decided to go with the spirit of Halloween and be lady bugs. We're wearing red shirts and painting black spots on them. It's going to be cute, fun and cheap.

I'm not expecting my time to be as fast as last 10K time. Last time, we were familiar with the course and it was regular paved run. This time, it's in the mud with lots of obstacles. I'm pretty sure that will slow us down. My goal is to have fun and finish.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've had a few shopping experiences lately. Huge NSV and goals were met. Plus other revelations were made:

I went to Frederick's of Hollywood to buy a corset for Halloween. My friends and I were all supposed to be playboy bunnies. I was nervous about this costume idea because it showed A LOT of skin. But I found a corset and it fit. I felt comfortable in it and bought it. My friend was wearing booty shorts with hers and I asked the sales lady for a pair. They only had one pair left, an extra large. My first thought, PERFECT! I try everything on together and the booty shorts were too BIG. Yeah, they stayed on my body, technically but I'd be readjusting the wait and legs all night because they were loose!

Way back when I started my journey my goal was to be able to shop in a normal size store. Yeah, I've bought a few things from more normal stores/online but hadn't had the experience of needing to put something back because it was TOO big! I almost left the store in tears because I was so happy it didn't fit. I am so used to leaving upset because nothing fits!

When I got home, I proudly put on my new corset to show my husband. I felt hot! He let me know that he wasn't comfortable with me wearing a corset in public, especially without him being there. He agreed it looked good. But this was only the second time I can remember in our relationship he asked me not to wear something. So I returned the corset the next day.

With the corset back at the store, I now needed a new costume idea. I walked around the mall and noticed Anchor Blue had costumes - cute ones! I tried on two a hottie pirate and a police officer. They both fit! Did I mention that I consider Anchor Blue a teen store? It was one of my favorite places to shop when I was in high school. The bonus, everything there was buy 2 get 2 free. And since I was buying a costume and in need of clothes I looked around. I ended up buying a sweater for me and jeans and a shirt for Rich, along with the costume and ended up spending $10 less than I had already spent of the corset. I was thinking about buying a pair of pants but I actually have enough that fit or sort of fit right now. And I was too worried about how my body would change when I get smaller. What if that fit of jeans, just isn't right for me? So I didn't new pants.

So here is my revelation: shopping in normal stores is not only a great feeling but it's cheaper! Yes, clothes from Lane Bryant, Torrid or whatever "go to store" I shopped at before was so much more expensive in comparison. I'm talking like half the price - plus the clothes are so much cuter! I can't wait to be at GW and have money to shop!

On a side note: Zumara and I ran about 5 miles last night. We're running again tonight and now I'm off to the gym.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hot 100 - Week 5

  • Lose the 30 lbs
UPDATE: Weigh in today 186 lbs! 3 lb loss from last week! 2 of which have been gained and lost before. So really 1 pound closer to my Hot 100 goal.
  • Fit into a size 8
UPDATE: I bought a few new things at Anchor Blue this weekend - a teen store! I'm getting smaller.
  • Increase my running mileage.
UPDATE: I didn't run much last week. Between the rain and me being sick it made it difficult to get running time in. I registered for the 10K mud run this weekend and am excited about it.

Last weeks specific goals:
1. Eat better. - Did much better
2 Gym/exercise - Got in 5 days of working out!
3. Investment Stuff - Made huge progress
4. Comp Exam - No progress and have officially thrown the towel in.
5. Clean house - Progress made on the kitchen but then I got sick ...

This weeks specific goals:
1. Exercise/Run
2. Eat Well
3. Clean/Organize House

Monday, October 25, 2010

The difference a year can make...

My friend, Judi has the best Halloween party every year. Everyone dresses up and it's a guaranteed good time. This year was no different. Last October, I had just began to start my journey. I had already lost a few pounds by Halloween but nothing major. I was really close to my before weight. I've lost 70+ lbs but gained so much more. What a difference a year can make.

When I walked in, a few friends that I hadn't seen in a while, had asked if that was me. They were shocked! All night, everyone kept telling me how great I looked. It really felt good. I felt really confident and well, HOT! I had a great time and am really proud of my accomplishment and where I am on my journey. I'm getting more and more comfortable with my body everyday yet continue to work towards my goal.

Here are some pictures I gathered to highlight the difference one year can make:

Judi & I 2009

Judi, Chas, & 1 2010

Elyssa, Leanne, Judi, Sara (me), Marcela 2009

Sara (me), Judi, Leanne, Elyssa 2010

Group of girls at the party, 2009. I am on the far right, the girl next to me was VERY pregnant.

Elyssa, me, Zumara and Jennifer 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I did back to back classes at the gym today body pump and cycle. Both were subs, the regular teacher quit last week, or so I hear. I missed class last week so I didn't hear the story for myself but what was repeated sounds a lot like gossip and drama.

I got a great workout in today. The sub that did body pump is a regular instructor (and coordinator) at another local fitness facility and really knows her stuff. I loaded my bar heavier than normal for squats and really worked it. I also went heavier on chest. Cycle was fun but only 4 members took the class today, really odd because normally there are 20 bikes and we have to show up extra early to get one. I got a good ride in though and it was nice not to be so crowded, odd but nice.

As I was leaving the gym, the manager spoke to me. He said he seen someone who looked a lot like me there and he had to do a double take. My sister and I do look a lot a like, but we look very different too. He asked which one of us is older, my sister is by 6 years and it's obvious. I think he was just trying to make small talk. He always talks to me when I'm alone at the gym. He goes out of his way to acknowledge me when I'm alone. It's awkward. My sister has a better rate than I do. She only pays $15 a month! Incredible, I know it's something through her work. So I decided to say something about it. He told me that because he likes me he would give me the same rate as my sister. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would realize that this is the same person that has been flirtatious with me for months now. I'm a happily married woman and I tell my husband everything. But you know there is nothing wrong with saving me some money! I've been a member there for a long time and pay a lot to go each month, for myself and my kids. So I'm excited about that!

When I got back home, I made quesadillas for lunch with black bean salsa, using thin corn tortillas and queso fresco and mozzarella cheeses. They were good! Soon, it was time to do some research online and get Mariyn from school. Then the girls and I went to the library, I filled out papers for an LLC and mailed them off to the secretary of state! We're getting closer on our investment stuff and that is so exciting! Of course, while we were at the library the girls got books. Amelia had a huge tantrum and had to get carried out. Her behavior has been very challenging lately and I could really use prayers for patients with her.

When we got home from the library I had Amelia take a nap. I was frustrated with her. She was tired, I was tired and a nap fit us both nicely. When I awoke I could already feel the soreness setting in from today's workout. I love that!

Oh and did I mention, I'm still didn't have a voice today? I lost my voice Tuesday night. Monday I had a minor sore throat. Tuesday I felt fine but lost my voice around 8 pm. Yesterday I felt fine but with no voice. Today my voice is a little better but I have a cough and very low energy. I'm cough drops and using my inhaler. I have congestion but it seems to only be in my throat --- odd. I'm going to make some tea and hope I feel better tomorrow. I have a busy day ahead.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Accepting Compliments and gaining confidence

Accepting compliments can be hard! Especially when you've lost weight and or are trying to lose. Today, I was given a compliment by an old friend, I hadn't seen this person in a long time and I actually had to show them pictures to prove that I was fat. Such an odd thing, I know. Then they proceeded to tell me I've always been beautiful. Awkward!

Every day, I pick my daughter up from school. I usually walk into the school and wait by her classroom. I mingle with the other parents. One of them commented today about how good I look and asked me what I've been doing. The other mom's replied, "she runs - A LOT." I replied diet and exercise, and blushed. I was still in my gym clothes hair pulled back in a pony tail still sweaty and greasy from my workout. One of the mom's said, "Sara that was a compliment. You have such a hard time accepting compliments, you should just say thank you. " Deep down, I know she is right.

It is so hard accepting compliments though. I always feel the need to make up excuses or reasons why they aren't valid or why I'm undeserving. I mean - of course I look better now than I did 70 lbs ago, but it's still a little embarrassing that I was THAT overweight and still have so much to lose. In some ways, I do feel pretty or attractive but in others, I still feel so undeserving. Having been overweight does something to your self confidence...

I was even invited to a Halloween party by one of the mom's. It made me feel so special because I normally feel so isolated from the other mom's in my town. I'm a good 10 years younger than most and unlike them, I didn't grow up here so I don't already know everyone. Unfortunately, it's not a day I can attend but the invite alone means I am finally starting to make friends and fit in. It feels so good to think that someone thinks I'm beautiful or worthy of compliments. My whole life, I've always felt like plain jane or the girl next door. Growing up beauty was my sister's gifts. Intelligence was mine. In my mind, they didn't mix.


Yesterday morning was a struggle for me to get out of the house. My 3 year old, was extra slow and just not motivated enough to want to get to the gym before 8:30 am. Finally, I got her out of the house and was putting her in the car, when I felt something wet! Not good! She peed her pants! Frustrated, we have to go back inside and change.

Ok, so we're changed back in the car and on our way. The roads near my house have been tore up for months. The city is replacing the waterlines, sidewalks and who knows what else. As I drive past the construction crew, I notice someone waved at me. I waved and then realized it was an old friends ex husband. Yeah, I know I said, ex husband but he really was a good guy. They were both just too young and immature to make the marriage work, it's sad. Since I was already late to the gym, I stopped and talked to him for a while, it's been a good 6 years or so since I've seen him.

Once I got to the gym, I did weight training on the floor then cycle. I had a great workout. I felt so much better and was able to have more patience with my daughter. I ate a healthy lunch. Rich and I ended up spending most of the afternoon and evening working on the investment stuff and didn't get home until after 9 last night. We didn't eat until around 8, luckily my mom made us food. It wasn't as healthy as a dinner I would have made but it wasn't fast food and it was tasty. I was hungry and very appreciative.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hot 100 Week 4

  • Lose the 30 lbs
UPDATE: Weigh in today 189 lbs. - That is a 2lbs gain people! I'm hoping there was some inaccuracy in my scale or some other issue and it will dissappear the next time I weigh in BUT the truth of the matter is I ate poorly last week and didn't exercise much. :/
  • Fit into a size 8
UPDATE: Not any closer than I was last week.
  • Increase my running mileage.
UPDATE: Only ran once last week. I ran once already this week and will be running more.

Last weeks specific goals:
  1. Comp exam (still haven't started :X), - :X No progress and I just might have to forget about completing it this semester. I've got too much going on with the business.
  2. Organization and investment stuff, YES! HUGE progress has been made here. We've got the ball rolling on our investment. We sold a lot of our personal stuff, extra vehicle and come up with capital, purchased equipment and now it's all about licensing, insurance and paperwork stuff.
  3. Get to the gym/exercise in. - I got a short run on Weds night and then gym time on Friday. Better than nothing but not good enough for me.

This weeks goals:
1. Eat better.
2 Gym/exercise
3. Investment Stuff
4. Comp Exam
5. Clean house

Monday, October 18, 2010

Being Supportive

I've come so far in my own fitness journey that people everywhere are noticing. Not only are they noticing they are asking the famous question, "How did you do it?" or as you can imagine the many versions of it.

I have no big secrets only common sense: eat less, move more and stay committed. Whenever most people hear my response and find out it wasn't some fancy miracle quick solution, they are no longer interested in trying it for themselves. The excuses start, I don't have time to exercise. I don't like to eat that. I can't run. I've even heard, I don't mind exercising but I don't want to get all sweaty.

One of the biggest negative nelly's in my journey has been my sister. I love her dearly, but she is overweight. She's has struggled with her weight her entire life. Last year when I started exercising I'd invite her along but she would never come. Rarely, if ever has she acknowledged my weight loss. I would be dishonest if I said it didn't hurt my feelings. My sister is one of the most kind hearted people I know. She has two beautiful children whom I love dearly and I know she wants a better life for them, a healthier more active life. She came and watched my triathlon last month. I think it was that weekend, that she realized I had really changed my life.

The last couple of weeks, she has been asking me more and more questions about how I got started. What did I do, what was it like and genuinely interested in hearing the responses. Her work is promoting exercise and have several gyms offering promotions to them. Last week, she decided to join my gym. She sounded excited. One night she came over and I went through my closet and gave her some of my old clothes that no longer fit, including warm up outfits and workout clothes.

Tonight, we went to the gym together, for her first time. She called me so I could meet her there. I put my kids in the childcare and called her to find out where she was because I hadn't seen her yet. I was shocked, when I heard her reply on the elliptical. I was shocked that she was driven enough to start without me. The gym can be very intimidating, the atmosphere, the impressively fit members, the whole process. We did 20 minutes together on the elliptical. I could tell it was a struggle for her but she made it through. Then I gave her a tour of the gym and we worked out for about another 20 minutes in the women's only section. My focus was making sure my sister got a good workout and felt comfortable. I introduced her to as many people as I could, so she would feel welcomed and supported. I'm very proud of her, and even though her workout might not have been as strenuous as mine normally are, hers was just as intense for her. And honestly, I have to say that it feels so good to be a positive influence to her.

After the gym, I made dinner for my family: baked chicken, asparagus and brown rice. Yum.

Then, Mariyn and I went for a run. Since completing 20 laps at the jog a thon, she and I had talked about her running more with me at home. She hasn't really gone running with me since she finished her run this Spring. Since she ran/walked for 30 minutes at the jog-a-thon I knew she could at least do a lap here with me and we could build on it. She wants to do a race with mommy but I want her to be able to complete the whole 5K. I don't mind not getting a PR if I'm running with my kid. Teaching her to enjoy activity is worth way more than a PR. So tonight, we ran/walked 2 miles together. She probably ran half. She complained a lot but felt so good when she finished. I'm so proud of my girl!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ch-Cha- Changes!

You know your body better than anyone else. Every imperfection, blemish, line, wrinkle, pump or beauty mark. You are your body's inspector; you are your body's worst critic. You know your strengths and weakness. You know how to push yourself to your physical and mental limits like no other. No one, knows your body like you.

The other night, I was sitting on the sofa and I stretched my arm. I reached up above my head with one arm,bending at the elbow and used my other arm to grab a hold of my elbow to stretch. It was this moment when I touched something, unrecognizable. I felt similar, yet different. It was soft and small. Confused, I looked up to see where exactly my hand had landed.

It was my elbow! The back of my arm! So much smaller than even I had known or expected! The skin around my elbow is normally fairly dry, ashy and rough like sandpaper. It's smooth, soft and healthy feeling. I spent a good 10 minutes or so analyzing the feel of my arms. It's such a weird feeling to not to even recognize your own body. The body you know better than anyone else.

What's even more weird is this is the second time it's happened to me in the last two weeks. I had a similar situation happen to me last time I did yoga. It was when I was stretching my calf and my hands fit completely around. I was so surprised and happy that I had to tell my friend Zumara, right then! I was giddy.

Body changes are amazing and feel oh so great! Even if it's my own body I'm not as familiar with as I thought. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gym time

Yesterday, I got up and went to the gym. I was sluggish about getting out of the house and really wasn't motivated to go. Mariyn's didn't have school due to a furlough day/budget cuts. She and I rode our bikes across town to the gym. I missed all the classes so I worked out by myself on the floor doing the various weight training machines. It had been a while since I've used that part of the gym, maybe a month or so because I usually do bodypump classes for my weight training.

It's nice to mix it up a bit though. I lifted heavy and did a lot of reps. I did the intimidator (assisted pull up machine), squats, leg press, leg extensions, calf raises, hip and thigh machines, peck deck and tri press machines. All areas I normally work in body pump. I'm counting my bike ride to and from the gym as my cardio time.

Today, I am sore. Not terribly sore like I was last week from running but more sore than normal for a regular workout. I can feel my gluts burning, as well as my chest and biceps. A good reminder why it's important to vary your routine because even though I work these muscles regularly, the different machines work a different part of the muscles than the free weights do. Free weights are great too, I'm a huge fan of free weights. It's just nice to have a variety and change it up a bit.

Getting sore = progress = body change = results = success

I was talking to a trainer at my gym about my 10K time, weight loss and everything she was impressed. She complimented my shoulders and said they look really good. Which made me feel good. She said, whatever I am doing keep doing it because it's working. I don't pay for training but since I come so regularly I talk to the trainers a lot. They give good tips and are a lot friendlier than they appear. It's so nice to have a "professional" give you compliments as well as encouragement.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I've added pictures of my 10K on Sat to this post. Check it out.

Updated pictures to come, we've finally got a camera :)

Oh and a teaser pic of me

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Week

This week has been crazy, as if you couldn't tell by the lack of blogging. I haven't made it to the gym at all. I ran about 3 miles last night. I hope to run again tonight after the kids go to bed. I've had a busy day, substitute teaching at the high school. I have a softball board meeting tonight. I'm already exhausted and have a headache.

Good news, things are really coming together with our families investment. Which has thrown me off my schedule this week. I think I needed a break from the gym though, I had been feeling burnt out. Hopefully, when I'm able to return to my normal schedule that isn't an issue.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hot 100 Update Week 3

79 more days in 2010 and in the Hot 100. Here is where I stand in working towards my goals:
  • Lose the 30 lbs
UPDATE: Weigh in today 187 lbs. I'm bloated no change on the scale today. I think the scale will change tomorrow, when the bloat is gone. I weighed less over the weekend.
  • Fit into a size 8
UPDATE: Not yet, but getting closer. I will probably meet this goal near the end of the Hot 100.
  • Increase my running mileage.
UPDATE: Completed my first 10K race on Saturday 1 hour 5 minutes.

Goals to work on this week:
  1. Comp exam (still haven't started :X),
  2. organization and investment stuff,
  3. get to the gym/exercise in.

I know I have a crazy busy week. Yesterday, we randomly ended up in the bay area for the entire day. I didn't make it to the gym, which was fine because I was still very sore. Today I have bible study and softball stuff tonight. It's going to be a long day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm so sore today. My quads, my hamstrings, my feet, my back. Everything.

Funny thing is, I know I'm accustom to running that distance. I've ran the course ahead of time with no problems. The difference must have been that we ran it so much faster yesterday.

I'm so sore it hurts to sit, it hurts to walk, it hurts to move.

Good news, this means my body is changing. =) Change is good.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

10K: Mission Accomplished!

6 am came really quick this morning. I was tired, I hit snooze and rolled over. Then realized that if I didn't get up my morning would probably be rushed. I made the fam bam breakfast, blueberry pancakes and eggs. I ate one pancake then got myself and the girls ready. We were out of the house by 7:15am and arrived at the race venue around 7:30. This morning, Rich asked me how long I thought the run should take me. Best case scenario, I told him 1 hour; worse case scenario 1 hour and 30 minutes. I checked in, got my packet and bib number and waiting anxiously to start the race. Rich and the girls waited by the sidelines to cheer me on.
Zumara and I just before the race began. =) Ready to run

The race started off great, without a hitch. There were so many runners but I felt prepared. Let's face it, I know I'm not the speediest but I know I can hang endurance wise. Running the course last week really boosted my confidence, I'm sure it helped Zumara too. We knew exactly how to pace ourselves for the course and what to expect. I was so excited to run this morning.

This race wasn't electronic timing so we got towards the front of the pack on the starting line. We took off as soon as the horn went off. The couple miles or so was thick with runner. Adrenaline kicking in, I could feel we were running faster than normal. There wasn't any conversation between Zumara and I. We normally chat the entire run and runners say you should be able to keep a pace where you can talk the entire time. Otherwise, you will probably face burn out. As the pack of runners started to dwindle, I started conversation.

Around mile 3, I could really feel how fast we had paced ourselves the run was getting difficult. I noticed there were too many runners in Zumara's age and I didn't see very many of them in front of us. She paces herself with me, but really I think she might be faster than me and she is about 12 years older. There was several water stops along the way. I grabbed water and kept going at each one. At about mile 4, I wanted to walk but I just kept pacing myself with Zumara and kept going. Somewhere between mile 4 and 5 I got water and drank it a little fast. After taking off, I nearly hurled. Vomit cam up, but it didn't come out. GROSS! There wasn't another water stop for a mile or so. I pushed through.

Mile 5 started out with a steep hill, the last big challenge of the run. Utop of the hill, I knew the rest of the race was easy. I got water at the next stop but instead of drinking it,I just rinsed my mouth. As we hit the 6 mile mark, we picked up the pace. I belched and again almost hurled. I knew we were almost to the finish line. Zumara was doing so good, she made this 6.2 miles look easy and I really thought she had a chance of placing in her age division. I told her not to worry about me, to finish as strong as possible, even if that meant leaving me behind. We both crossed the finish line together, although she is missing from the picture.

Crossing the finish line: Official time: 1 hour 5 minutes and 53 seconds. I ranked 14th in my age division of 20 runners, 112 of 147 runners over all.

I'm really proud of my time. Yeah it's not the best in the world of fast runners but it is a great time. Considering, I'm 5'4" tall, weigh 187 (ish) lbs and couldn't run 30 seconds in January, I think I'm starting to get speedy. Plus, it was my first 10K and being that there were two simultaneous events, I'm sure I was competing with more advanced runners. I probably would have placed higher had I done the 5K. I'm glad I chose to do the 10K and really push myself. I feel so accomplished and grateful. I feel like a runner. =)

Feeling so accomplished! Zumara and I after. Notice the red checks ... lovely, I know.

After the run there was a free kids run. Mariyn ran. She was reluctant to run, but I bribed her with a $1. She did great and everyone got a medal. It was fun for them too and I just love that she is learning a healthy lifestyle now.

My biggest fans. Mariyn & Amelia =)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Q & A

I read these questions on Rotund Revolution and Minding my Weigh 's blogs. Intriguing questions and answers. Feel free to answer them as you would like, here or your own blog.

1. What was your highest weight, what do you weigh right now and what is your goal weight?

Highest weight 258lbs, current weight 187lbs goal weight 160 lbs -ish or just content with my size.

2. What is your #1 motivation for losing weight?

I have so many. Put simply, I got tired of being fat. I got tired of crying every time I left the store because nothing fit. I got tired of not being able to do fun stuff with my kids. I got tired of being unfit and missing out on things I would liked to do. I got tired of making excuses.

I wanted a better life for myself, my daughters and my family.

3. Have you always been overweight?

No. I was always an athletic build with curves. I weighed a lot because I had large muscle mass but was always small in size/shape. I think this is one of the reasons why I hid and denied my weight gain for so long. I'm so curvy that I gained the weight evenly, no one believes that I was actually 258 lbs. Then again, no one believes me today when I tell them I am 187 lbs. I've come a long way.

4. When you want to give up what inspires you to keep going?
My goals, my kids and the progress I've made. Above all, God's grace.

5. What is the #1 thing you look forward to when you hit your goal weight?

Accomplishing my goal and maintaining. I've been at this journey for a year now, the changes I've made are part of my lifestyle. I look forward everything, shopping, activities and just life.

6. Do you have support on your weight loss journey?

Yes. So many women at the gym have reached out to me in their own way encouraging me and asking me about my weight loss. My husband is always been supportive and encourages me. My family is supportive too. The biggest support I've found is that I actually have the power to inspire and encourage others about lifestyle change. That really keeps me going.

7. What is your favorite exercise?

I don't really have a favorite. I love exercise and being athletic. I love doing races/events like the 5K's and the triathlon. I'm hooked, excited and ready to do more! Running is a new love. I love cycling, swimming, body pump, zumba. I love sports and being competitive. I love that I CAN exercise. I love to mix everything up so I don't get bored, burnt out or hit a plateau.

8. What is the most important thing you have learned on your weight loss journey?

I've learned so much about dealing with my emotions. Challenging myself but most importantly, I've seen God's grace and am learning how to be a better example for others.

9. What is one thing you have given up that you miss the most?

I don't really think I've given up anything. I've gained so much.

The one thing I do miss, is sort of hard to explain. I get neurotic about exercising. I feel really bad about myself if I don't try to do something active each day. I miss feeling ok about having a down day. I know it's normal but I instantly feel obese if I don't exercise because I am so goal orientated. Crazy - I know.

10. What is your strategy for losing weight?

Eat healthy and exercise = eat less move more. I don't follow a diet, I don't do weight watchers. I eat a healthy, I exercise a lot. I've had to count calories in the past but for the most part I've learned portion control, stay away from bad stuff and I'm good. I'm not dropping the weight as quickly as I once was but I'm also on my last 30lbs or so. I'm always making goals, focusing on achieving them and then moving forward making a new goal. I'm very competitive with myself.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

running body pump and yoga

Tuesday, I read my bible study, James 3:1-18, on taming the tongue. Something, I and probably many other people need to work on.

Yesterday, my husband and I got into an argument. How ironic when I read the bible study the night before. I was a lot more careful about choosing my words but I have a lot of room to grow. I had a really bad headache and was probably a bit grumpier than normal. It started out as a small disagreement, I was unhappy about a few things and needed to tell him how I felt. Quickly, it escalated and turned into a BIG argument.

After the kids went to bed, I went for a run. I was planning on running anyways but now was more reason to go running. I was planning on a short run, 3 mile or so but ended up running close to 5 miles! So much healthier to handle my emotions through exercise than through eating. I was still angry when I got home and so I went to bed.

Anyone who knows me, I have a hard time letting things go once they bother me. I usually have to have the last word and or prove my point. It's probably not my best characteristic. Naturally, going to bed angry means I am going to wake up angry and not get "over it" until a solution is found and an apology is made. I got up this morning, angry made the kids breakfast (and the husband too although I didn't talk to him) and got Mariyn off to school and Amelia and I off to the gym.

I did bodypump today. Still angry I had a difficult time concentrating but an easy time lifting the weights. I ended up bumping up my squat weights by 10 lbs. Now I'm squatting with 50lbs. The most of anyone I've seen in the class, other than one amazingly strong instructor. I've been wanting to bump my squat weight up for a while so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so. My body feels worn out, tired and sore. I didn't take my anger out on food today either.

Tonight, I went and did a yoga class. It was a much needed stress reliever and stretch. I could hear my hips and bones popping in the posses. Some of them hurt a little, others felt so good I could fall asleep. Even the ones that hurt were the feel good kind of hurt, the kind you feel when you know tension is leaving the body.

Something amazing happened in yoga. We were doing a pose in which we held our calf with both hands. For the first time, I can remember in my life my hands actually wrap around my entire calf! I was amazed I had to tell my friend. Even though you don't really socialize in yoga! Opps! ha ha

I really enjoyed yoga tonight. It was exactly what I needed. I train so much and so hard that my body can really take a beating. I know I need to incorporate more yoga/stretching in to my routine. It might not be the biggest calorie burner but flexibility and balance (key elements of yoga) are a big part of being fit and healthy.

Rich and I worked out our disagreement. All is good. We have an exciting opportunity we're investing in. I'm not allowed to speak of just yet but I think it's God's way of providing for us. It's stressful, especially because I am not good at keeping secrets and this opportunity has the potential of changing our lives. I'm excited, nervous and thankful all at the same time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cycle Shoes

Ever since I started spin, I've wanted a pair of cycle shoes. I've heard that they were better and make a huge difference in the class. It was a little hard for me to understand what a difference they make. They are just shoes, right? I'm all for having the right gear when it comes to exercising and fitness but my budget and current employment situation (lack of) have prevented me from buying all my wants and caused me to prioritize my wants and needs. Obviously losing so much weight has created a need for new clothes, including gym clothes. I needed proper athletic shoes and have actually worn out 2 pairs already. I have lots of things that I want some including a yoga mat, cycle shoes, etc.

My mom agreed to buy me a pair of shoes for spin. They are pricey. I looked the bike store in town, and in Tahoe they start at $80. Plus you have to buy the cleats/clips for the shoes and I want to be able to use them on my personal bike too so I will need to buy peddles as well.

I noticed one of my friends at the gym has a pair that I've been watching on ebay. So I decided to ask her how she likes them. She offered to let me try them for class sometime. She and I wear the same size shoe. So today, I tried them.

With my regular shoes the pedal sits in the middle of my foot, near the arch. With cycle shoes, the pedal is clipped to the ball of my foot. Which is supposed to be more effective when cycling. The shoes were a little awkward at first, figuring out how to clip myself into the bike. But once I got going, the individual strokes were easier to make. This didn't make my work out any easier though. I could push my legs faster and for the first time, I noticed specific muscle groups working harder, feel them burn during different parts of the routine. Before, with my regular shoes my entire legs felt exhausted. This time, I could feel my calves burning when we would stand and do sprints. I could feel my quads burning in different specific areas during power seated climbs. I could even feel my hip flexers burning during sprints. It was awesome! I know I get a good work out from spin, but cycle shoes just might be the tool to change the workout from good to GREAT!

I'm ordering myself some. My mom said she would contribute $50 towards them for my birthday gift. I'm excited! Did I mention, I'm pretty sure I will be sore tomorrow? ha ha I love it!

Hot 100 Week 2 Update

There are 86 more days left of 2010. 14 fewer days, than when I started the Hot 100.
Two weeks ago, I defined my hot 100 goals:
  • Lose the 30 lbs
UPDATE: Weigh in yesterday: 187 lbs, 2 lbs lighter than last week.
  • Fit into a size 8
UPDATE: My clothes are feeling a bit bigger. Not yet ready for a smaller size, but I'm noticing more room.
  • Increase my running mileage.
UPDATE: Ran 26.5 miles total miles last week. My long run was 6.5 miles.

I'm satisfied with my progress thus far on my physical goals. I need to focus more time on my non-physical /personal goals. Especially my comprehensive exam for my MA.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1st Health-aversary

Oh how my life has changed so much in a year. It's amazing to see how much I've changed, not just physically but spiritually and emotionally. God has truly been by my side this entire journey, giving me the strength and motivation to carry on. All the glory is his.

A year ago today, I made a decision that changed my life. I decided I was tired of being fat, I was tired of just living life and not really loving life. October 5, 2009 I decided that I was going to try to lose weight. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. It was that day, I made a choice -- not to give up. It was that single choice that snowballed and changed my life. I knew I would have good days and bad. I knew that change would not be easy and I knew that there might even be days I back slidded. I decided there and then, not to give up no matter what. I believed that with healthy eating and exercise and dedication I would be healthy again. It would take time, it would be hard but it's harder being fat.

I remember being terrified to go to the gym. I was so scared the girls at the front desk could see it in my face. I told them, I hadn't attempted to work out in 7 years and I was pretty sure I was going to pass out trying. My goal, 20 minutes of cardio, in the cinema where it was dark and safe. I was determined to try. Fortunately, I made it through and built on it. I challenged myself to make it to the gym 5 days a week for 3 weeks. No matter what - and I did.

A little over a year ago, I was lost. Hopeless and felt that I was too fat to do anything about it. I was an emotional mess, always stressed out, always in a hurry, always giving as much as I could to everyone but me. Really spread thin. I was in poor health and had many symptoms of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

I am healthy, my blood pressure and blood sugars are normal. I handle stress so much better. I have more patience with my children and husband. I have a zest for life again and enjoy doing active things. I am more optomistic and do my best to give my worries to God. I work towards my goals feeling in control of life yet I know God is really the one in control.

In the last year, I've had many accomplishments, including:

71 lbs of weight loss. Start weight 258 lbs. Weight today 187 lbs.
Placing 1st in my age division on my first 5K
Ran a total of 4 5K races
Finished a triathlon
Ran 26.5 miles in a week
Commited to a year of lifestyle change
Completed the Gold's Gym Fitness Challenge
and Saturday I will finish my first 10K

And most importantly, I am teaching my children healthy eating habbits, exercise habbits and life style by example. I might not have met all the goals I thought I would this year, but I've made a huge dent in them. In God's timing I'm confident, I will.

Happy Health-aversary!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Goals and Plan this week

Saturday is the big day - my first 10K. I'm so ready and excited about it. There are a few things I want to work on this week. Most of them are non-physical goals. But I am going to lay out my exercise plans ahead of time too, my running time will be far less this week, intentionally.

Monday - 60 minutes of Cycle
Tuesday - Body pump and Cycle
Weds - Cycle and Running
Thursday - Body Pump and Yoga
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 10K

I got up and did cycle this morning, I'm feel good and ready for the week. I need to tackle some personal goals this week including starting my comp exam and cleaning my house. Every day, I hope to clean something. Today I started with my desk and I'm going to work on laundry as well. I want to have a clean house by this weekend. Every room needs a little bit of work and organization. I'll feel so much better once this is done.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marathon Week

So last week, I said I wanted to increase my running mileage. And so I did. When I realied how far I ran this week, there was no way I couldn't run tonight. I wanted to make it to 26.2 miles. So tonight I ran 4.5 miles. Which means, I ran a whopping 26.5 miles this week! That is equivalent to running a full marathon (actually a tad more). I'm so proud of myself.

I really had a great weekend. This weekend Mariyn and I had originally planned to ride the Princess Promenade but it just wasn't in our budget to do so. Mariyn and I talked about it, she completly understood and even said, "Mom, I don't think I'm ready to ride that far anyways, maybe next year." She was so very sweet and understanding about the situation.

Earlier this summer, I had heard about a lavender farm, just outside of town. I wanted to take the girls on a bike ride there but Rich said, it was too dangerous because of traffic for the kids. Mariyn and I decided that instead of the bike ride, we would go to the lavender farm, which is only open to the public this weekend and won't be open again until December. It was gorgeous! And this wasn't even prime lavender season. The girls and I enjoyed lavender lemonade, lavender apple cider, lavender pumpkin cake (1 serving shared between 3 people) and the beautiful lavender plants. The atmosphere was so lovely and quaint. Perfect for a girls day outing. We even came home with our very own royal velvet lavender plant. On the way home, we stopped at Oakdale Cheese and had fresh grilled gouda cheese sandwiches. The kids enjoyed petting farm animals and we picniced by the pound. It really was a lovely afternoon.

After we came home, I took my girls on a bike ride through town. Mariyn and I rode 6.5 miles as I pulled Amelia in her trailer. We had a lot of fun exploring different neighborhoods. We even discovered a fun new park . The girls stopped for a while and played. I promised them we would come back. The had a great time. Some where along the ride, Amelia fell asleep in her trailer. When we got home, I noticed she was all curled up in a very deep slumber. So cute!
What a difference a week makes. This week, I am optomistic and full of hope. I really feel and see all that I have been blessed with. God is so good, all the time. :)

Ready for 10K

I'm so ready for my next adventure - conquering the 10K next weekend at the Wine and Cheese festival. The event is local and very affordable. Last week, I emailed the race director to find out the exact route being used. I'm very familiar with the neighborhood, as it's where my in-laws live. It's full of rolling hills as it butts up to the river, it's similar to where I live but this portion has more rolling hills and is probably at a higher incline. Zamara and I wanted to be able to do a practice run through the course, so that we know what to expect come race day and we know how to pace ourselves.

Last night, we decided to run it. We got a late start, we drove the course first and it took us a long time. The streets were dark and it was hard to read signs. When we finally arrived back at the movie theater (the start and finish point) we were both a little intimidated it seemed so far! Even though it was late (after 10:30 pm) I knew the neighborhood well enough to feel safe. We ended up running the course as well as the distance of the parking lot at the theater because I didn't know where the start and finish lines would be exactly. We did a short cool down walk, stretched and got water. Oh was I thirsty. It was after midnight by the time we got in the car and came home. What kind of crazy people run this late at night, you might ask? lol

I guess we're just driven and motivated to run. Zumara and I fit it into our schedule no matter what it takes. For me, that means running after I put the kids to bed. It really is the only time I have to run. It works well for the both of us. Yeah, I seen several people staring at us like we were on something to be out running that late. It's much healthier to be out running until midnight than drinking and partying like most of the people we ran past last night. So I don't feel to bad. Once I came home, I drank another glass of water and got in bed.

This morning, I decided to use just to make sure we covered the course correctly. We did plus some! Due to the run in the parking lot, we ended up running 6.5 miles!
Taking my total running mileage this week to 22 miles! Which, makes me want to go run 4.2 miles today, so I can say I ran 26.2 miles this week, the same distance as a marathon. For that reason, I just might :x

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Non Scale Victory

This week, I've already ran more than 15 miles. I plan on running agian tonight. Maybe I can make it 20 miles? Crazy, I know. I never thought I would be able to run as much as I can, nor did I think I would like it. When I started out, I just wanted to run a mile. It took a while, but once I did, I've just kept running...

My biggest NSV (non scale victory) this week hasn't occured at the gym, or in my running shoes. It's has occured at my dinner table. You see, we went out to dinner last night. We went with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday. I really debated on going because it's expensive to eat out and I wasn't sure if it was in the budget this week. Then talking to Richard, we noticed we haven't eaten dinner out since September 19th. The day I came home from the triathlon! That is amazing for us. We usually eat out several times a week and I just try to make good choices. That means I've cooked for 11 days straight, every meal! My fridge is just about empty and it's time to go grocery shopping, but I'm really proud of us! And I'm willing to bet that the scale reflects my commitment too. I noticed I'm having far less bloating and bathroom issues too. Who knew!?!