Monday, February 28, 2011


Cuddling in bed with my husband this morning, he asked me the question. "When are you going back to the gym?" I thought about it and I didn't know. Passing the buck, I responded, "When are you going back to the gym?" He didn't respond so I said, thought for a minute and said, tomorrow. I will go attempt to do spin tommorrow at 9:30. He said, I'll go tomorrow morning then too.

I asked my hubby if he would put the cleats in my spin shoes. I got them back in Oct/Nov but he didn't put them together right away. Then I got injured and they've been sitting here unused ever since. Well, tonight he goes to put them together and there is a piece missing. :-/ Darn ebay, new conidtion w/ open box. It's been far to long to say anything so I will be spending money on new cleats. At least I have the pedals.

Late Friday afternoon, I stepped on a rusty old nail. It went through my shoe and pricked my toe. Pulling it out, I pricked my finger. Guess who hadn't had a tetnus shot since high school? Yeah that would be me. Miss clumsy. I tried to convince myself that the rusty old nail thing was probably an old wives tale and that I could save the money. But I googled it.... and decided it was better safe than sorry if I just went to the doctor. The side effects of tetnus just didn't look appealing nor did the treatment. So I spent the money and went to a clinic on Saturday. Got my tetnus vaccine and whooping cough booster. Fun stuff I tell you. My arm was so so sore and tender for 2 days. But at least I won't have to worry about tetnus, bacterial and spores causing my body to cease up. If you haven't gotten your tetnus shot in the last 10 years, you just might want to. Oh and at the doctors office, I weighed in 188 lbs. 3 pound gain, I'm not sure when. But I know I've been off the wagon for a while so the damage isn't too bad.

I'm excited and nervous to be back at the gym. Excited to see my friends. Nervous about my injury and being able to keep up. I'm certain that I will get my butt kicked tomorrow and hopefull that my endurance will return.

I might have been off the wagon lately, but honestly I've never completely given up. I know there is no going back to where I was before. Nor do I want to.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My foot hurts. That's it really my ankle has been achy for about a week. I've been wearing my brace and taking ibuprofen. It is taking forever to heal.

On a better note, I'm planning my comeback run. March 26, the SOS 5K run. It marks 1 year of my running adventures. If you recall, I ran this was my first race last year and I miraculously took first in my age division. My goal was to be able to run a 5K. This year, I don't know if I will be able to running it at all but I will finish. I am determined to not let me injury sideline me forever.

Tomorrow is Rich's birthday. It's the last day of junk before I go into detox. I've got to get all this sugar and junk food out of my system and focus.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cause and Effect

When I started eating healthy and exercising, I noticed my body was changing. I was changing not only physically and mentally. Something else too, my skin was healthier, my hair was healthier and I felt more rested and more alert even though I would often workout until I was at my limits. I was able to be optomistic easily and felt less stressed. My outlook on life was a lot more positive than it had ever been before.

Now, that I haven't worked out much in the last two months (yes, it's been that long). I'm not eating as healthy as I was. I still make good choices but not great choices. I give into junk, cravings, eating out and other forms of diet sabatoge with little to no resistance. I'm going through a lot of personal stress right now and I can tell, my body is reacting to it. My skin is breaking out, my hair looks less shinny and healthy. I get cranky, moody and reach breaking points faster. I often feel overwhelmed and I turn to food.

See how quickly old habbits and coping mechanisims can come back? The one thing that is not back is the weight but I can easily see how my excuses and behavior can cause a slipper slope and the weight would follow.

Another thing I noticed, in JanuaryI missed my mom's monthly bible study. I completely forgot about it. Coincidence, I think not. Every month, I enjoy bible study it gives me a new perspective and a way to rejuvenate.

Tomorrow is the February bible study. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the gym too. Many of my gym friends have let me know, I've sulked long enough and that even though I can't do everything I can do somethings. Maybe that is the kick in the pants that I need...