Tuesday, August 31, 2010

weigh in 8/31

It's the last day of August....Meaning only 19 more days until my 29th birthday (goal date) and 20 more days until my triathlon (biggest physical goal yet). I'm getting very excited about both. Even though I will not be at my goal weight like I had originally wanted, I am still working towards my goal and am in a much better spot physically and health wise than where I was a year ago. I just know the last year of my 20's is going to be great, physically fit, and full of faith.

This morning I got up, made the girls breakfast and lunch and got Mariyn off to school. She wanted to ride her bike to school, so we left a little bit earlier. Then I rode to the gym with Amelia in tow. I had a great morning of body pump and cycle. More issues with the new body pump instructor. She called me out 3 times for deviating from the AB choreography. Seriously, I was ticked! Smoke coming out my ears got up and left angry. I went to get a cycle ticket came back to clean up my weights and get my stuff. Then the teacher had the nerve to confront me. Letting me know it was HER class and that she was trained to give proper technique and I need to follow HER because she had the most training for optimal results. Eghhh... I let her know that I am the member I pay for the class, I choose what I want to do. I followed her the entire class but I found something that has been more effective for my abs than the choreography I've gotten in body pump. I've lost 66 lbs, work out 5 days a week and can do a lot more physically than other people my size. I think **I** know a thing or two about my body. I appreciate imput, don't get me wrong, but obviously I heard her, 3 times, I CHOSE to do my own thing. Just because I'm not a size zero doesn't mean I don't know what I was doing. I am so a none confrontational person and to be honest, last week she did something that struck a nerve with me too but it wasn't directed at me. She took weights from a member because "she lifts more than the other instructors". I'm sorry, the weights are there for us members, instructors are there to instruct it is OUR workout time, our money. I'm not in elementary school getting a grade. I'm going to improve myself for myself. Yeah I was angry so say the least.

In case you were wondering what exercise I was doing that was so devious that I need not only to be called out but lectured after class: Here is a video:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to injure myself doing ab work lady, I know my body and I push myself hard everyday. Crunches really aren't cutting it and I want Results.

To change my mood, I went and weighed myself. I had a little chit chat with one of the trainers and another member. He told me I should no longer weigh myself, they always say that. Which I know I can't go off weight alone but the number on the scale is really still too important to me to give up. Next time I go in, I'm going to calculate my body fat. It's been a while since I've done it and I would love to see the change. I told him my story about shopping yesterday and squeezing into a size 8, even though the dress slacks looked like spandex I was able to get them on. The other member said, wow a size 8 that's really small - my thoughts exactly! I think that is going to be a short term goal, to be able to fit into a size 8. Only one size away really, but it seems like a whole different world that I am willing to work for. Even the trainer was impressed, I think because he remembers where I came from. He was the same trainer that did my initial weigh in for the contest and seen me at 233 lbs in a bikini. They watched me weigh in, kinda an odd feeling when someone else is staring at the scale with you. It wasn't as good as my pre-weigh yesterday but I'm still happy. 192, a pound less than last week! 66lbs lost total! And I just know soon I'm going to be able to report an even bigger loss :D

I took the rest of my aggression out on the bike today in cycle. After the class, the instructor asked me, Sara did I give you a good enough workout. She always does but I think I had that built up adrenaline coming out today being taken out on the bike.

Oh and just in case you are a bit curious, last night we ran about 4.5 miles :)

Monday, August 30, 2010


My heart is filling so full today, well lately really. I had an amazing weekend and I'm off to a great week already. I got the kids off to school this morning and went shopping. Normally I go to the gym on Monday mornings but today I had an interview and I just knew the pants I wore last year wouldn't fit me and I was in need of a new pair.

Kohl's opens at 8 am, so I got there and looked around. I wasn't looking for anything special just a black pair of slacks to wear for the interview. I already knew what shirt I was going to be wearing. The position I applied for is a classified position at a junior high involving supervision. It's not a high paying position but it's close to home and the hours are perfect for me. When I first went into Kohl's I seen the cutest jeans. I am really in need of new clothes and totally wanted these jeans. Just last night, Rich told me the jeans I was wearing were looking big on me. I grabbed a pair of the jeans and told myself if I got the job I would treat myself to these jeans and I grabbed a few pairs of pants that would work in a size 10, then I seen a gray pair with a weaved pattern that I really liked but they didn't have a 10, they had an 8. I knew the 8 wouldn't fit me but I grabbed them anyways just because I wanted to see how much of myself I could suck and squeeze into them.

I took all the pants into the fitting room and tried on the jeans first. The have cute little rhinestones and butt pockets. I really liked them. Oh how I just love jeans. Then I tried on the size 8 slacks. Pulling them up my legs and sucking in my gut, I was able to get them on! Yeah muffin top was spilling over and they weren't at all attractive, cottage cheese ripples and the full effect but I was able to SQUEEZE myself into them. I honestly didn't think I would get them up past my hips let alone over my booty and on my waist with room to zip, even if they were obviously still too small - they are a size 8 - a size 8 I tell you! Immediately, I called my hubby while he was at work to tell him my glorious news of how I was able to squeeze myself into a size 8, a pre-babies, pre-fat, single digit size! Even though, I left the pants there because they obviously didn't fit my heart was so happy. I ended up getting a black pair of slacks in a size 10, exactly what I came in for and exactly what I needed.

When I got home, I went to the bathroom, wearing just my t-shirt and undergarments I did a pre-weigh in. It's been years since I've seen a number on the scale that low. I was so happy and proud. I really hope to see that same number on the scale tomorrow at the gym, but if not, I'm sure I will still see a loss.

After my pre-weigh in, I went ahead and got ready. I think I had a good interview and I'm feeling optimistic. I know it's a tough economy out there and my future is in God's hands. I prayed about the interview this morning and am just feeling hopeful.

After my interview, I had lunch with my hubby. I love him so much and it's nice to have quiet time just me and him. I'm not going to make it to the gym today, too many things to take care of while the kids were at school. I plan on running tonight after I put them in bed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Faith through People

I had a great day yesterday, very busy but very blessed. I know I don't usually blog on the weekends but I really wanted to get this down, now while it's all still fresh in my head and in my heart.

A lot of my family is still in town from my aunt's service and were supposed to be meeting up at the park. My girls played all day with their cousins and distant cousins. Everyone brought food, friend chicken, pizza and deserts of course. I ate before I got there so that wouldn't be a problem for me. Although I did indulge after several hours and had a few cookies. I guess it was an afternoon snack. I'm not that worried about it. I got to visit with a lot of my cousins and had some really good conversations.

One conversation in particular is the reason I *had* to blog. Jessica, one of my cousins, lost a lot of weight several years ago. She is extraordinarily beautiful and intimidatingly gorgeous, even at age 44. And I've heard from other's (in-laws not related to her) how beautiful she was as a young adult. She lives in far away and I rarely get to see her, she is also the mother of 7 beautiful children and is always busy. I keep in touch with her via facebook but I know her children use and update her page more than she does. So I've been dieing to pick her brain and here all about her weight loss journey and what she thinks about it now years after being able to maintain. But I didn't want to send those type of questions to her over a message on facebook. So, I've just kept them to myself.

Yesterday, we got to talking and she really opened up to me about her testimony and her journey. She really is a sweet and amazing woman. Not to mention, gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. She had lost over 100 lbs from her starting weight of around 250 lbs. She's gained some back because she felt that at a size 4 she was too skinny and is finally now happy with her size. We got to talking about life, trials and tribulations and how we've dealt with them in the past. She said for that for her, the secret to weight loss was just as much physical as it was emotional. The whole mind, body,spirit thing and that God was the driving force in why she was successful at losing her weight. She was able to verbalize so many of the same things that I've felt with my faith but couldn't put into words. It's amazing how God is constantly working through people to talk to you. It is amazing to hear and see how she has grown with Christ into an even more beautiful woman and Christian. It was oh so inspiring.

I know I heard EXACTLY what I've been needing to hear. My heart while it's in the right place needs to grow stronger with my faith. I need to pray more, believe more and most of all give God more of me.

A few verses to think about:

(II Timothy 1:7) 7 For God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control.

(II Corinthians 12:9-10) 9 He has said to me, "“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”" Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest on me. 10 Therefore I take pleasure in weaknesses, in injuries, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then am I strong.

(I Corinthians 10:13) 13 No temptation has taken you except what is common to man. God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able, but will with the temptation also make the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

Through my cousins, and other means, God has been saying, "Come to me. Give me your worries, your fears, and your triggers. I will make you strong, I will give you self control. Give me more of you, and I will then give you more of me." I know my own testimony is building and my faith is growing. I'm excited, and I can finally hear God talking to me and working within me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday 8/27

What did I do today...

Hmm... Normally for breakfast I have a glass of protein but today I made a delicious bowl of oatmeal this morning with my fresh local honey, a tad bit of brown sugar and a chopped up nectarine. SOOO good! I can't wait to make it again tomorrow. Lunch, I had homemade taco's with my special homemade salsa. YUM, it was so good. I was craving a salsa salad but we are out of spinach and lettuce. So, I had to eat it in taco form. Dinner was subway, turkey bacon avocado sandwich. I was a little heavy on the carbs but I think I did ok overall.

I worked out with Clare today at 11. It's been a while since we've been able to work out together. Her work schedule just doesn't allow for much of it anymore. My the time 11 am rolled around, I was not motivated to go to the gym. We did all the usual weight training machines. It's been a few weeks since I've utilized that part of the gym. The I interval training on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Running fast for a few mintues then walking slow, running fast again, walking slow, etc. I didn't pay attention to my mileage (odd for me,I know). One of the trainers recommended it to burn more fat then just running, he also said that it would build endurance and help increase speed. So, I'm hoping to work that into my schedule at least once a week. I was planning on doing Abs once I finished running, but honestly, I just forgot.

Despite not working on my abs today, I did notice they are looking better and flatter with my clothes on. Of course, without clothes they are a chunky jelly of a mess still but I think I'm seeing some slight improvement. . . I think.

Here is to a good active weekend, I am hoping to take my daughter's to dance tomorrow and get them signed up if it's not too expensive. Then spend time with the fam. Hopefully incorporate something active like riding bikes. I bought Mariyn a new bike lock tonight. We've been sharing mine. So she is excited :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I went to my aunt's memorial service today. It was so beautiful and cheerful truly a celebration of her life. My great aunt was a very special lady whom had a lot of grace and made everyone feel special and accepted. She was a woman of faith with a strong love for Christ. Her service really showed the love and Grace of God. There were even a few words said, that made me think about my own faith and how I can grow stronger. The pastor said, anyone can talk to God, lots of people talk to God, but how many people are really listening to God. I really want to be a good listener and I realize that I need to spend more time with God, listening to him and seeking him. I spend so much time talking, occupying my time, staying busy when in reality I need to listen more and share more of me with him.

My aunt was from a big family, had a big family, who also had big families... so yeah, there was lots of family and with lots of family comes lots of food. I was so worried about this. I didn't have time to go to the gym today and to be honest, I think my body needs a break so I chose not to run tonight. I knew I needed to be cautious with my eating because it's so easy to be tempted and be thrown off track. There was so much food: Pasta Salad, Spaggheti salad, potatoe salad, fruit salad, green salad, aram sandwiches, lunch meat, rolls, vegatble trays, tri tip, baked beans and yeah more than 2 tables filled with scrumptious tantalizing baked goods and deserts. So incredible, so tempting. I made my daughters plates then decided to make my own. Cautiously, I got fruit salad, green salad, baked beans, tri tip, and the smallest moresal of a brownie I could find. I ate my food and did not go near the desert table. Although I have to admit the cupcakes looked incredible and were calling my name. I was so proud of myself.

So many family members commented on how good I looked. I wore the red dress I blogged about a few days ago. It's not really funural attire but I knew it fit and not much else does. My uncle John even complimented me, he said I looked beautiful and asked about my routine. I've never been complimented that I can remember from my uncle, not for earning my degrees, not for my looks, nothing. If anything, the only conversations I recall with him include me leaving feeling worse about myself because of some commment or another he made and hurt my feelings. It felt so good today though. I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I received from family.

This evening my girls and I went to the farmers market. It's the last one of the year. I'm going to miss going with my girls. We got lots of fruit and goodies. A few weeks ago, I bought my girls honey sticks and I ended up using Amelia's in my oatmeal it was so good I wanted to come back and get a jar. So tonight, I made sure I got some and I'm looking forward to making Oatmeal with it again. Incredible. I just love everything about the farmers markets, the food, the atmosphere and healthy lifestyle. If you have one in your area, I highly recommend checking it out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's only Weds.

It's only Weds and I've already worked out for about 8 hours this week. Kinda crazy, I know. But anything worth having is worth working for, right? And I can imagine it's going to feel so good, when this weight is gone.

Wondering where the exercise and time went? Here is the brief version:

Sunday: running 4.5 miles
Monday: Cycle + Running 4.5 miles
Tuesday: Body Pump + Cycle
Weds: Zumba + Cycle + Abs

I was at the gym for nearly 2.5 hours today. 2 one hour classes and 20-30 mintues of Ab work. I almost talked myself into skipping abs but then I remembered the way they look. Abs are a critical area and it's essential that I work on them so I did.
I'm planning on swimming laps tonight too, but I probably won't make it to the gym tomorrow. My great aunt passed away and I will be attending her memorial service. I suspect a lot of family will be in town and that the day will be full. I'm hoping to go to the gym early but if for some reason, I can't, I think I got enough exercise in to cover it.javascript:void(0)

My Tri is less than a month away. I'm getting more and more worried about how to pay for it all. Ahhh.. the good ol' money game. I'm hoping to book the hotel this weekend and register soon. I really want to do it but I don't want to go into debt over it either. So expensive to be active, I tell ya, so expensive. I'm not doing an event for the month of August just because I know the Tri is going to be costly. It will be worth it though.

I haven't swam in a couple weeks. We've been having major maintenance issues with our pool. It's a money pit at times. Thankfully it's up and running again now so expect to hear my swimming updates from me. :)

I noticed my blog is growing, slightly and I've got a few new readers who have commented. Welcome! I love new readers and I especially love comments. Keep them coming :) You'll notice I usually respond back to most comments. I'm one of those people who almost always has something to say. ha ha

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weigh In 8/24

I ended up getting a good run in last night about 4.5 miles! Then this morning I got up and did body pump and cycle at the gym. There is a new pump teacher, I think it will take some getting used to. I was doing lunges and got the worst pain in my spin near where it meets my tailbone. It felt like fire, and twitching at the same time. Almost as if I was being electrocuted. So weird. Immediately I stopped and just put away my weights. It wasn't a muscular type pain so I'm thinking it was a pinching nerve. I've never felt anything like that before though. I still went on to do cycle but I was very cautious of my back.

Weigh in was good. Officially 193.2 on the trainer's scale. 1 pound down from last week. I cheated yesterday and did a pre-weigh in here at the house, I was 191.4. So I was hoping to keep that number today... yeah that didn't happen but I'm still celebrating the pound loss. I got to thinking, about healthy weight loss. I think I read that you could lose 1% of your body weight each week is a healthy amount. So really for me that would be less than 2 pounds a week. And, you know a loss is a loss all these 1 pound weeks add up. Sure I'd love a 3 pound week or two but soon enough, I'll be at my goal weight. It might not be when I expected it, but it will come.

Oh and it's official on the gym scale - I am now down 65 pounds from when I started October 5, 2009. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend +

Rich was gone hunting for the weekend. So you know what they say, when the cat is away the mice will play. I soaked up as much mommy daughter time as I could. The girls and I spent an enjoyable weekend getting out of the house. Friday night, we went to my friends softball game. I love softball and I love watching softball. I love being out at the ballpark and even more, I love playing. I really miss playing and hope to play again, soon. It's incredibly hard to go watch a game, even though I enjoy it, I WANT to play. Both my girls had a great time running around the park, playing with the other kids. We ate out Friday night before the game. We don't have too many options when it comes to resteraunts in my town, so I totally take advantage when I go somewhere. I had Greek food (Gyros, Rice and Salad) and the girls wanted Panda Express. After the game, I splurged and got frozen yogurt. So yummy it feels incredibly sinful for a dieter, but it's not. Oh how I love froyo!

Saturday the girls and I visited my younger sister. We were suppossed to go to my nephews football game, but just didn't make it in time. The girls and I played at a park near my sisters house. It brought back so many good childhood memories because I also grew up in the same neighborhood as my sister now lives. I spent 8 + years pracitcing softball at the park. So many other good memories too. It was kinda of neat watching my girls play and enjoy their time there.
At night I was feeling lonely and was trying to figure out what to do. My friend mentioned on facebook she was going to church, so I figured, why not? The girls wanted to go, so we loaded up and took off. Once I got there, my friend texted me that she wasn't going after all but I was already in the parking lot and figured God must really want me here tonight. So I went in. The message was great, a few parts really hit home and gave me something things to think about. After church, we headed to my older sister's house we were going to eat dinner over there. Amelia had been asking to see her cousin all day. It was really cute. On my way there, I drove by a Marie Calendars and stopped in. Lemon Merage Pie is only $6.99 this month. I just had to get one, I figured I'd share it with my sister and her family. Yeah I know pie on a diet, right? I really think it's ok to splurge every once in a while. It's helped me feel far less resentful and remain focused. Before I would have stopped and got the pie, hid it in my car and taken it home to be eaten mostly by myself. This time, I took it to my sisters, shared it will 6 other people and left the remaining pie there. I do have to admit though, I ate 2 pieces. My sister served me one and I ate it all. Amelia didn't end up eating hers, she was more intersted in playing and so I ate it. :X I normally don't give into seconds. It ws incredibly delicious though.

I ate so much delicious food this weekend that Sunday night I went for a run. Zumara and I ran about 4.5 miles. My knees have been bothering me a little bit lately. I've always had bad knees but the pain comes and it goes in cycles. Lately I've been able to feel them a lot more, probably because I've been running a lot more. Zumara called and asked if I wanted to run. I'm so glad we've become friends. I've had many people say, we should run together but they are never as dedicated to it as I am. They fall through and it never really works out. Zumara and I are equally dedicated to running and it seems to work out really well for both of us. On nights, she needs a push I'm there and vice versa.

I did cycle at the gym this morning. Dana's monday class. 62 mintues of cardio + cool down. Her Monday class is usually the most intense. She really pushes you to do your best and ride hard every time. I am going to try to make this part of my regular routine, as long as I am not working. My goal is to increase my running after cycle in preparation for the tahoe triathlon. It's less than a month away now. I didn't run today because I ran so late last night but in the future I will. I didn't want to injure myself today by doing too much. So I did an ab workout. Spent about 20 mintues just focusing on my abs. They are the slowest part of my body to show change. I did 300 crunches total. 100 x right obliques 100 x left obliques and 100 x center plus 50 leg extensions to focus on my lower abs. I would really like to see some more change in my stomach. I'd say from my naval to my hips is my problem area. I could really deal with my hips if my stomach looked better. But I've come along way. I still remember the first time I was told to suck in my abs, I couldn't feel them, let alone do a sit up. So I'm greatful for progress even if it is slow moving.

Oddly enough, even though I splurged so much this weekend. I'm looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. Rich said when he came home that I look skinnier, so I'm hoping he is right :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Red Dress

Remember the red dress I talked about a few weeks ago? I bought it online from Macys.com in a size medium and hoped that it would fit. It fit! I wear it all the time. I promised a picture and here it is

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Another busy day! But I feel like I'm getting back in to the routine of life more and more. I got up early, got Mariyn off to school (and on time) then Amelia and I were off to the gym. I took body pump this morning. I haven't gone to a Thursday body pump class in a very long time because, well, I just don't like the instructor much, personality wise. I knew I had a busy day though and I was a little sore. So I figured I had two options, make it to the 8:30 class and get it over with OR do my weights at the same time, alone. I knew that if I did my weights on my own, I probably wouldn't push myself as hard. So I decided to suck it up and go to body pump. My body is really tired from a good workout each day this week. I wanted to run tonight, but honestly, I don't have it in me. I'm too tired and my knees and legs oculd use the rest. So, no cardio today, just weights. I had a few good convo's at the gym. I'm sort of sitting on a few ideas, I'll probably share when I'm in a more alert state of mind.

As soon as I left the gym, I picked my mom up. She needed someone to take her for errands and stuff. She lives about 45 minutes away in a very small town. We ran errands and grabbed lunch. I had a delicious portabella mushroom sandwich. YUM with a green salad. Oh and while we were out doing errands, I noticed Modesto was having their farmers market. I stopped in and got a lot of fresh organic fruits, berries and some flavored Almonds. Amelia enjoyed the market, and so did my mom and I. Prices seemed much more reasonable then my local market.

Tonight, I focused on dinner and getting the girls ready for school tomorrow. It's picture day for Mariyn. I bought curlers for their hair and rolled it up for the night. It's both of their first time wearing curlers to bed. I'm a little nervous, hoping it comes out right for picture day tomorrow. I'm a pretty picky mommma!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It's been a while since I've got the good ol' tape measure out. I got dressed tonight, I normally wear my gym clothes 24/7. I was feeling really skinny, even after eating pizza for dinner (it was back to school night). So I thought I would take my measurements and compare. The last measurements I have are from the contest. You can find the post here I just used a metal measuring tape we have around the house, the gym uses a fabric tape. It makes a little difference I'm sure. Anyways, since weighing out on April 12th, I've about lost 10 more pounds. My waist is now 34 inches in it's smallest point, two and a half inches smaller than in April. My right thigh is also measuring smaller -- only 22 inches -- 3.75 inches smaller than in April. I don't remember which part of the hip I was measured last time and well, there really isn't any reportable change due to not knowing.

It's all progress - and things that make me happy :)

skinny envy

Being a "regular" at the gym, I've had the opportunity to get to know more and more women. Many of the women in the gym are already friends or have known each other for sometime. I live in a small town, everyone knows everyone unless you didn't grow up here, like me. It's sort of nice to make friends and meet people, hear their stories, struggles and get support. There are a lot of regulars who have taken time off for summer and are just getting back into the routine again. It's nice to see them and catch up. It's kinda funny because I keep hearing how much smaller I am and being asked how much weight I've lost. I know it's not that I've been losing rapidly or anything. It's just that they haven't seen me in a while. But it's so great to have the support there.

One of my gym friends, who has been going regularly always comments how good I look and what a good job I'm doing. It feels good. She is such a sweet person. Yesterday she asked, how much weight have you lost now? I responded on not much lately, only about 65 lbs. She rolled her eyes at me and made me realize the "only". 65 pounds is a lot of weight. I know I've slowly lost about 10 or so over spring/summer and it gets me that I slacked so much during this time. I thought I would be at my goal already or **Really, REALLY** close. No, I'm still 35lbs away from my major goal and only about a month away from my goal date. Not very realistic I guess. I told her I was being harsh on myself not because what I have lost but because I hadn't continued to lose as fast as I'd like. Then I said, "Well, I know you guys are skinny so losing weight isn't the reason you come to the gym and just a few pounds would make a huge difference to you. My friend, who is probably only 5'2" confided in me that she used to be 230+ lbs and she understood where I'm coming from. I was totally shocked because she looks great. She is probably 40 or so and very nice, friendly and a beautiful lady. I've been shocked a few times by hearing skinny people who used to be former fatties. Just seeing their success is amazing and I always want to know more.

With that said, this morning I went to the gym and I had skinny envy. There was another girl there that I've talked to a bit. She knows my husbands family and has been friendly to me. She was looking so thin, compared to what she was. It's probably been 3-4 weeks since I seen her. She is a curvy girl, like me but much shorter. Her tummy was looking so flat. I was really jealous of the progress she is making. What a crappy feeling, I know. So I admit it, I own it I was jealous. But I'm glad she is doing good.

I hit the gym hard today. My legs, quads especially were sore this morning. My body was tired but since I dropped off the girls at school, I went to the gym. I did Zumba for an hour, the Spin class, then I worked on my abs for a while. I probably got in 2.5 hours. Now that I can go to the gym without the girls, I am going to take advantage of the sauna and steam room. We have a really nice sauna and steam room in the women's locker room ( I assume they have them in the men's as well) and I've wanted to relax and try it out but never have because daycare time is limited to 2 hours.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weigh In 8/17

Can I just start of by saying my body is SORE! I hurt and I'm liking it. I ended up doing an extra run last night, Zamara and I ran 4.25miles. I think we walked about a half mile of it. My knees were hurting. They've been hurting more lately, I don't know what it is. But I got in something like 7 or 8 miles yesterday if I combined both runs. So I'm not complaining. I can really feel it today though. Amelia and I will be taking a nap this afternoon. We got a new matress and laying in bed is just AMAZING, sleep is AMAZING and thats pretty much all I *WANT* to do... not that I get everything I want but hey,the kid has to nap sometime, right? LOL

Gym was fab. I'm really getting back into the routine again. The girls and I got up early this morning; I dropped Mariyn off to school, then off to the gym Amelia and I went to the gym. Body pump was great but apparently everyone else is getting back into the routine again and classes are filling up quick. I wasn't able to get a ticket for cycle. Which really sucked, so I ended up riding on my own out on the floor. I did one of the video simulation seated bikes after body pump. It works a different part of your leg, I can feel it in my quad. The simulation is really good though, you can totally feel the terrain. I got in an 8 mile bike ride in --on the advanced settings. It took me about 40 minutes. It was the first time I used the seated bike. As soon as I got off the bike, I jumped on to the treadmill. I didn't want to run today, as I ran so much last night and my legs and knees were killing me. But I didn't get in to my cycle class and I need to focus more and more on the triathlon training so I ran. Not far, just enough to get the feel of running after cycling and exercising that long and hard. I ran a half mile (5 minutes). My leggs felt so weird, especially my knees. I'm sure I could have ran more had I not ran so much last night. Have I mentioned lately that I feel so blessed just because I can run? I know I'm not the fastest or the best runner, but I can run. And now I can even run long distances, so amazing to me coming from January when I couldn't run 30 seconds.

Accountability. I know that is something you all are wanting to know. How is the weight loss going right? Last night, I weighed in 193.0 on my home scale. I was happy because that means for the contest between my hubby and I, I'm down 2 lbs he is down 8 (not even trying - ugh)! But I'm kicking it back into high gear. I did my weekly weigh in at the gym, the scale paused at 192.4 lbs, then quickly went to 194 lbs and stayed. I stepped on it again, 3 more times just to make sure I wasn't 192, lol, but yeah it continued to read 194 lbs and I'm ok with that. 64 lbs lost total. No working out last week, no weigh in last week and I'm down 1 pound from 2 weeks ago. I'm focused and driven to get on track again. I see a big loss in my hear future :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hmmm... where to start? So many thoughts and experiences running through my head that I haven't shared.

The only day I was active last week was Weds. not good but it was a week of transition. I didn't even weigh in last week. My mother in law was here for the weekend, I hadn't seen her in about 8 months so she was really surprissed by the amount of weight I lost. Feels good to be noticed even though I haven't lost much in months.

Both my girls are in school now, Amelia officially started preschool on Friday. She really enjoyed it. Friday the teacher reported back that Amelia did not listen. Such an independant and stuborn spirit. We had a few talks over the weekend and I told her she has to listen to teacher or she can't go to school. She had a much better day today.

I'm now all registered to substitute teach and am available to start any time. Hopefully something picks up on that end soon. I'm wanting to sub on the days the girls are at school, the house is WAY too quiet with out them and we could really use the extra money.

My mother in law flew in for the weekend. I took her back to the airport today. On my way home, I picked up some fruit from fruitstands. Yumm... Heirloom tomatoes, santa rosa plums, pluots, and honeydew melon. Have I ever mentioned how much I love summmer?

I went to the gym in the middle of the day while the girls were at school. The cardio kickboxing class I normally take on Monday nights is no longer going to be taught by the same instructor. I don't really care for the new instructors style so I'm going to do something else on Mondays instead. Today, I decided to run. I probably ran 3 miles or so on the tready. I put my i-pod in and just went to town. But I have to admit, I stopped 3 times after just 5 minutes of running. The first time, I accidently hit the reset button when I was running. I was trying to hook my i-pod up to the machine and run at the same time, not goood. So I restarted. Then, someone spotted me and wanted to talk. I hit pause talked a bit then restarted. I got going into a groove, and my stomach started hurting. I knew I had to stop, I had to go to the bathroom. So I had to stop --again! Ughh.

I ended up running for about 40 minutes. I was listening to my i-pod thinking about my routine. My weightloss and getting back on track. Then this song came on -"Everything" --Lifehouse, Sherri recommended it to me a while back.

It really had me thinking. I know I am a strong and determined person but with God I am stronger. I've been sort of going through the motions of life lately, waiting for things to happen. Waiting to be blessed and living life. But I haven't been as vocal about my faith as I could, as I should. I have been praying but it's always only the same generic prayer nothing specific. I need to give God more, I need to share more frequently. It's been about a month since I've even blogged about my faith... too long. Like my diet and exercise routine needs to refocus so does my faith. My heart is in the right spot. God has so abundently provided for us, for me. He has given so much, strength, stability and support. And here I tend to focus on the negatives in life or the lack of(s) instead of rejoucing in all that I have. Yet, his love is still there and all my needs are truly met. God is so great!

My plan, get right with God. Get back into the routine of eating better and exercises.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've been in a whirlwind winding down summer the last few days.

Sunday: Mariyn's triathlon. She did great and had a lot of fun. It was a short, course 50 yard swim, 1 mile bike, 1/2 mile run. Here she is with her finishers medal. She is already asking to do it again.

Monday we got up early and went to the beach. The girls and I had a great time in Santa Cruz and went to the boardwalk too. My mom came with us and on our way home we stopped by my aunts and visited. It was a really nice, but very quick visit. I didn't get home until after 2 a.m.

Tuesday, I spent trying to get my daughter organized and ready for school. I had a ton of laundry to fold and I still have a whole house to clean. We bought my mother in law a ticket to fly here this weekend. Aligiant air is having a great deal for only 10.99 each way (plus taxes and fees of course), so we had to take advantage of it. To top of the day, we had "Tide-gate" at our house. I was taking a short break from folding laundry and I noticed a fregrence in the air. It smelled clean and familiar. My keen instincts kicked in and told me it was WAY to quiet around here. I got up, and walked into the kitchen. I hear Amelia in our laundry room, saying "Help, I do it. I do it!" She had been doing laundry and spilled tide all over herself and the laundry room. I now had a thick mess of tide-goodness to clean up. Amelia went straight into the tub. God Bless her, she was trying too help. Too bad I don't have a rinse cycle for the entire laundry room. Would have been much easier to clean.

Mariyn was off to school this morning. So cute and enthusastic. Amelia and I were off to the gym. We ran errands all morning: preschool, library, doctors office twice. I did cycle at the gym. My first time being there at all this week. It's sort of a transition time for us, getting the kids back to school. I'm not sure what life is going to be like for the next week or so but hopefully, soon we will be back on track.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Full Weekend ahead

We've got a busy weekend planned and we kicked it off early. We took the girls to an Oakland A's baseball game on Friday night. It was a lot of fun and had a great fireworks show after the game. Plus, we got a great deal on tickets. Friday nights are family nights - $50 for 4 ticket, 4 meal (peanuts, pop corn and drinks). Not a bad deal! Amelia is in love with Dumbo right now and the A's mascot is an elephant - so she really enjoyed that! Mariyn said her favorite part was the fireworks but she really enjoyed the whole experience. Rich nor I have been to pro game in years. So while the A's may not be our favorite team, we too enjoyed going to a pro game. In case you're wondering. I don't eat hot dogs but I knew I was going to enjoy the ballpark food (code word for over eat) so I went to the gym earlier and made other good eating choices throughout the day.

Today, Saturday is the only day I really don't have much planned. Rich is working so I'm sure I'll spend the day close to home. I plan on taking the girls swimming and on a bike ride today. Then take Mariyn for a short run. Her triathlon is tomorrow. So I want her to be confident. I know she is very excited already. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera right now. The one I had was dropped and broke at my last 5K. :/ I'm thinking about breaking down and getting an Iphone. We shall see.

Mariyn starts school on Weds. So Monday is the last day we can really do anything and I want to do as much as we can with the amount of summer we have left. I'm hoping to get to the beach :) Either way, the weekend is going to be full of fun and very busy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No gym

I didn't go to the gym today. I woke up, mozzied around the house and really just decided I didn't want to go. I took Mariyn to the mall, we had stuff to exchange. Of course, I ended up buying her more. Then to walmart to get household stuff. I knew I wanted to take the girls on a bike ride tonight and go to the farmers market. I knew that since I was so slow to wake, I didn't have a lot of time to get the stuff I needed to get done and find the motivation to get to the gym. So, I problem solved. I decided early on this afternoon that I wasn't going to the gym. Yep, it's not going to kill me if I don't go everyday. I decided that I would get some exercise another way -- I would run tonight after the kids went to bed.

My friend Zamara came over and we ran 4.5 miles together. Then we swam 30 laps in the pool. Plus the bike ride I did with the girls. I figured out the mileage, I rode 3.25 miles (up two hills) pulling an extra 30-50 pounds in a trailer. I'm sure I got in my daily exercise, without the gym. And guess what, it felt good :-)
I just noticed I did everything I would need to do (on a smaller scale) for my tri-training. Run, Bike, Swim, right? ha ha Who needs a gym when you have beautiful weather!

I bought a bunch of beautiful strawberries and raspberries at the farmers market. They were incredibly sweet. I also stocked up on plums and nectarines. YUM. The girls were spoiled. I bought them a honey stick, a peach and a cookie from the best bakery in town. Plus, Mariyn got to bring her friend along :) So I'm sure I get extra points for that... Yeah life is good.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Double Duty

I did double duty today. This morning, I went to cycle. Then ran a mile on the treddy. Not because a mile is something brag worthy of course, but to get used to the feeling of running after cycling and prepare for my tri. September will be here soon. After running, I got a mat and focused on my abs. I did 100 crunches on both obliques and in the middle = 300 crunches total. I notice my lower abs are really weak. I need to strengthen them. I had to go to the trainer station to get a mat; apparently, one of them had noticed me running and commented that I had a good hard run. I couldn't help but laugh. I only ran 1 mile and I know I was pouring sweat. The sweat was really from cycle not the run.

I ate poorly today. I'm not going to lie. I took my friend Clare out to lunch for her birthday. WE had Wings and Rings. I ate a moderate amount but I know the caloric count has to be insane. For dinner, I had an amazing turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich from subway. So good and I didn't have any may. Light oil and vinegar with salt and pepper.

So the double duty part - I went running tonight. Zamara came over and we ran a big loop around the neighborhood. I would have done two loops but her knee started bothering her and I know it's better to stop then get injured. I went to mapmyrun.com and we actually covered 2.25 miles. Not bad for only half of our planned run. Hopefully, it helps make up for the bad lunch :X

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Holding Steady

I've been holding steady at my current weight for a while. I was optimistic earlier in the week that I was going to have a loss this week because I was running so much. I won't lie, I even snuck on the scale and seen it. LOL Yeah well, the weekend rolled around and my eating was bad, very bad. I really have nothing else to blame but myself and my lack of willpower right now. I'm looking forward to school starting and all the routine that comes with it. I'm hoping my dieting efforts will be better then. I have to admit, I am disappointed with my self and my eating habits. I was so diligent all last school year. Spring and summer came and they just started slipping up. I really wanted to be skinny when the kids went back to school. Yeah, I'm skinnier but really not at my goal where I wanted to be, where I could have been had I eaten better and not made so many excuses.

I did body pump and cycle this morning. My legs are already sore. I want to go for a run tonight but I might just go and do yoga. I've got dinner being made in the crock pot. BBQ Chicken sandwiches. I will be eating mine on an Orowheat thin. I'll probably make corn on the cob or asparagus too.

I know I didn't blog yesterday. I spent the morning finishing up school clothes shopping. The grand total is 10 dresses, 5 shirts, 2 tank tops, 3 skirts, 4 shorts, 5 pairs of leggings and 4 pairs of shoes. Mariyn is done - done done. I didn't think I had bought that much, until I showed my mom today. Mariyn didn't "summer clothes" this year so she needed a lot. She's grown so tall and most of her shorts are too short to wear in public. Plus she goes back to school on Weds. It's still going to be warm here for a long time. Shopping with her was so much fun. She looks cute in absolutely everything. We had very little put backs. Although, I notice this year her style is changing and she likes picking out her own things more than the things I (Uhhmm... her mom) suggests. I'm totally envious of her being able to look cute in everything, even though I am her mother. I can't tell you how many times I've left dressing rooms crying and upset because of the way clothes fit. Or didn't fit is more like it. Shopping with her was fun and easy.

Amelia got a few things too. She starts preschool next Friday. She got more clothes this summer than Mariyn did so she doesn't need much. I got her a couple of dresses. Amelia has been talking so much more this week too. Full sentances. :) and she used the potty for 5 days with no accidents. Today, day 6 she regressed and has had a few. Her behavior has been so good this week. Which made for easy shopping. ha ha Mariyn would not have gotten that much stuff had Amelia been her usual testy self. I'm looking forward to her speech tomorrow and being able to talk about the progress made.

So yeah, besides shopping I did do cardio kick yesterday. I need to add something more to my Monday routine but I'm not really sure what. It's hard to work out late Monday night and early Tuesday morning for my body pump and cycle routine. Must have gotten a good burn. Some days, I really wish I had a body bug just to watch my calories burn. Must be neat.

Oh and I did something spontaneous. I went to Macys.com this weekend and ordered some stuff for Mariyn. Yeah, I know you se Macey's and think expensive but I got great deals! I broke down and ordered this dress in redfor myself too! It was cheap, less than $14.00 and I bought a size Medium. Well have to see when it gets here if it *really* fits. Here is to hoping! I know I was being brave by getting a medium. Red is my favorite color though, so I hope it fits.

Here is to a better weigh in next week :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monthly Weights

I was looking for some motivation and decided to go back to when I started blogging and make a time line of my weight loss. I made a list of my weight (or approx) at the first weigh in of each month.
Jan 234
Feb 224
March 213
April 206
May 203
June 198
July 196

As you can see, my weight loss has majorly slowed but I'm still optimistic that I will continue to lose. Summer fun and food has been very tempting and in some ways, I'm looking forward to the kids going back to school. I think the routine will help my diet. Who knows, the good thing is I am still focused on losing the weight, no matter how long it takes :)