Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Let me start off by saying, I was extremely tired this morning from my extreme workout. I barely made it to Zumba on time. I was up, I just didn't want to function and it took everything I had to get out the door. I also did some weight lifting with Clare. I focused more on my upper body, my lower body has had a tough week already. I realized that I did both cardio and weights all 5 days this week. Also, since it's week 6 in my competition, I had myself re-measured and did a quick weigh in. I was 4lbs heavier than Tuesday. I'm a little concerned but I know my weight fluctuates a lot during any given day, which is one reason I've been consistent with my weigh ins. Plus, I know when I cheat and weigh myself early - I'm always disappointed. I did have progress in my measurements and the trainer seemed really pleased by the numbers. I told him my goal is to be under 200 by the end of the competition. Totally possible, if I stay on track.

I keep hearing and reading about your caloric deficiencies as it relates to weight loss. I've cut my diet back so much. I honestly, can't see anything else to cut out. I no longer have dairy milk, just soy. I drink just water all day, a diet squirt on occasion. My breakfast is a protein shake and a banana. I eat a salad just about everyday for lunch. Dinner is fairly normal but smaller portions and low carbs over all. I might have a few small but healthy snacks every day. I'm starting to wonder if I am creating too big of a calorie deficit and my body is holding on to the calories? I know there are many times I wait too long to eat and end up getting a major headache or sluggish feeling. It happened again tonight actually. Who knows? I'm probably only thinking this because I weighed more today but it is an idea that is running around in my head...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Extreme Workout

To say that today was a bit extreme is an understatement. Clare and I met at noon for our workout date. We did weights and cardio for about 1.5-2 hours. I focused on my legs and got a fair amount of the machines in today. For cardio, I did the elliptical not because I was avoiding the treadmill but because Thursdays are zumba days. I really enjoy Thursday night zumba and would feel like I missed out on something if I didn't make it to class. So I decided the elliptical would be a better choice for today.

Tonight, I not only went back for Zumba but also for Richard. Zumba was from 5:30-6:30 and Rich met me there at 6:30 for a gym date. We did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 40 more minutes of weights. I focused on abs and arms, since I did legs this morning. See why I said today was an extreme workout? Add all that time up, and I spent about 3.5 - 4 hours working out today. Even the manager noticed I was "coming back for more" as he put it. Just trying to be supportive of the hubby though. It's important for both of us to be healthy and I can't really rely on him for my workout time yet. I've decided if I am going to be supportive of him, I'm just going to have to suck it up and choose to do an extra workout. I can really feel it in my arms tonight, I pushed them a bit harder than normal.

I was so tired after the gym that I gave in and suggested we eat out. Knowing it was going to be after 7:30 when we left the gym, the kids have school and it would just be easier. I did good though, I got a Mexican Shrimp Caesar Salad and added grilled chicken for extra protein and fulfillment.

On the daycare front, one of the staff members hasn't spoken to me since I complained about the policy. It feels like she is intentionally avoiding me. And when I say, she hasn't spoken to me, this has changed from someone who would talk my ear off for 15-20 minutes every time I came in and now to not even acknowledging my presence by saying hello, or have a good workout. Yesterday was the only time she spoke to me in the last two weeks. I directly asked her if Amelia ate all her food. Of course, she had to respond. She responded she ate everything you gave her. At first, it was kind of awkward now the silence has gone more into the uncomfortable level. If she is so bothered by me now that she won't speak to me, how is she treating my daughter when I'm not around? Does she acknowledge her? Is she interacting with her? Things that make you go hmmm.... Not really sure what I should do about this situation. At first, I thought it would just work it'self out but the longer the silent treatment continues, the worse it gets. Tonight, I spoke to a manager about my concerns. I really hope this doesn't make the situation worse but somethings got to give and every time I've tried to speak to her, I feel like she is intentionally avoiding me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Progress Report

I got my run on today... and I don't mean sentences! Clare and I had a gym date. I was tired and had a headache we started off kinda slow with the weights and ended with speed on the treadmill. I feel a lot better now, endorphins high, headache gone. So glad I worked out.

The 5k is just about a month away. Now to give you all a progress report on my running status. 30 minutes on the treadmill:

16 minutes of running
Recovery Walk
2 minutes of running
Recovery Walk
5 minutes of running
Recovery Walk
1 minute of running

You see that I ran for 16 minutes!!! AMAZING! Clare told me that one of the reasons she keeps running is because she is afraid that if she stops she won't be able to get going again. Going into it today, I was just hoping to be able to meet the same 10 minutes I ran last time. I knew I wasn't feeling 100% but I want to continue to progress and push myself. Every minute that passed, I kept telling myself 1 more minute. Believe me right around the 5 minute mark, I wanted to give up. I pushed through, I hit 7 minutes and time flew (we were watching Marley and Me in the cardio cinema) next thing I knew I was at 9 minutes. I continued to push myself, minute by minute, I said, one more minute. I can do this. There were times I wanted to stop but I didn't though, I remembered what Clare said about not stopping. I thought of Sherri and how far she can run, I thought of my 5k. Each minute I pushed myself. After the 10 minute mark, every minute was progress. I wanted to see how far I can really run. Around minute 13 I hit the 1 mile mark. I was so proud I breathlessly hollered out my milestone to Clare. I ended up running about 1.25 miles in the first 16 minutes. So much progress! I ended up run/walking 2.11 miles today! About 1 mile short of the 5K distance but I know I could have ran/walked an additional mile, if time allowed.

I remember the first time I ran the treadmill with Clare, I could only run a few minutes and it took everything I had. Clare on the other hand ran what seemed like forever. Even though Clare is in much better shape than me physically, we motivate each other. I dream of the day that I can run like her or Sherri. I'm getting closer though. Sherri, I couldn't wait to get home and blog just so I you would know that I ran for 16 minutes! I'm so proud of myself and all my progress, both in weight loss and physical fitness. I could go on and on about all the exciting changes that I see in my body and in my life. Ahhhh.... life is good!

I might find myself back at the gym again tonight - not because I'm nuts but because my husband is getting motivated to go. If he wants to go to the gym, I've decided I will go and support him too. If we go, I will take it easy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glory to God

Weigh in Tuesday was a complete success! Another 4lbs lost - I am so happy. Now, I'm -42lbs. I feel great! 20 weeks, almost 5 months of hard work, dedication is paying off in results. Calm my anxious heart, the book I've been reading has talked a lot about how everything we have is a gift from God and all too often we forget to say thank you. Everything we have is not ours, it's God's. My house, my car, my children are all apart of my life because God has brought them in my life. Sunday I visited my aunt's church and I got the same message from the sermon, must be something I need to let sink in. This week, I reached a milestone. I worked hard, I was both mentally and physically dedicated to achieving my goal through diet and exercise. It wasn't on my own though, I have God's strength and God's will pushing me telling me not to give up and helping me avoid temptations. Thank you lord for your support and help! Thank you for believing in me.

This morning, I did body pump and spin. Ticka instructs both. At the very end of each class, she always says, "Always give thanks for your health and strength." So true, I am so fortunate to not only have the physical ability to change my body but blessed with will power and dedication to do so.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 20

I just counted and I've been working out for the past 20 weeks! WOW! Talk about a milestone! I have big plans for week 20! Weigh in day is tomorrow - I'm hoping for a big loss! -40lbs here I come! I worked hard last week. I made ok (not great food choices) over the weekend. 20 weeks and I haven't hit a plateau! Awesome feeling! I'm just so optimistic about where the next 20 weeks will take me. I'm also officially half way in the Gold's Gym contest! Woo Woo

The nutrition seminar was really informative. Richard went too and my non-vegetable eating husband must have been paying attention. He came home and ate his veggies! AMAZING - I've been trying to convince him to do that for years. We got a ton of sample Nutrilite products and I will soon be selling them - available via a website or personal order. I'm excited about the opportunity to earn extra income and receive a discount on high quality products. I will update more on this as I get more information. I'm hoping this opportunity grows and can help supplement our income so I can stay at home longer with my kids.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time at my aunts. I love seeing my family. Plus it was nice to see Adrienne in person - you look great! I'm so proud of her for sticking with it! Sunday was such a wet and busy day we didn't get to do anything active but we did eat good. I practiced portion control. My aunt and I woke up early and went to her gym, a YMCA. It was so nice! We did part of a body sculpting class (we were late, big surprise, lol) and went for a walk along a trail in the nearby park. It was such a beautiful day. Sherri - I thought of you today and your gym. Now, I officially have gym envy and I told Richard I wanted to move. Probably not gonna happen- but you can't blame a girl for trying. My best friend also lives near my aunt, so we got to meet up and have girl talk. It was so nice. I felt so blessed this weekend. I even made it back in time for my cardio kick boxing class,which was GREAT! Had a delicious salsa salad for dinner and I'm feeling GREAT!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another week down!

I had a productive week at the gym. Clare and I worked out together today, weights followed by Zumba, finishing with Ab work for me. I pushed myself hard today - despite it being Friday my "easy" day. We put in about 2 hours at the gym today. I feel good though.

I'm looking forward to the weekend but I know I have a few obstacles. Tonight I am going to a Nutrition conference in Sacramento. I'm looking forward to it BUT I know dinner is going to be rushed. I'll probably eat out and I am going to have to make a good choice. Saturday is a family day. I'm planning on sticking around at home. Sunday I will be going to my aunt's and I get to see Adrienne and my cousins. I'm staying the night and I want to be back in time to go to Cardio Kickboxing on Monday. Sounds easy enough but I know the weekend will be busy and it's easy to be enticed to eat unhealthy. My goal: remain strong and maintain my hard work and efforts put in at the gym this week. I've already told my aunt I want to eat healthy. I know if Adrienne and I stick to our plans we will be fine but I also know the Osuna's love food and always have scrumptious goodies around. When I talked to my aunt and made plans, I asked her if we could eat healthy and do something active during my visit. She knows how hard I've been trying to lose weight (and Adrienne too) so I think that will help. LOL Is it bad that I worry about my food temptations for the entire weekend? I really think about the hurdles that I may face and attempt to plan to overcome them before they too enticing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

There is chocolate cake in my microwave calling my name - and I'm not giving in. It's only one piece... the last piece then this awful temptation will be out of my house. I'm sure Richard will eat it tonight.

I'm a bit tired. Clare and I worked out together today. We did about an hour of weights and 30 minutes of cardio. Because the cardio cinema is still broken, we ran the treadmills out on the gym floor. I suggested to the manager that they purchase two bulbs for the projector so the cinema doesn't have so much down time next time. Anyways, I ran really well today. I told Clare about my 8 mins of running last night and she challenged me to do 9 minutes today. I was just hoping to meet my time! Guess what though, I ran for 10 minutes straight! I was so proud of myself and I'm seeing so many improvements in myself. The treadmills on the gym floor are a bit more technical than the one's in the cinema. I set my course to run a 5k, just because I need to prepare myself for the real thing. I knew I was only doing 30 minutes of cardio - I didn't have time to do any extra. I ended up finishing at 2.11 miles, in the 30 minutes. 1 mile short of the completed 5K. I'm very optimistic that I can physically complete the entire 5K. Obviously, I can't run it all yet but each time I run I get a little bit better.

I've noticed the incident at the gym last week has caused a bit of tension in the daycare. I immediately noticed the employees interacting more with the kids. I just feel different now when I drop off Amelia. The supervisor knows I complained but I told her I was going to and that it wasn't personal that I disagree with the policy. I swear she avoids me or conversation with me now. To me it's obvious because she used to talk a lot to me. I've wanted to talk to her about the situation but I haven't been able to because she avoids me so. On Thursday when Amelia returned to daycare. I felt awkward tension. She was on the phone when I dropped her off. When I came back, she was gone for the day. There have been several incidents that lead me to believe she is avoiding me and it's just a complete 180 change from how she treated me previously. Obviously, I'd like to not have issues but at this point I'm not really sure what to do.

On a more positive note...You know you're a gym rat when... you work out really hard and you go back for more. The teacher doing cross walk duty not only recognizes you from the gym but asks if the instructor is going to be teaching at the gym. Not to mention, you've already gone to the gym but are still wearing you gym clothes. Yes, I wear mine everywhere but I'm going back to the gym tonight - for Zumba. Zumba doesn't even seem like exercise, it's just fun. I can't justify missing it because I enjoy it so much and I am only doing 2 night classes a week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Date Night

After taking a long hiatus, Rich made it back to the gym with me tonight. I'm really trying to be supportive of him and I think it's cute that he wants to go to the gym with me BUT I already have my "routine" going. Weds I always workout on floor with weights and do my cardio. I'm not really consistent about what machines I do but I do get a lot done. Is it bad that I feel he slows me down a bit? I wanted to do at least 30 mins of cardio - we only got 20 in, he started complaining after about 10. So I said, we would do 20 and be done, even though I wanted to do 30. He is so much better at being supportive than I am.

The treadmill and I had a date tonight. I really need to work on getting more running time in if I am gong to be able to do the 5k next month. I am progressing though - I was able to run for 8 minutes straight, about 3/4 of a mile! Huge progress considering it was on the treadmill AND the projector in the cardio cinema was broken. I swear I watched the clock the whole time.

I did good with my diet today. I didn't count my exact calories but I'm guessing it was some where around 1600. We went out to dinner last night for Rich's birthday - had fajitas! Yum and chips and salsa and Chocolate Cake (the mile high kind with caramel). I knew I was probably going to go over so I ate extra careful all day until dinner. This morning everyone wanted a piece of cake for breakfast, I didn't have any and I'm fine with that. There is still half the cake left. I'm really needing to get ride of it and get the temptation out of my house. Rich had a piece just before we went to the gym and I have to admit, I ate some of his frosting :X Just one bite though - nothing too damaging I hope. Ahhh... can you tell I'm a sucker for cake, especially chocolate cake. Perhaps, I should have got him something I wouldn't like ... carrot cake anyone? LOL

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goals - Revisited

As you may recall, last week I made a few short term goals:

Hit the -40lbs mark this week
Be 211 or less by 2/22
Better planning for household chores

When you make goals, it's important to revisit and revise if necessary. I only lost 1lbs this week, and that was after I weighed myself 3 times today. I have to admit while I ate ok last week, I could have eaten a lot better. There were a few specific incidents where I gave into eating unhealthy foods. I had 3 mini cup cakes and gorged on Chinese food on Friday, 1 piece of cake Saturday, and over all I wasn't as careful as I could have been.

So I have to report that I did not meet my weight loss goal this week. I still have a few more pounds to loose before the -40lbs park. I'm not mad at myself, I'm still working on it and I did loose this week. I had a lot of emotional hurdles last week with the childcare incident and it just wasn't an ideal week in terms of scheduling either.

Obviously, if I didn't hit my goal this week, I will have a hard time meeting the 211 lbs mark next week. I don't think it's possible - or healthy to loose that much in one week. My goal instead is to get the biggest amount of progress I can THIS week.

I wasn't as strict about my household responsibilities last week either. This is because of a few reasons. One, let's face it. I hate cleaning and will use anything as an excuse to avoid it when I can. Two, I was very distraught over my gym issue and couldn't get passed it to focusing on cleaning. Three, my family was supposed to visit last week canceled, so I knew it would be ok if I didn't really finish it. I'm going to re-concentrate on getting things done this week.

I got several compliments from other gym goers and the instructor, Ticka, today. It's a good feeling - totally motivating when others notice you're results and hard work. Today was body pump and cycle, I wasn't feeling good this morning, I wanted to give up at times but I pushed myself and finished both classes. I feel so proud of myself when I complete my workouts despite the hurdles (illness in this case) that I maybe facing.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A case of the Mondays

We had a good weekend. Saturday my sister's and I took our kids to Knights Ferry and walked around. It's was such a beautiful day and so peaceful (well minus the 6 kids, lol). I ate healthy and Saturday night I had a small bite of chocolate and a small piece of cake at my moms. Hopefully, nothing too damaging. Sunday, I was good. No Valentine's candy to add to my love handles this year.

But...Guess what? Yep, it's Monday again! Which is normally a day I look forward to. Mariyn goes back to school, hubby goes back to work. Amelia and I spend the day together enjoying quiet time and getting back into the routine of things. Not today though, Mariyn had the day off - President's day. I was dog sitting for my mom, so I took the opportunity to get some activities in and have more family time. I like to make breakfast for the girls when they are home. Mariyn and I made these delicious blue berry muffins out of the hungry girl 200 under 200 cookbook.

We played fetch with the dogs for a while in the backyard and we took them for a walk to the park. The girls had fun but let me tell you, it was exhausting. To top it off, I think I'm fighting off a cold. I feel ok but have low energy, scratchy throat and voice. I've been loading up on the Airborn and Zicam trying to fight it off. The low energy really affected my performance tonight at the gym I could just feel it, but I got through a little bit of weights and my cardio kickboxing. For a while, I was questioning whether or not I should do the kickboxing but I finished it and I'm glad I did. Hopefully, I can kick this cold and be back to normal tomorrow. It's Richard's birthday tomorrow - so I'm sure there will be celebrating and food involved. If you didn't already know, I'm a sucker for cake. It's my weakness but I can be good. LOL Portion control, right? I really missed my Tuesday classes last week so I'm looking forward to that and I'm hoping for a good weigh in.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Strike Two Update

This morning I checked out the gym in Modesto. It really is a nice facility but further than I would like to drive. They are cheaper than my current gym though, the equipment isn't as nice, probably because everything is brand new at my current gym. The other gym has a pool, tennis courts and more activities for the kids. I would consider switching and making the drive if I was unable to fix the situation at my current gym.

I never heard back from the manager last night. So I called today around noon to follow up the manager was unavailable but the assistant manager immediately called me back. We had a very long discussion about yesterday's incident. The policy and hopefully came up with a solution. Apparently, the "banning" from daycare is optional after the 3rd incident but she assured me that they won't ban Amelia. They said it's used at their discretion and only in the most extreme cases - example an older kid biting / fighting, not for a case of a toddler going through a stage. Also, we discussed the checking in policy and how supervision could be part of the problem and how the bite might have been prevented if an adult had been directly interacting with the girls instead of generally supervising them from across the room. After which, she said she would allow Amelia back into the kid's club today and remove her suspension. She said that she would be having a discussion with the kid's club staff to address a lot of the issues I brought up. I stressed that I know the staff is caring and are generally good with the kid's but the policy was the biggest problem. It wasn't a matter having a problem with a specific staff member but more how things could be improved and problems avoided. I really hope that she relays the message to the staff with that intent and I really hope the problem is solved. I prayed last night for the problem to not only be resolved but for Amelia to no longer bite.

I started reading the book, Calm my Anxious Heart yesterday. My friend Shannon let me borrow it to help me grow spiritually and heal. It talks about being optimistic vs. pessimistic and to give your worries, anxieties to God through prayer. I had a great run last night. Rich watched the girls and I got outside and ran. There was a beautiful sunset, and it just felt very spiritual to me. Sometimes when I'm exercising, I feel like God speaks right to my heart. Last night, was one of those times. You know had I been able to run at the gym yesterday, I probably wouldn't have gotten in that run and time with God last night. It's funny the things God uses to speak to you and to send you a message. Last night, it was through my run, through music and just feeling his presence and strength. I know that God is working in my life, working in my heart, changing me. I can just feel it. I've never been this receptive before but I'm willing to listen. I'm learning (or trying to learn) to let God be in control.

Last night, while in bed I was talking to Rich about all my thoughts, about this blog. I'm sure to him it seemed like I was just rambling on and on. I told him though that life is changing for me, and it all seems to be piecing together I just can't see the end of the puzzle yet. He was dead tired, zombie like, and probably just listened to me so I would stop my rambling and he could go to bed. haha Poor guy. I really do appreciate having this blog- an outlet to let my inner thoughts go. I've always loved to write to express myself even if no one else read it. It's so therapeutic and such a blessing for me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Focusing on the positive.

The good thing about today was at I got through my body pump class before Amelia had an incident in daycare. I didn't get my cardio done, I was planning on running the treadmill but Rich is home tonight so I'm going to run then. I want to focus on what I can do to get over this hurdle. First, I complained to the manager in person. He told me he would call me back before the end of the day, the incident occurred around 10:30. So hopefully, I will be getting a phone call soon and I sent him the letter below via email. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to another gym and take a tour. They're giving me a free day pass which I will utilize since I'm currently suspended from my gym. I'm not crazy about driving into Modesto to use the gym but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. I am still motivated to achieve my goals, I guess I'm just trying to re-adjust the plan. Tomorrow night, Rich isn't working hopefully he gets home in time to watch the girls and for me to get to Zumba. Friday, I can either ask my sister to watch Amelia or I can use my day pass. I rarely go to the gym on the weekends so I won't be missing anything if I don't go this weekend. I'm going to pray about this situation with Amelia as I don't really know what else to do.

Strike Two

Amelia did it again, she bit at they gym's daycare today. So, as of right now, we are "suspended" for 3 days. I'm pretty angry and the last incident was over 2 months ago. I don't condone my daughter biting but it is normal for a child who is 2. I called around to other gym's today they are hungry for my business giving me free day passes to try out their facilities. I love my gym, I really do but the incidents in child care are a huge hurdle for me. Here is a letter I emailed the gym manager, you're feedback is appreciated.

Dear John and management team,

I spoke with you this morning regarding the daycare situation with my daughter Amelia. As you probably could tell, I was very upset that Amelia was being suspended for 3 days and even more upset about the policy the Gold’s Gym Oakdale kid’s club follows. I recognize my child had inappropriate behavior today and do not support the fact that she bit another child. However, I believe that not allowing me to utilize the kid’s club facility is essentially not allowing me to utilize my Gold’s Gym membership. I am not happy about paying for services that I can not fully utilize and I disagree with the policy it’s self. I understand that rules are needed to keep all members safe and treated fairly. However, there have been multiple times, that I’ve come into the kid’s gym and seen older kid’s ruff housing and play fighting. It is just as likely these kids could hurt someone, themselves, each other or a younger child. Are these incidents written up and their parents signing incident forms with consequences? As I understand the policy, each time a child bites there is an incident report and the child is suspended. After the third incident, the child can no longer come back to the kid’s club.

I’ve spent the afternoon calling around to other local gym facilities, including Brenda Athletic Clubs, In Shape City to see what their policy is regarding children who bite. Both Gyms have told me that the first time is a warning and a time out for the child. The parent is notified but not necessarily asked to pick up their child. Brenda Athletic Clubs told me that they do not suspend children and instead try working with the child and parent to prevent the problem from occurring. In Shape City said that on a rare occasion a child will be required to stay home for a few days. This would happen if and only if the child is a continual bitter and bites at almost every visit to the kid’s club. Additionally, I called Gold’s Gym Roseville. Gold’s Gym Roseville’s policy is more similar to Brenda Athletic Clubs and In Shape City’s than to Gold’s Gym Oakdale. All the gyms I contacted agreed that biting twice in over 2 months is not significant enough to receive a suspension.

The staff in the kid’s club care about Amelia. Amelia looks forward to going to the gym just as I do. However, I know when there are group exercise classes the staff gets very busy checking in parents and kids. There are a lot of kid’s with usually 1 or 2 staff. It’s very easy for things to get overlooked (like two children fighting with a toy) and for a child to get hurt (bitten) when this may have been preventable if an adult could have intervened earlier.

As you know, I enjoy going to the gym and go almost daily. I enjoy that Gold’s Gym Oakdale is local, has quality services, and nice equipment. However, it is equally important to me, if not more important, that my child be adequately cared for, supervised and that I feel the staff is willing to work with me as a parent through any problems that may arise. I need this problem worked out immediately, or I will be forced to look else where for my fitness needs.

Thank you,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Weigh in today - complete success! Weighed in at 221 - lost another 3 lbs. For a total of 37lbs! Wow! 37 lbs! So very motivating! The weight is truly melting off. That is a twelve pound loss since I started the competition! WOW!

My face looks different, less round. I've always had a round face. Mostly because I swear I have no chin, it's something that runs in my family. My mom has no chin, both my sister's have no chin. Well, I shouldn't say we have no chin - my sister barely weighs 120lbs at most has 2 chins due to lack of bone structure in her chin. I have the same problem but with a lot more weight! I just feel so much prettier now that my face is thinning out. It's amazing.

I want to lay out some of my short term goals. A lot of the time, I just go go go without saying what exactly my goals are. I want to start getting even more bang for my gym buck. I've read a lot of inspiring stories and seen women lose consistently 5lbs or more each week. I have good weeks and bad weeks but I think 3 lbs is my average. I want to keep that consistent with not losing even more each week. Two of my short term goals are:

Next week, I want to hit the 40lbs lost mark.
By my next competition weigh in (2-22, I think) be 211 lbs, 20lbs loss documented.
March 21st, run 5k.
End of March under 200 lbs.

In order to reach these goals, I'm going to continue with diet and exercise. I need to make sure my body does not hit a plateau. I will need to be careful with my diet and strong with my fitness routine. Make every work out count. With God's will, I can do this!

Monday, February 8, 2010


If you fail to plan then you're planning to fail - tid bit I came across today. It's so true though. I think most of my success thus far has been because I plan on going to the gym every day. At the beginning of week, I sort out my schedule in my head. Look at any obstacles and try to figure out a way where I can get to the gym and complete my obligations. Right now, I admit my schedule isn't too pressing because I'm not working. But things do come up from time to time. Planning also helps me keep my diet under control. Whether that be planning on what to buy at the grocery store - or what meals I'm going to prepare at home. If I don't plan I will consume way more food than necessary.

One thing I need to improve on is planning my chores. Basically, I'm a stay at home mom right now. My obligations are going to the gym, taking care of the girls, and taking care of my home. I can say I'm successful with 2 of the 3. I can really step it up here at home. It's so easy to get distracted browsing the internet or facebooking all day.

I didn't completely plan out today and I will decided all of our dinners the night before. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day because I have bible study. Just like I have to feed my body, I have to feed my soul. This bible study has been so beneficial for me. I'm torn about missing body pump and spin, my normal Tuesday activities but I know I have to balance and I want to go to my bible study.

My plan for the week is as follows:

Costco Shopping
Fold Laundry
Cardio Kickboxing
Dinner - Salad

Bible Study
Weigh in
Pick up house
Dinner - Ravoli's & Asparagus
Business Meeting

Wednesday -
Gym - Body Pump
Clean Bathrooms
Valentine's Cards with Mariyn
Dinner -

Thursday -
Gym - weights with Clare; Zumba
Mop house (hardwood floors means whole house)
Bank Errands

Gym - Weights with Clare; Zumba
Clean Guest Room for visitors

Cardio Kickboxing was extra hard tonight. I swear it took everything I had to get through. See what happens when you miss a week? You know you're a gym rat when... your gym friends think you're sick because they didn't see you. LOL nope just took care of business earlier! Also, I made an order at today. Can't wait to get my new products!


I was checking out and came across this goal planning page . I thought it gave a lot of good information and tips to reach YOUR goals. Check it out.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Friday

Friday morning Zumba is always a treat. I swear I love the class so much that I don't even think of it as working out, even though I am dripping with sweat. Then Clare and I met to hit up the weights. Thinking about it, I've done some type of weight training all 5 days this week. I'm ready to give my body a break and relax this weekend.

I ran out of soy milk and I wanted to make sure I have some for tomorrow. During my calorie counting expedition, I've noticed that some items differ in calories from brand to brand and since I'm new to soy milk, I wanted to sample a few different varieties. I know a lot of people who drink Almond Milk as well. So, I ended up studying all types of "alternative" milk in the store today and decided to try 4. I came home and taste tested them all. Each one had it's own flavor. The Vanilla Almond milk was surprisingly sweet but I think I prefer the Soy Vanilla all seemed good though. I am ok with giving up cows milk for myself. It's a lot of calories and I swear my stomach just feels a bit flatter this week and less gassy. I'm experimenting for myself but so far, it seems like a welcome and easy switch. Do you drink any sort of milk alternatives? If so, what's your favorite?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I finished reading The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl today. It was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to loose weight. You will find things you can relate to, laugh and possibly even gain a new perspective on dieting. Today was supposed to be a cleaning day, but I stayed in my jammies reading until after noon. Then I made lunch and it was time to get Mariyn. I really need to be more scheduled and focused. Right now the only thing I am really focused on is diet and exercise.

Most of my regular clothes are now too big for me. I'm down to two pairs of slacks and my gym clothes. Today, I wore my black and white Adidas outfit (the size medium one). When I bought it - it fit but was snug. Wearing it today, I noticed the legs are starting to have a bit more room. Which I'm pretty sure is a result of all the body pump, spin and running I've been doing lately. I also measured my waist tonight - I'm down another inch! 9 inches since I entered the contest! Ahhh... sweet results and it's not even weigh in Tuesday.

Tonight I did about 45 mins - 1 hour of weight training before Zumba. Oh how I've missed my Zumba. It's been a whole week! I'm glad I switched up my routine though I feel a lot less rushed at night. I do miss my Zumba though - tonight the class was packed but the faces seemed far less familiar.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Motivation comes from all sorts of places lately. A dedicated work out regimen, changing clothes sizes, encouragement from friends and family, results -looking into the mirror and rediscovering a body part, and over coming temptations. I've always been a very motivated person when it comes to something I want. And while, yes I would have loved to not have ever been fat I never really wanted to work hard enough to be thin, until recently. Friends, family, and even other gym go-ers have been a consistent source of encouragement, accountability and motivation. My mom calls me almost daily to listen to my tails of the gym. My husband asks how my day was, even though he knows I really only have my workout to talk about. His amazingly fit friends, have even dubbed me a "Gym Rat". The other day, I picked Mariyn up from school and a little girl about 6 years old passes me in the hall and says, Hi, I know you, you go to Gold's Gym. Amazing that even the kids in the daycare recognize me because I go so often.

People keep telling me I'm optimistic. I've always thought of myself as positive person but realistic I guess I'm ultra optimistic right now because I seem to be hearing it more and more. Despite the hundreds of miles between us, Adrienne and I hold each other accountable to our goals and motivated. Yesterday, I received The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl in the mail from Adrienne. I just cracked the book today and I'm nearly half way through the 405 pages. It's a good easy read - and very relate-able. Thanks Adrienne :)

Speaking of optimistic - I had a moment today while on the toilet. LOL Now this isn't one of those moments where I'm gonna gross you out. I've always hated my legs. They're short, stumpy and very thick even before I was heavy they were huge muscle man legs. I call them Gladiator legs. Every once in a while, I notice a small piece of me and my old hot body coming back. You know the curvaceous little thing I once was. I've noticed in my arms, my collar bone and the curvature (spin) in my back are all sort of starting to look more familiar. Well, tonight, on the toilet I thought for a moment that my leg - the lower thigh part just above my knee was looking thinner and sort of - Dare I say it- Sexy! I ran out here in the living room with my pants down just to show Richard. He laughed and said I always had sexy legs. Now that I know was just a lie but I kissed him anyways.

Today, I took Amelia to Gymstars for playtime. She had a blast running, bouncing all over and playing with other kids her age. Afterwords, we were both worn out. I had to jam back into Oakdale though because I had a date with Claire at the gym. I was so worn out, I had a hard time concentrating and taking care of business at the gym. We did about 45 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of the treadmill. I know that sounds sort of like a lot, but I know I only did it half heartedly. I can run up to 3 minutes at a time now but today I mostly walked I did have my incline set to 3% as not to let myself be too lazy.

I'm not going to beat myself up over it though. I know I didn't eat enough before hand. I had my regular protein w/ soy milk today and a banana. It's funny, I'm actually enjoying a lot of my diet foods. For example, I would have never tried soy milk. I bought it because it was an ingredient in my hungry girl cook book. I've actually decided I really really like the vanilla soy and drink it regularly. I lavished in the semi-sweet flavor of my broccoli at dinner tonight. It's been a while since I've had a binge. I enjoy my skinny cow ice cream - but only eat one or two a week. Mariyn has reminded me that she isn't on a diet though. I know I'm teaching her healthy eating habits but I felt bad so I bought a bit of junk food for the kids: fruit snacks, zebra cakes, and I even bought them each a candy bar the other day. Guess what? I didn't touch it nor did I want to. Rich kissed me the other night and I could taste something funny on his lips. I asked if he was feeling ok because he tasted like medicine. He said he just ate a fruit snack. I'm so proud of myself for having this much self control and discipline.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Celebrating and Weigh In

We had a date night last night to celebrate our anniversary. I got dressed up and found a shirt that I bought last year. I swear it fit me when I bought it but after the first wash it never really "fit" again. I decided to try it on last night just to see. Guess what? It actually fit me better than before I bought it. This made me really happy because I really liked the shirt and now I can get some use out of it!

Rich and I went to dinner at Torri's (a Japanese steak house) the same place that I ate so much I got sick a few weeks ago. I ordered prawns this time, incredible, once my food was served I separated my meal on my plate to what I was going to eat and what I was going to take home. I got full quickly and I practiced portion control and made good eating choices. I am very bloated today - probably because I ate a ton of vegetables the last couple of day including broccoli and mushrooms, two things that give a lot of gas. After dinner Richard wanted to go get ice cream, I told him only if we could go to the Yogurt Mill ( I LOVE that place). He was a little skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised and it had fewer calories than ice cream. I ordered myself a kid size double cheesecake with strawberries and kiwi. Of course, Rich ordered a bigger size. But he ended up not being able to finish it and we brought his home to the girls.

I got up early today for Body Pump and got out of the house early. I stopped by McDonald's and grabbed Amelia some breakfast because she didn't eat much at home. We still got to the gym before 8:00 to sign in for our class that was going to start at 8:30. I had my regular protein w/ light soy milk at home and a banana. One of the trainer seen me bring McDonald's into the gym and gave me about bad time about it. My kids rarely get McDonald's, I think of it as a treat when I am able to get them breakfast in the mornings. Amelia probably hasn't had it since September. Besides, I knew I was going to be at the gym for a long time and didn't want her hungry because we left the house before her body was really ready to eat.

Weigh in today was a success. 224 lbs on the trainer scale, which makes another pound gone forever - 34 lbs total. I think I probably weighed in more because of the gas and dinner out last night, and just eating out 3 times this week. I know that is all going to take a toll on my weekly weigh in. I really feel bloated though so I am happy with a pound loss... better than remaining the same or a gain, right?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Keep on Loving You

Today marks 8 years of marriage for Richard and I, and 10 years together . We have experienced so much growing and so many blessings. As much as I thought, I loved him 8 years ago; I love him so much more now. Looking at this picture, boy were we young! I was 20 and Rich 22. I would love to say I was thin because I was but I was also about 5 pregnant with Mariyn. On our wedding day, I was only about 9lbs bigger than my normal self though. I'm not really sure anyone could tell I was expecting but it was known.

Rich has been so supportive of all my goals and so encouraging. It was almost as important to him that I finished my education as it was to me. He stayed home with the girls at night so I could attend class. Now, he is so encouraging about my weight loss. Constantly bragging about me and complimenting me. Heck, he even deals with my diet food - ok I think he likes my diet food, lol. I caught him eating my diet redi-whip (whip cream). He didn't even know it was diet! LOL And he eats way more skinny cow ice creams than I do - I think he's trying to save me from the calories! ;-) Nahh.. they are just really that good!

Enough lovey dovey stuff. I hit the gym at about 11 today worked out until 12:45. I got about an hour of weights and 30 mins of treadmill. I did really good today on the treadmill. I set my goal to do 20 mins then figured I'd switch to the elliptical. I was able to run at least in 3 minute spurts. Then I'd walk for a minute or two and run again. I did a lot more running today than other days. I ended up getting just over 2 miles in. I'd know exactly but I accidentally hit the emergency stop button as I was running and lost track of my exact results. Since I struggle with the treadmill so much, I've decided I'm just going to grab it by the horns and face it head on. I need to get as much training in as I can to prepare for the 5K in March. Normally, I do cardio kickboxing on Monday nights but since it's our anniversary I decided to take the night off. We might get lucky and have a real date ;-)