Friday, August 17, 2012

Sticking to it

I'm 19 days into my 90 day challenge.   My scale is hookey, not really working.  I weigh in step off and re-weigh a completely different amount.   However, I can tell you my clothes are getting big or fitting better.   At times, it can be difficult but to be honest it's way easier than I thought.   I think I've lost some where around 10+ lbs.

I haven't excersized much.  But I am happy to say, I got up and went for a run this morning at 5am.   We didn't run fast or far but we went about 2.5 miles.   It doesn't really matter, what matters is I'm sticking to it. :) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 11

I'm 11 days into my 90 day challenge!  How are you doing on yours?  Have you started yet?  How are you doing?

I'm happy to report that I'm seeing success!  Drinking my shakes are easy, they taste great and are fast and easy.  I'm also less hungry than I was before.  The first few days were difficult to not eat, just to eat.   But now, I've noticed my appetite has decreased.  I'm not eating out of boredom.  I do have healthy snacks though and I feel great.

In the first week I lost 5lbs!   Mondays are my weigh in days.  And I really wanted to come and shout all my successes but I've had a difficult week with lost of personal stuff.  Plus, my kids are gearing up for school.  I'm going to miss these lazy summer days but excited for the structure. 

I think I've lost more, as I can feel a difference in my clothes too.   Rich is doing the 90 day challenge with me too.  I can tell he is loosing weight too.  His clothes are getting bigger on him and I can tell he is smaller when we snuggle.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day Two

I'm happy to report Day 2 was a lot easier than Day 1.  I walked to the fridge less out of boredom.  I didn't have a headache all day.   I had a shake for breakfast and lunch (tropical fruit in the am, berry for lunch) I was able to have healhty snacks and a sensible dinner.  I was still a little hungry after dinner, but I know I got plenty of food and my body is just adjusting because I had been over-eating for so long.   I had plenty of energy yesterday, despite having a busy day at work.

I need to get some exercise in, and not just softball.   I did a good job run/walking last week but I need to do more.

For dinner, we went to Applebee's   I got this off the weight watchers menu, it was low cal  and delicious, but not as full of  plate as the picture shows.   I'd totally eat it again though! Yumm!